Monday 2 December 2013

Tony Grainger designed Rocket 25' and a 42' trimaran concept

From the following article by Tony Grainger of Rocket Factory trimarans:

Rocket Factory 25 has adopted the code name of the "The Rascal". It is a concept trimaran currently in the design phase, aimed squarely at bringing the easily trailerable folding trimaran into the modern age with snappy performance and contemporary style.
The prototype is a development model with a view to becoming a production boat in the near future. It will employ the Farrier folding system for ease of trailering on and off the water. We'll be working with a range of suppliers to design and develop equipment and sytems to optimise the boat for a range of uses from family fun and cruising through to top level racing.

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Also a concept of a new 42' trimaran design with a description

Rocket Factory 42 is a Cruiser Racer in the classic sense. Currently in the concept stage, this trimaran embodies some (but not all) of the features of a cruising catamaran, while offering the agility, style and responsivene handling of a modern high performance trimaran.

Two of the features that are difficult to provide on a crusing trimaran (elegantly) are adequate shelter over the cockpit and a good storage space for the dinghy. The arch over the cockpit and companionway on the this design allows for a variety of options for covering the cockpit either permanently or with a removeable cover.
The boom is at a comfortable height for stowing and reefing the main while standing on the side deck and coaming.

At the stern a pair of davits allow the dinghy to be easily lifted and rolled on its' back in a simple continuous movement. Once the dingly is in the vertical position the lift blocks slide forward on the davits and the dinghy can be securely stowed behing the aft beam. 

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