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MOD70 update, Virbac Paprec team's John Pierre Dick discusses the teams program

From the following article on Voiles et Voiliers

here is the rough bing translate: Jean-Pierre, how do get a Vendée Globe as intense?
Jean-Pierre Dick: This isn't by investing me on the new MOD70 project that I'm resting! We are a little behind the other teams who have their boat for one or two years and who have régaté last season... Especially since these multihulls require a huge concentration, both to steer it to manage the project. I had only a three-week break.

It's more complicated than an IMOCA 60?
 This is not the same size and navigation time is more complex as each team member has a very sharp role. Between a monohull of the world tour where I'm alone and I have confidence in the driver and a MOD70 six crew where you have to constantly pay attention to the bar to manoeuvre, there is a world. It's a challenge difficult and dense to mount a crew for a full season with the road of the Princes in June and the transat Jacques Vabre in November.

That is what you as prompted to pass the multihull and the MOD70 more specifically?
Jean-Pierre DickTwo-time winner of the Barcelona World Race, triple winner of the transat Jacques Vabre, Jean-Pierre Dick after eleven seasons in the IMOCA monohulls undertakes on the MOD70 circuit.  I have eleven years of monohull IMOCA with three Vendee Globe and two Barcelona World Race: the MOD70 made me dream. And the multihulls monotypes program also relies on a round the world crew: this is what made me switch, this dimension of the high seas. Especially since the boats are very exciting, with the meaning for my partners, Virbac and Paprec: we always take many people for specific relational and support for the multihull is very attractive.

But between your decision of before the Vendée Globe and today, the MOD circuit has changed!
 The bases of the MOD70 are very healthy: the boat is well born, very powerful and very robust as seen during the Armen Race with a lot of wind and sea. The Monotype is very exciting with multihulls that spin at 35 knots... Should now that there is a viable circuit in the long term, but there are already seven trimarans built and ready to navigate! The fundamentals are there to make this succeed. Certainly the dimension "adventure" the Vendee Globe is not there, but there are many attractive and historic in France on multihulls.

There's a weariness of the monohull?
 Not even if I had said that this would be my last Vendée Globe: I still reserve my answer... I am on this MOD-70 project because it had to also change, recharge, calling into question. And navigate in crew, manage a team, it's very rewarding! This allows to go more in depth in some areas.

You have just practiced the multihull...
 I made three Trophée Clairefontaine, a Grand Prix Extreme40, formula 18 and Hobie Cat... But few oceanic multihull: this is learned relatively quickly when even insofar as it is not alone. I wouldn't Route du Rhum in MOD70. Double races will be even an exception in my race programme: this is the safe limit for me, to not find me with 50 knots of wind with a crew on a boat like this.
Virbac-Paprec 70Jean-Pierre Dick confirms that the trimaran in crew approach is not at all the same as solitary IMOCA: lots of navigation are provided for the deficit compared with the other three teams present on the Princes Highway.Photo @ Jacques van Staden

You are obliged to deliver a certain number of things flat?
 Yes, not even in terms of focus, attention permanently on board. I barrer on the in-shore races, which requires a big concentration because it does not take a start in the same way as in monohull IMOCA, that buoys crossings must be very early. There are very sharp like Yann Guichard, Seb Josse, Sidney Gavignet competitors...
When ambition for this first season?
 Stay in the game: cannot yet be said to win!

How did you choose your crew?
Equipage Virbac-Paprec 70Virbac-Paprec 70 crew includes three veteran members of the MOD-70 Veolia and three solitary of the Vendée Globe! I thought well before the Vendée Globe to embark professionals worthy of the name: it was necessary to commit before my round the world. My analysis on this type of boat is to have people very versatile, turned on the wide, knowing the multihull. Vincent Riou (head quarter) was very motivated to change also support, at least until the summer: it has an excellent technical knowledge and it is also a sharp browser. Roland Jourdain (Watch leader) brings his one season in MOD - 70 and its project management experience. Thierry du Vorsent Dupré (n ° 1) is also the boat-captain of Virbac-Paprec 70. Thierry Douillard (adjuster-performer) has a big ranking in Olympic sailing, match-race in America's Cup Class, in Orma trimaran and Fred Guillemin has a resume similar: both were also with Bhat on Veolia. Guillaume Le Brec (trimmer) is replacing with in the stable Absolute Dreamer, a role full time to analyze the data collected on board. I would assume the position of browser on the off-shore and the bar on the in-shore.

After the road to the Princes in June?
 Many public relations with Paprec Virbac: it is very important to me, the entire month of July. And rest in the month of August: should I get anyway! Preparation of the transat Jacques Vabre in September and October: I'd go with one of my teammates from the Princes Highway...

And next season?
 The MOD should move: there are already to program the Krys Ocean Race as last year between New York and Brest. Normally, the American Cam Lewis, who bought Veolia has indicated that he would. And then everything can go very quickly because the ex -Foncia and Race for Water are operational. Other skippers could join the circuit. Discussed with the organizers to move the project from around the world, because it would be a great challenge for 2015.

You have totally switched circuit MOD or you still have one foot in the IMOCA?
 I'm more invested in the IMOCA Class: I am running my MOD project. My boat is for sale: it will be equipped with a new keel under the new standards decided by the tonnage milled steel. The expertise of the previous keel is not complete: it was welded and she broke out of the well.
Virbac-Paprec 3The monohull Virbac-Paprec 3 is for sale: the boat will be equipped with a new keel steel milled according to the new gauge adopted by the IMOCA class.

And what do you think of the latest decisions of the IMOCA Class on "standardized monohulls"?

With what I experienced, I saw well that it was more possible to follow financially. The big stables were ways than the other skippers as Vincent (Riou), Jean (Le Cam), Mike (Golding), myself and many others could not have. Need to reduce costs! An IMOCA 60' nine today reach 4.5 to 5 million euros... The new gauge must now curb the inflation.

But a MOD70 project, this is roughly equivalent to a four year IMOCA project!
 The MOD70 is a little more expensive today because there's a crew. The value of the boat is equivalent (3.4 million €) but it takes about 3 million € per year of operation.
For the Transat Jacques Vabre, duplicate, will have to adapt the trimaran.
 The idea is that everyone should be such and that it does not bring the Monotype for crew races. Meets for this: we need to install a more powerful automatic driver, add a rear ballast, a few additional stops.

Since your return of the Vendée Globe, you have participated to Grand Prix Lesley and Armen Race: what is your feeling on the MOD70?
 These are very demanding vessels, imposing an excellent crew coordination. We have a humble goal: there is a gap between the teams last year and we, especially when the wind returned. But you learn quickly: we should be able to adjust gradually to perform next season. There work!
The format of the Princes Highway is quite similar to the Tour of Europe in IMOCA.
 It is quite varied with coastal regattas, offshore courses and a big step. With port races at every stop. This is new for me in a multihull. And then there is a festive side who can make the success of this event, a bit like the Tour de France à la Voile: there should be a popular momentum...

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