Sunday, 30 March 2014

Team Lalou preparing to transport their mastless Multi50 trimaran with the help of a kite from Madeira to the Canary Islands

From the following article (in French) on the Team Lalou website:
And the rough bing translate:
Towards the Canary Islands for Lalou Roucayrol and Arkema - Region Aquitaine
Yesterday, March 29, 2014, 12:38:43 AM | Admin
The trimaran Arkema - Region Aquitaine, moored in the port of Caniçal in Madeira since November 2013 after his capsize, will finally resume the sea! In accordance with the planned schedule, Lalou Roucayrol has thus planned to convey the boat to the Canary Islands, remote 300 miles, where it will make the reclamation site. With his usual touch of creativity and innovation, the Aquitain skipper will equip his trimaran currently deprived of mat, a wing of kite to reach the Spanish archipelago. Accompanied by Yves Parlier and 3 other crew, Lalou hopes to reach the Canary Islands in 3 days.

The skipper back in detail on the implementation of this project:
"Since my return to France late November last, I don't think to put my boat in a State but Madeira is not the easiest Island to access, or better served. In fact, I immediately thought about the quickest and least expensive way to bring the boat to a port where the construction of reclamation would be possible.

For the conveying of the boat, it does not start into the unknown, we did tests with Marc Thiercelin on DCNS some years ago, towed by a wing of kite. This idea has quickly imposed as being the least expensive and easiest way to achieve. The proximity of the Canary Islands with Madeira and its regular ferry connections make it a perfect destination. Jorge Cantero, the Royal Nautic club of Las Palmas, offers us a place port and access to all its facilities. His help has also been valuable for logistics and the delivery of equipment on area.

We leave tomorrow, Saturday, with this wing of kiting (monofilament) but also with 2 other implemented prototype systems in place by Yves Parlier. We ship still 100 litres of diesel, in the case where, but the wind should be well oriented to the East to reach the Canary Islands in 3 days at about 4 knots of average. We refine it with my router Eric Mas de Météo Consult.

Taking into account logistical constraints, we will thus make the entire site reclamation there. Two members of the technical team arrive with the vehicle and completeness of the material around April 4, then I will bring the mat of Lorient, by the sea, around mid-April. The trimaran should be ready to sail for early May. I enchainerai then of navigations over area for a few weeks, taking advantage of beautiful weather to navigate. I'll finally Cape to France at the end of the month of may, in solitary mode, as a first real training before the Route du Rhum, which is the key objective of the season 2014".
The crew of Arkema - Region Aquitaine on the ferry:
Lalou Roucayrol - Yves Parlier - Etienne Carat - Arnaud Crete - Maxence Peyras

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