Thursday, 31 July 2014

Yann Elies set to compete in Route du Rhum sailing the Paprec recycling MOD70

From the following article (in French) on

And the rough bing translate below:

At the age of 40, Yann Eliès will play its first Route du Rhum - Destination Guadeloupe on a multi of 70 feet: a childhood dream.

Yann Eliès will be at the start of the Route du Rhum - Destination Guadeloupe November 2 to Saint-Malo. For its first participation, the Costarmoricain will leave in the ultimate class, at the helm of the Mod70 «Paprec recycling».
It was a third win in a row on the Solitaire du Figaro but a Dismasting in the first step has deprived it. Far from giving up, he was offered the luxury to win the second and animate in large part the third to finish second at less than thirty seconds of the first. But then, Yann Eliès (40 years) past at the higher speed. The Costarmoricain will be at the start of the Route du Rhum - Destination Guadeloupe at the helm of the Mod70 «Paprec recycling».

"No time to ruminate about my disappointment.

Jean-Pierre Dick had already announced that he came on the Mod70 circuit to make round the world crew but not to make the solo. It prefers to devote himself to his Imoca project. "I had heard that he sought a skipper for the Route du Rhum, I tabled a folder. They reminded me during the stage to les Sables D'olonne. While returning from the Solitaire, there was more than three. I did an interview and they caught me. At the time, I did not have time to mull over my disappointment on the Solitaire. And maybe at the least, it will be used to it. To convince a businessman", he says. Indeed, Jean-Luc Petithuguenin, CEO of Paprec, Jean-Pierre Dick and the team have therefore chosen to entrust the helm of the trimaran to the double winner of the Solitaire (2012, 2013). "I had envisioned from on Thomas Coville multi or Class40 but it did not do", who last year won the Transat Jacques Vabre on Multi50 of Erwan Le Roux continues. 'When you give me such a boat bar, I won't let go', he confided on the pontoons of the Solitaire du Figaro.

"The good cursor between stress and risk taking.

There, he will go on an another multi, single, and as he says, it will perhaps not evil because the Mod70, designed for the crew, are pretty fickle boats: "I made my first navigation aboard the Mod70 ten days ago in crew. It is necessary that I find my bearings on this boat. Had warned me that it could be quite deceitful. That he tended to quickly lift the leg. It is also physical and an Imoca boat but in addition, there is no the right error. Capsized by the side is possible,"said Yann Eliès, who departed yesterday for a new night at sea in false solitaire. It will be edge on board with "Edmond de Rothschild' to Sébastien Josse. "When you are sheltered under the CAP, does realizes not well of the base of the vessel. It is necessary that we are working on antichavirages systems that I have on board. The release of before sailing with mainsail system. I have to go in having confidence to be able to relax from time to time". After a small Shipyard in order to lighten the boat and change some things for comfort in solitaire, Yann Eliès will perform his qualification in September. November 2 will arrive soon. "You shall not live win with these fickle boats. '' Already will need to reach the other side without turning back. Then, why not play the third step of the podium. "There will be a match in the match with other multis 70 foot», announces, lucid. It's a big challenge but it is also a very good opportunity for the sailor now installed in the Morbihan. "In the life of a sailor, there are the Vendée Globe, the Route du Rhum and later around the world single-handed on a maxi-multi. But then, I am proud to participate in this kind of committed adventure. Need to find the right rhythm, put the cursor in the right place between stress and risk taking. The key will certainly be anticipation. But whatever happens, Yann Eliès will perform a new childhood dream.

Multihull heavy weather tactics when sailing a catamaran offshore

From the following excellent article by Peter Johnstone on Sail Magazine:

By their nature, larger catamarans are exceptionally safe offshore. It is not unusual to sail through mildly uncomfortable conditions, such as a gale, only to arrive in port and hear sailors on keelboats talk of “surviving” horrendous weather. A large modern catamaran has plenty of buoyancy and exceptional roll inertia. Together these make a capsize, or inversion, highly unlikely. A 30-foot breaking wave hitting a cat abeam will simply make the boat surf sideways.

On most offshore passages, advanced communications and weather information should preclude you from ever experiencing true gale or survival conditions. The highest risks are run on passages sailed on a north-south axis between seasons. Early spring or late autumn passages between New England and the Caribbean, in eastern Atlantic waters off Europe, or on routes between the South Pacific and New Zealand are where you typically have a chance of experiencing a good wallop offshore. Follow the wisdom outlined in Jimmy Cornell’s World Cruising Routes, and these risks should be minimized. Regardless, anyone venturing offshore in a multihull should be prepared to handle the worst.

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Monday, 28 July 2014

DIAM 24 one design trimaran chosen to replace M34 monohull for 2015 Tour de France à la Voile

From the following article on Vsail:

After the Ecume de Mer (1978), the First 30 (1979 to 1981), the Rush Royale (1982 and 1983), the Sélection 37 (1984 to 1991), the JOD 35 (1992 to 1998), the Farr 30 (1999 to 2010) and the M34 (2011 to 2014), from next summer 2105, the Diam 24 will be the new boat of the Tour de France à la Voile,

Like the previous boats, the Diam 24 is one-design boat. But the true revolution that A.S.O chose to establish lies in the fact that the Diam 24 is a 7.25m trimaran ! This sport boat was designed by VPLP and built in Port La Forêt (France) by Vianney Ancelin. Since its launch at the Paris Boat Show in December last year it has already seduced many renowned French sailors.

A circuit has also been created including various events like the Grand Prix Guyader, the Grand Prix de l’Ecole Navale, and the Raid Emeraude in Saint-Lunaire. Michel Desjoyeaux, François Gabart, Vincent Riou and Sidney Gavignet are just some of the the first people who have shown their interest in this multihull.

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Saturday, 26 July 2014

Armel le Cleach to return to Lorient with maxi trimaran Banque Populaire VII after no good weather windows present for solo North Atlantic record attempt

From the following press releas (in French) by the Banque Populaire team:

The rough bing translate is below:

The Maxi Solo Bank Populaire VII returned to France
Friday, July 25, 2014 - 16 h 20
100 days before the start of the Route du Rhum - Destination Guadeloupe *, Armel Le Cléac ' h puts an end to its stand started soon 2 months ago. The Maxi Trimaran Solo Bank Populaire VII should leave New York on the night of Saturday to Sunday, to its home port of Lorient, not in record configuration but in delivery of training for the next edition of the Route du Rhum. The skipper of The Bank of the sail and its router Marcel van Triest kept since the 2nd of June the evolution of weather conditions on the route between the metropolis American and the Lizard, looking for favorable conditions to hope to beat the Record of North Atlantic single-handed. An anticyclone settled on the course, added to the exceptionally low position ice South of Newfoundland have never allowed the meeting of the factors necessary to hope to beat the 5 days, 2 hours, 56 minutes, 10 seconds set in 2013 by Francis Joyon on his maxi trimaran Idec. Armel le Cléac ' h, faithful to its roadmap for the 2014 season, will start on the Atlantic for his fourth crossing of the year. After its two lounges in crew and his road to the victorious discovery single-handed, the skipper of the Maxi Solo Bank Populaire VII will join Britain with only Companion browser Gildas Morvan, which function on board as often as possible will be limited to observer and Advisor.
"We we were given the end of July as the date deadline of our stand-by in New York" explains Armel; "Marcel van Triest confirms me that no prospect emerges for the next 8 days. So, it's time for me to bring back the maxi trimaran at its home port of Lorient, to adhere to our timetable for preparation in the Route du Rhum. Three weeks of construction are indeed scheduled in August, in order to submit the boat a deep check of all, following his four lounges of the year. I want to sail intensively since the early days of September from the perspective of my priority goal, the 10th edition of the Route du Rhum. Since nearly two months that we monitor the evolution of the weather on the Atlantic phenomena, nothing really serious only has been proposed, and the presence of icebergs in the South of Newfoundland would have us forced to seriously extend the road. I leave New York without regret because the conditions to sign a time are not available to us. This new crossing of the Atlantic, however, will allow me to continue my training solo aboard Bank Populaire VII. I look forward to my brands. Gildas Morvan will be onboard to help me in difficult situations, but it will be before an observer and it is only that I will complete the heavier manoeuvres, living according to possible nearest rhythm solitaire."
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America's Cup update, Joint statement released by challenging teams Ben Ainslie Racing, Luna Rossa, Artemis Racing and Team France

This following statement has been released via the teams below:


Following the announcement of Team Australia – representative of the Hamilton Island Yacht Club, Challenger of Record of the 35th America’s Cup – of its intention to withdraw from the competition, the teams Luna Rossa Challenge, Artemis Racing, Ben Ainslie Racing and Team France – jointly with the yacht clubs they represent – confirm their full support to the event, regardless from the host venue that will be selected.

The four teams, who have so far made clear their involvement, also reiterate their commitment to co-operate in a constructive way with the Defender to the sporting and commercial success of the 35th America’s Cup, with the aim of bringing this event to the peak of the world’s professional sport in terms of media, show, public and the intense sporting competition which has always characterised the America’s Cup.

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Monday, 21 July 2014

Catri 25 trimaran prototype launched

From the following press release by the Catri Group:

16 years ago under these words in the journal “Multihull International” appeared the first information about hydrofoil system developed in Latvia and about the very first trimaran Catri26 was built.
Now, one and a half year after the commencement of work in the new shipyard, the first CATRI model who really “designed to fly” launched in Burtnieki lake. In contrast to the AC34 catamarans and their small versions (Flying Phantom, Nacra F20C, GC32), the Catri 25 foiling height will not exceed 5-8 cm. Hulls’ contact with tops of waves increases resistance slightly, but it completely offsets by achieved stability. As a result, the new foiling trimaran designed as an all purpose sport cruiser for both race and family cruising.
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Catri 25 trimaran prototype launched, photo courtesy Catri Group

11th Cape Panwa Hotel Phuket Raceweek, Report by Asian Yachting Multimedia on Final day of racing and summary of the event

From the following article by AsianYachting Multimedia

July 20th: After a two days of superb sailing conditions, the South Westerly flow deserted us yesterday and racing was completely abandoned. It didn't look any better this morning and after another lengthy wait, miraculously a light South Easterly appeared on the horizon, which was just enough for PRO Simon James to get racing underway. The Multihull, Cruiser and Classics started first and were dispatched to seaward on a two island passage race. Then the IRC Racers on a short windward/ leeward course. No racing yesterday, virtually ensured the run away class leaders overall victory. It didn't have the excitement of a final race showdown but none the less everyone was keen to get going again and make the most of the last day of racing.

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Multihull start day 4, photo courtesy Asian Yachting MultiMedia

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Hamilton Island Yacht Club/Team Australia withdraw their challenge for the America's Cup

From the following entry on

The America’s Cup organizers have received notification from the principals of Hamilton Island Yacht Club of their intention to withdraw Team Australia from the 35th America’s Cup.

“We are very disappointed to be receiving this news,” said Russell Coutts, Director of the America’s Cup Event Authority (ACEA). “We were excited to have Australia as a challenger and we were also looking forward to the prospect of holding America’s Cup World Series events in Australia.

“But our focus going forward is with the teams that have already submitted challenges and the teams that have told us of their intent to do so before the entry deadline on August 8th.

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11th Cape Panwa Hotel Phuket Race week, Race report Day 2 by Asian Yachting Multimedia

From the following article by Asian Yachting Multimedia:

Another challenging day in paradise

July 18th:

Although the South Westerly has dropped a little to 8-12 knots, the sun is out, the sky is blue and the fleet completed up to two races by 1500hrs and back at the Cape Panwa Hotel beach bar, for refreshing cold drinks, to finish another challenging day in paradise. PRO Simon James, chose a quick windward/leeward race for the racing classes and a single passage race around the islands for the Bareboat/Charter and Classic Classes. Then it was the racers turn for an islands passage race and the number of islands is determined by the average boat speed in the class.

Crews were trying hard to eliminate any silly mistakes, that lost them valuable time and punished them yesterday. The pecking order has been established and its time for the crews to shape up, if the skippers ambition is to stand on the podium by the end of the regatta.

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Multihulls racing on day 2, photo courtesy Asian Yachting Multimedia

Monday, 14 July 2014

2014 Multihull Solutions Regatta Phuket, Day 3 report and event summary by Asian Yachting Multimedia

From the following article by Marty Rikjuris of Asian Yachting Multimedia:

Final day showdown did not disappoint
July 13th: In stark contrast to the last two days, the South Westerly moderated to 15-18 knots, with a clear sky and boat damage limited to minor breakages. In all three classes the podium places were open for the taking and most the fleet completed hurried repairs and were back out on the water, to fight on the final day. For the first race, PRO Simon James decided to send the fleet out of Chalong Bay, to the Phuket Harbour clear water mark and back, followed by a windward/leeward race to finish with. There was still plenty of excitement as the boats rotated and changed places on each leg of the course.

In the Racing Multi's (OMR) Class, Alan Carwardine's 11.8m Asia Catamarans Hurricane traded first and second places with Mick Coleman's sister ship Java. This prevented Carwardine's Hurricane from overtaking Coleman's Java for the title. Carwardine's retirement on Day 1 became the drop race but was not enough to interfere with the superbly sailed Java, that was on the pace all regatta and finished every race in the top two places. Two third places for Grenville Fordham / Bob Mott's Andaman Cabriolet Nina, hands them the bronze medal and very rewarding in front of the more fancied yachts.

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Winners are grinners, the crew of Java celebrate first on OMR, photo courtesy Asian Yachting MultiMedia

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Golden Oldies Multihulls Association, Multihulls of legend trophy in Concarneau August 8,9 and 10th, 2014

Thanks to Estelle Laurence for the translation:

August 8, 9 and 10,  2014
The GOLDEN OLDIES MULTIHULLS association is preparing her third Trophy in Brittany : 3 days to celebrate the Multihull history with legendary boats which participated in the most famous transatlantic races.

This year the event will be prestigious as it will gather 15 multihulls, 6 of which will participate in the 2014 Route du Rhum single handed race starting from Saint Malo on November 2 nd (* marked )

Come to meet the skippers :

Loïck Peyron (Happy *-  Walter Greene design, Olympus sistership)

Charlie Capelle (AMISEP * -  Walter Greene design, Olympus sistership)

Jean-Paul Froc (Groupe BERTO * -  Walter Greene design, Olympus sistership)

Etienne Hochédé (PiR² * Langevin design)

Patrick Morvan (Félicidade * - Cabon design- together with Edonil, Gahinet design)

Pierrick Tollemer ( M'Pulse * - Cabon design)

Jean Lou Yvonnou (Nova - Crowther design)

Serge Barré (Three Legs of Mann – Kelsall design)

Michel Geoffroy (Quick Silver – Newick design)

Christophe Beurois (Trinitrine- Veyron design)

Paul Butin (Jonathan – Kelsall design)

Emmanuel Pironneau (Pélican- Rodney March design)

Edouard Van den Broek (Volage – Lucas design)

Jean-Louis Tardy ( Dingopilo- Tardy design)

As a pre-taste of Rhum :
3 days of challenge for the skippers to compare their own performance during speed tests.
The boats will sail from the port daily, around noon, and will be back at their pontoons end of the afternoon. They will be moored at the Carnot and Aiguillon quays for exhibition to the public.

Presentation will be made by Vincent Balard, who will detail the history, race results of each skippers and their boats.

After the prize ceremony on Sunday, the Route du Rhum race competitors will start their qualification journey for the 2014 edition, over 1000 nautical miles, single handed, following the same route, and therefore with a common follow up by a control center located at shore.

History of the maritime patrimony
The GOLDEN OLDIES MULTIHULLS association, founded in 2007, is a unique association gathering amateurs and professionals in sailing: architects, builders, equipment suppliers, owners and skippers,  sharing the same fever : passion for multihulls and maintaining legendary boats alive.

Their aim is to share their passion with the public: to remind their youth for some, to make others know the history of the first multihulls boats designed by pioneer architects who wrote the open sea race history for the seventies and the eighties.

An exhibition by the famous Christian Février photographer, a privileged witness of this time, will be open to the public from Friday, August 8 to Sunday August 10 at the Concarneau Pôle Nautique, quai de la Croix.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

2014 Multihull Solutions Phuket Regatta, Race report for Day 2 of competition by Asian Yachting Multimedia

From the following article by Asian Yachting Multimedia:

More carnage reshuffles the overall order
July 12th: The old cliche "One day a rooster, the next day a feather duster" applies today. Some yachts that came through with relative little damage and looking good on the score sheets yesterday, suffered damage and their overall order reshuffled today. Despite the public holidays, the camaraderie amongst the crews have miraculously conducted repairs overnight and most boats were back out to fight another day. Just as the starting sequence was completed, the dark clouds building up over Rawai, swept across the course and gave the crews a thorough dousing. The South Westerly topped out at 40 knots as the storm descended on the fleet, then dramatically dropped during the rain, but as soon as the storm passed over, returned with a vengeance.

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Multihull Solutions Phuket Regatta, photo courtesy Asian Yachting Multimedia

Multi50 update, Team Maitre Jacques improve own record in the Cowes - Dinard Race

From the following entry on Maitre Jacques Facebook page:

The rough bing translate is below:

Maître Jacques set a new record on the Cowes-Dinard two years after beating the record of the Cowes-Dinard (established in 2006 by Ellen Mac Arthur *), Loïc Féquet and his team have further improved the time of this cross-channel 170 miles last night, and this, despite the unfavourable announced weather. 12 h 39, the record time of Cowes-Dinard went 11 h 18 min 50s: any takers!

Yesterday left the Isle of Wight at 11 h 20, UT, master Jacques team to instantly set the tone down the Solent in 50 minutes, with peaks at 25 knots, with an irregular and steady breeze.
Then it was direct route towards Brittany, on a flat sea in a medium of 10-12 knots breeze. Not ideal, but better than those that were announced: 2 more knots of wind and 3 knots of earned to the speedo...

Little sequence "suspense" when, in Guernsey, where the Team master Jacques has struggled against the current in a breeze very low for an hour and a half...

But as soon as they were able to extricate itself from this delicate passage, they have again traced in a direct line towards the finish line they have crossed at 10:40.

Loïc Féquet, skipper master Jacques: "It is always interesting to navigate with the pressure of the chrono...". The weather conditions were not ideal, but it was almost all done in a straight line and on a flat sea, allowing beautiful accelerations. We had the chance to get out of the Solent without having to pull the edges, which is rare, it was already a good gain on the chrono. Then, apart from the stroke of brake in Guernsey, it has sailed well. And it is true to have 2 knots of wind more than forecast, it saves us immediately 3 knots in speed.

This is a beautiful satisfaction, an interesting exercise... to renew! ' * In 2012 for its first participation in this event, the master Jacques team had managed to set a new record time in a multihull of 12 h 39', beating the time of 1:47 PM ' directed by Ellen Mac Arthur on Castorama B & Q in 2006.

New record time of the Cowes-Dinard: 11 h 18 min 50 s, established by the Multi 50 master Jacques, July 11, 2014.

Crew master Jacques 2014: Arnaud Le Gall, Benoit Chacko, Julien Deniel and François Le Bourdais.

Multi50 Team Maitre Jacques, photo courtesy

2014 Multihull Solutions Regatta Phuket, Strong wind severely tests multihulls

From the following update by Asian Yachting Multimedia:

July 11th: Under an overcast sky and the watchful eyes of the big Buddha statue, racing got underway in 15 to 25 knots from the South West. Yesterday John Newnham's Twin Sharks nose dived and capsized during practice, sending a message to other skippers to beware. A pressure system in the Bay of Bengal has generated a strong South Westerly flow for the last week and is predicted to increase for the weekend. As the crews made their way out to the start line, the mainsails were being reefed and all precautions were being taken. The radio crackled and Henry Kaye's Seacart 26 Sweet Chariot became the first casualty when the rotating mast unstepped itself and the spreader speared through the mainsail.

The 10 Racing Multi's (OMR) were first off the rank, on a three lap windward/leeward race. Mark Horwood's Formula 40 trimaran Adrenalin became the second casualty when the main beam broke loose and Werner Amstutz's Corsair 28 Flying High joined the retirement list. The Stealth catamarans took off in a cloud of spray, with Mick Coleman's 11.8m Java leading the way and closely being stalked by Alan Carwardine's sister ship Hurricane. Only 30 seconds separated them at the end and stayed in the same order after handicaps were applied. The strong wind helped Grenville Fordham / Bob Mott's Andaman Cabriolet Nina to lift their game and closed with third place.

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Firefly 850 Voodoo powered up, photo courtesy Asian Yachting Multimedia

Friday, 11 July 2014

2014 Phuket Multihull Solutions Multihull Regatta

From Captain Marty over at Asian Yachting who is covering the 2014 Phuket Multihull Solutions regatta:

July 10th: During the 2011 Multihull Championship, we wisely predicted that "Multihull's are the flavour of the decade" and haven't been proved wrong yet. With boat designers, builders and composite experts, relocating to Phuket and surrounding SE Asian countries, the growth has been phenomenal and some very functional and sleek racing machines have emerged. For the Ao Chalong Yacht Club this is the 7th running of the 'Multihull Only' event and since Multihull Solutions have opened branches in Asia, sponsoring the regatta is a natural move and immediately raised the profile of the event to its former glory days.

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Fireflys smoking along, photo courtesy Asian Yachting

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Perspective Yacht Design, construction of tooling for new Exocet Extrem 19 foiling trimaran underway

The new Exocet Extrem 19 trimaran designed by Phil Roulin of Perspective Yacht Design is under construction in Marseille.  The first photo of the process show the CNC machined plug for the float halves.

Perspective Yacht Design have a frequently updated Facebook page here:

CNC machined float halves (plug), photo courtesy Perspective Yacht Design
Exocet Extrem 19 trimaran, render courtesy Perspective Yacht Design

Multihull Yacht Club of Victoria, Annual Southern Oceans Multihull Regatta to be hosted by Safety Beach Yacht Club with berthing at Martha Cove marina

This years Southern Oceans Multihull Regatta (SOMR) is being held in Port Phillip Bay and hosted by the Safety Beach Yacht Club with berthing available at Martha Cove marina.  This will allow berthing and storage for more multihulls.  Owners of cruising multihulls who are interested in trying their hand at some racing with a friendly and welcoming group of sailors are encouraged to join in and a division for cruisers will be in place.  For any enquiries please contact Geoff Floyd on

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Prince de Bretagne team relaunch the Maxi 80 trimaran

The Maxi 80 trimaran has been relaunched after an extensive rebuilding program that has been conducted at the teams Lorient base.  The full rebuild was required after a capsize of the trimaran while pursuing the record route "The Mauritian" the reference time having been set by Francis Joyon.  The new mast has been constructed by Lorima and their facebook page has some good photos courtesy of sealaunay showing the relaunch:


Interesting range of sailing catamarans listed for sale at

James Burwick has contacted me to let me know of some of the fabulous performance catamarans they have for sale at the moment.  The listings include the fantastic David Barker catamaran "Sundreamer" and a classic and a beautiful Peter Spronk 50' catamaran in ply/epoxy.

The classic 57' performance catamaran Sundreamer by David Barker

David Barker, Sundreamer
The classic Peter Spronk designed 50' cruising catamaran

Peter Spronk, 50' cruising catamaran
A very interesting semi pod style performance 63' cruising catamaran designed/built by Chris Kinzel under the guidance of Walter Greene

Chris Kinzel, 63' performance catamaran
The super impressive "Hi Octane" designed by Malcolm Tennant

Malcolm Tennant, 52' performance catamaran

Monday, 7 July 2014

2015 Australian Multihull Nationals to be hosted by Multihull Yacht Club of Victoria and held at Royal Geelong Yacht Club

From the following entry on the Multihull Yacht Club of Victoria blog:

The Australian 2015 Multihull Nationals will be hosted by MYCV and held at Royal Geelong Yacht Club in January 2015.

The regatta will be seven races starting on Saturday 17th Jan and finishing on Wed 21st Jan, with the presentation after the final race on the 21st.

There will then be a two race passage series (with its own trophies, not part of the Nationals, and including the existing Festival of Sails (FOS) line honours trophy), with a Geelong-Melbourne race on Thurs 22nd and then the FOS Melb-Geelong race on Fri 23rd. The aim is to encourage as many multihulls as possible to join in the FOS passage race.

After the Melbourne-Geelong FOS passage race there will be no further FOS multi races.

The entry fee will be $375, which will cover both the Nationals and the passage race series. There will be two divisions for trailerables/high performance multis and a third division for cruising/offshore multis.

NOR will be out soon. Keep an eye out on the Multihull Yacht Club of Victoria blog here and on

Sydney to Mooloolaba Race, initial details announced with a start date of 25th of March 2015

From the following article on Sail-World submitted by Tracey Johnstone

Sydney to Mooloolaba Yacht Race 2015 - Middle Harbour Yacht Club (MHYC) has announced Wednesday 25th March 2015 as the date for the start of next year’s Sydney to Mooloolaba Yacht Race.

The race will again welcome both monohull and multihull entries for the 468 mile coastal classic.

The monohulls will race under Category 2 safety regulations while the details of the safety requirements for the multihulls are to be advised in the next few months.

MHYC’s Commodore, John McCuaig, has pushed forward to have the 2015 start date confirmed early, giving plenty of time for boat owners to plan for the race.

'The race start date should be a good fit within the Australian offshore racing calendar. It’s far enough in advance of Easter for entrants to also compete in the Brisbane to Gladstone Race or to use the Easter break to take their boats back to their home port or to return south in time for the Port Stephens Regatta,' McCuaig said.

Mooloolaba Yacht Club’s Commodore, Gary Schulz, concurred on the importance of confirming early next year’s race date. 'With the date now confirmed Mooloolaba can get on with the job of organising the details of finishing the boats and planning the traditional warm welcome.'

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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Paul Bieker releases basic specs of new B53 performance cruising catamaran being built at Gold Coast Yachts in the US Virgin Islands

A new lightweight performance catamaran with foil assistance from yacht designer Paul Bieker specs and some further details on Paul's blog

Sodebo team and Thomas Coville take new Sodebo Ultime on shakedown cruise and check solo operation

From the following press release (in French)by the Sodebo team

and the rough bing translate below:

First navigation off the coast, a new dimension
« " We do not yet said but it aims much one for the other," sums up Thomas Coville when he talks about the discovery of his new trimaran. Five weeks after the water the Ultim Sodebo valves ', testing and preparation for the Route du Rhum continues with a precise and responsible agenda. This week, the skipper and his team conducted their first navigation off the coast on this gigantic fireball. The time is not yet emotion with figures and quantitative targets. However, when allowed to speak and we listen to it, the sailor doesn't hide his pride in his lightning fast new boat.

If outputs which follow for about a month, allow to finalise the basics of his new trimaran Sodebo skipper took this week its first marks offshore with a reduced crew.
The pure snow and sensations in the dark night
With 10 to 25 knots of wind on the Atlantic, to the near and downwind, the weather conditions were ideal to take the pulse of Sodebo Ultim', this new giant of 31 meters long and 21 meters wide, fruit of the transformation of the iconic Olivier Kersauson's Geronimo. " This first exit offshore is very encouraging. It was a 48-hour round trip in the Bay of Biscay to take my brands on Sodebo Ultim' and start living with him. At the helm, you very quickly accustomed you to its dimensions and its movements. It's a simple and functional trimaran which behaves very well. "We were six on board but I did all the manoeuvres in solo, remittances of sails and catches of ris for return to the physics and put me in a situation as quickly as possible, ' explains Thomas. Smoothly, without forcing, the skipper of Sodebo seeks first to see what his new horse was in the belly and the trimaran, gauge how far his pilot is ready to take him. " The second night, we had a large squall and if until we were very school in our approach, in the dark night without Moon, it took react quickly and navigate to the sensations. In 28 knots of wind, under mainsail and gennaker (663 m2 in total), the boat slipped at more than 35 knots and there, I started to project myself for the first time. I see it has a huge potential; but it would not go too far, it was not the purpose of the exit. »
Another dimension, another world, a new Thoroughbred
After more than six years at the helm of the trimaran Sodebo, difficult not to compare this new Thoroughbred to his little brother but marin said disorder: Sodebo Ultim', it is another world, another dimension. " I thought my last turn to the world by seeing how easy it reached speeds of 30 knots (55 km/h)." These are speeds ceilings on the old boat that you had to go look far, the strength of the snowman. "Never, we couldn't go as fast as soon as the sixth exit with the maxi trimaran, ' says Thomas.
The first time...
Feeling, emotion, meets... Hard to imagine for us land, the affiliation between a sailor and his boat. But, on the Route du Rhum in solitaire that Thomas will lead this contraption impressive dimensions. Their Alliance, their complicity, will follow their performance on this mythical transat alongside other giants of the ultimate class. " As a musician with his instrument, I am trying to grant it. '' This is a boat that looks like me. I love this phase where we view one and the other. We do not yet said but it aims much one for the other. The first night on board, I immediately felt confident. I know I'm going to spend hours in the in-tray or in front of the chart table, it is a prospect that delights me. This navigation to the coast for two days, it was like all first time, a very important moment in a life," says Thomas who, with already four Route du Rhum with three podiums, not dread the end of autumn but remains focused on the sporting aspect of the development of his boat.
Training will continue throughout the month of July for Thomas Coville. Two offshore navigations are scheduled before dashing around July 18 on a transatlantic to Guadeloupe, crew on the go and solo on the return, allowing the skipper of Sodebo to qualify for the Route du Rhum.
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Photo Yvan Zedda / Sodebo

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

America's Cup update, Sir Ben Ainslie secures government funding for British Challenge for the 35th America's Cup

From the following press release on the Ben Ainslie Racing website:

Ministers today announced £7.5million of Government funding to support Sir Ben Ainslie’s America’s Cup team and their proposal to be based on the Camber in Portsmouth. The news follows on from Portsmouth City Council’s decision to give planning approval for the site of the new base.
The announcement took place today at 10 Downing Street in the presence of the Prime Minister; David Cameron commented:

“Sir Ben Ainslie’s project is truly fantastic news for Portsmouth and the Solent. It will not only build on Portsmouth’s global reputation as a centre of marine and maritime excellence but will also deliver a real sporting and economic boost to the UK. It is a great example of our long-term plan – creating jobs as well as opportunities for young people to develop their skills through apprenticeships. 

“This is an exciting and historic challenge and I hope the whole country can get behind Sir Ben’s campaign.”

BAR Team Principal and four-time Olympic gold medallist, Sir Ben Ainslie said:

“Portsmouth has a great maritime heritage and we felt it was a natural home for the team’s permanent base in the UK. There is excellent access to the water for the team’s training and to host future America’s Cup events, with fantastic spectator viewpoints. We hope through  our journey to bring the Cup home to Britain we will inspire more young people to get involved in the sport, along with supporting the growth of the marine sector in the Solent area to match the country’s F1 innovation hub.”

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America's Cup update, Luna Rossa's heavily modified AC45 goes sailing for the first time in Cagliari

From the following article on the Luna Rossa Challenge website:

Luna Rossa Piranha – one of the two AC45s with which the team will train and develop its design in view of the 35th America’s Cup – starts sailing today in Cagliari.

The “new” Luna Rossa Piranha has undergone some major changes foreseen by the Protocol of the 35th America’s Cup that now allows the modification of any component of the AC45 catamarans – used in past editions of the America’s Cup World Series – except for the shape of the hulls.

In this first phase the research and the modifications focused essentially on the optimization of the appendages – daggerboards and rudders – and on-board systems that allow the AC45 catamarans to fully foil and sail with greatly increased performances.

Luna Rossa Piranha and Luna Rossa Swordfish have thus become real laboratories to test components, develop systems, collect and analyze data, as well as to train the crew in manoeuvers, boat handling and foiling tactics and techniques.

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Photo courtesy Team Luna Rossa
and a short video of the launch:

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Folding quickboat, a neat way to have a tender on a space or payload challenged multihull

I'm not affiliated with this company in any way but the folding quick boat seems like just the thing for a weight or payload challenged multihull.  The only downside that I can see is there is no facility for oars:

more details on their website here

They are also on facebook: