Thursday, 30 May 2013

Team Vodafone Sailing's ORMA60 repaired and ready for the Auckland to Musket Cove (Fiji) race.

From the following article on Sail-World submitted by Zoe Hawkins

Following a dismasting in March, TeamVodafoneSailing is back and almost ready to roll into the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron's Auckland to Musket Cove, Fiji Race starting this Saturday.

The boat is back in the water, but waiting on another stay before it can hoist sails.

'We won't miss the sprint to warmer climes if we can at all help at – arriving at Musket Cove is always a great experience,' says Skipper Simon Hull. 'We will only have a few days to shake her down, but we will be there Saturday for the race start.'

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Samui Regatta, Racing report from day 3

From the following article on Sail-World submitted by the Samui Regatta event media:

All change on day three of the Samui Regatta as the drop in wind strength shuffled the pack. A windward/Leeward for all classes was set in a building breeze, but by early in the second race, a passage race South, the winds died and kicked back in later ensuring a full schedule of races were completed.

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Gathering of the multis for the Route des Princes race

The new event the Route des Princes is set to depart Valencia on the 9th of June.  It's a multihull specific event with multi's of 50' and over eligible to compete.  Four Multi50 teams, four MOD70 teams and the new G class multihull the 80' Maxi trimaran Prince de Bretagne have signed on.  You can follow the event at the Route des Princes website:

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

America's Cup update, Emirates Team New Zealand day 3 on San Francisco Bay

Samui Regatta, Report on race day 2

From the following article on Sail-World submitted by the Samui Regatta event media:

It just keeps on getting better. Following a stunning first day to the Regatta, Samui upped the ante on day two and delivered on its billing as the 'Tropical Island Regatta' with good winds, calm seas and picture postcard scenery.

Winds up to 18 knots and relatively flat seas played into the hands of the bigger boats with Frank Pong and his crew on Jelik (HKG) romping away with the first win of the day in IRC Zero. A windward/leeward saw Pong edge out Ben Copley's Katsu (AUS) by just 11 seconds, with Freefire (HKG), skippered by Sam Chan, coming in third. Despite a range of boat sizes in the class – from 45-foot (Katsu) to 75-foot (Jelik) – the separation on corrected time was just over two minutes, showing how close the boats are racing under IRC.

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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Samui Regatta, report on Day 1 of racing

From the following article on Sail-World submitted by the Samui Regatta event media

Samui turned on the style for day one of the 2013 Samui Regatta with steady 10-14 knot breezes under blue skies, and some tight racing across the 22-strong fleet.

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Asian Multihull Regattas, 12th annual Samui Regatta kicks off tomorrow

From the following article submitted to Sailworld by the Samui Regatta event media:

Thai resort island, Samui, welcomes over 500 sailors to the 12th annual Samui Regatta which kicks off tomorrow at Centara Grand Beach Resort Samui with five days of racing, and culminates in a lavish beachfront gala dinner at which the regatta winners are celebrated together with the 2012/13 Asian Yachting Grand Prix Championship (AYGP) winners of Best Yacht of the Year and Best Skipper of the Year.

Taking place from 26th May to first June off Chaweng Beach, Samui Regatta is the season-ending event of the AYGP Championship and all the top racers and Championship contenders are battling it out on the water and the title comes down to this last event.

The Samui Regatta has developed a strong following of the region's best sailors, and over the years has delivered on a reputation for quality sailing in some of the best racing conditions in the Gulf of Thailand. Welcoming boats and crew from over 15 different countries, Samui Regatta is a truly multinational and multicultural event and a highlight on the Asian yacht racing calendar.

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12th Annual Samui Regatta website:

America's Cup update, teams sit down together to thrash out the details of new rules stemming from race safety report

From the following blog post by Russell Green on the ETNZ website:!2013/05/teams-get-down-to-some-serious-talking

Emirates Team New Zealand’s rules advisor Russell Green blogs about moving goal posts and the negotiations ahead.

Last Wednesday was my first day working in San Francisco and we were called to a meeting late in the afternoon by regatta director, Iain Murray, who presented his recommendations from the work of the Review Committee. Present were the key members of the teams, the event authority and Louis Vuitton.

Iain Murray, who distributed the report and then worked through the document explaining all the relevant points, looked tired. It was clear there had been some long hours worked by Review Committee in the previous six days, an amazing job in such a short time.

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Thursday, 23 May 2013

2013 Tahiti Pearl Regatta, Results from this years edition

From the following Sail-World article:

Tahiti Pearl Regatta X Edition day two - With overnight rain keeping the temperature relatively cool (28 deg) and while the festivities went on well into the night, the promise of an early start saw competitors make their way back to the yachts via the local fishing fleet and supported by a number of speed boats from Raiatea. This system has worked well in the past and this year is even more efficient with the 'ferry' service operating till very late in zoned transport and servicing all 50 yachts competing.

By day break, the sun had pushed through the cloud cover to reveal a superb morning and the predicted 15 – 18 knts was shaping up to be a magic (normal) day in the south pacific.

Not to disappoint competing yacht the Maraa’mu had died out and was replaced with a consistent E/NE trade wind to provide 18 – 20 knts at the top end of the modified course. Originally a plan was laid to circumnavigate Huahine however a new course was conceived and advised at the 0730 hr VHF brief due to the continuing strong S/E swell at the bottom of the island. A pin was laid 1.5 mile n/ne of Huahine allowing a beautiful tour of the most spectacular island in the Leeward group of the Society Islands. 

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America's Cup news, Review panel publish draft interim safety recommendations

The review panel which has been set up in the wake of the sad loss of Andrew Simpson and structural failure/capsize of the Artemis teams AC72 catamaran have handed down some draft recommendations for new AC72 guidelines.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

America's Cup update, Emirates Team New Zealand reassembling their AC72 catamaran wing in San Francisco

MOD70 update, Virbac Paprec team's John Pierre Dick discusses the teams program

From the following article on Voiles et Voiliers

here is the rough bing translate: Jean-Pierre, how do get a Vendée Globe as intense?
Jean-Pierre Dick: This isn't by investing me on the new MOD70 project that I'm resting! We are a little behind the other teams who have their boat for one or two years and who have régaté last season... Especially since these multihulls require a huge concentration, both to steer it to manage the project. I had only a three-week break.

It's more complicated than an IMOCA 60?
 This is not the same size and navigation time is more complex as each team member has a very sharp role. Between a monohull of the world tour where I'm alone and I have confidence in the driver and a MOD70 six crew where you have to constantly pay attention to the bar to manoeuvre, there is a world. It's a challenge difficult and dense to mount a crew for a full season with the road of the Princes in June and the transat Jacques Vabre in November.

That is what you as prompted to pass the multihull and the MOD70 more specifically?
Jean-Pierre DickTwo-time winner of the Barcelona World Race, triple winner of the transat Jacques Vabre, Jean-Pierre Dick after eleven seasons in the IMOCA monohulls undertakes on the MOD70 circuit.  I have eleven years of monohull IMOCA with three Vendee Globe and two Barcelona World Race: the MOD70 made me dream. And the multihulls monotypes program also relies on a round the world crew: this is what made me switch, this dimension of the high seas. Especially since the boats are very exciting, with the meaning for my partners, Virbac and Paprec: we always take many people for specific relational and support for the multihull is very attractive.

But between your decision of before the Vendée Globe and today, the MOD circuit has changed!
 The bases of the MOD70 are very healthy: the boat is well born, very powerful and very robust as seen during the Armen Race with a lot of wind and sea. The Monotype is very exciting with multihulls that spin at 35 knots... Should now that there is a viable circuit in the long term, but there are already seven trimarans built and ready to navigate! The fundamentals are there to make this succeed. Certainly the dimension "adventure" the Vendee Globe is not there, but there are many attractive and historic in France on multihulls.

There's a weariness of the monohull?
 Not even if I had said that this would be my last Vendée Globe: I still reserve my answer... I am on this MOD-70 project because it had to also change, recharge, calling into question. And navigate in crew, manage a team, it's very rewarding! This allows to go more in depth in some areas.

You have just practiced the multihull...
 I made three Trophée Clairefontaine, a Grand Prix Extreme40, formula 18 and Hobie Cat... But few oceanic multihull: this is learned relatively quickly when even insofar as it is not alone. I wouldn't Route du Rhum in MOD70. Double races will be even an exception in my race programme: this is the safe limit for me, to not find me with 50 knots of wind with a crew on a boat like this.
Virbac-Paprec 70Jean-Pierre Dick confirms that the trimaran in crew approach is not at all the same as solitary IMOCA: lots of navigation are provided for the deficit compared with the other three teams present on the Princes Highway.Photo @ Jacques van Staden

You are obliged to deliver a certain number of things flat?
 Yes, not even in terms of focus, attention permanently on board. I barrer on the in-shore races, which requires a big concentration because it does not take a start in the same way as in monohull IMOCA, that buoys crossings must be very early. There are very sharp like Yann Guichard, Seb Josse, Sidney Gavignet competitors...
When ambition for this first season?
 Stay in the game: cannot yet be said to win!

How did you choose your crew?
Equipage Virbac-Paprec 70Virbac-Paprec 70 crew includes three veteran members of the MOD-70 Veolia and three solitary of the Vendée Globe! I thought well before the Vendée Globe to embark professionals worthy of the name: it was necessary to commit before my round the world. My analysis on this type of boat is to have people very versatile, turned on the wide, knowing the multihull. Vincent Riou (head quarter) was very motivated to change also support, at least until the summer: it has an excellent technical knowledge and it is also a sharp browser. Roland Jourdain (Watch leader) brings his one season in MOD - 70 and its project management experience. Thierry du Vorsent Dupré (n ° 1) is also the boat-captain of Virbac-Paprec 70. Thierry Douillard (adjuster-performer) has a big ranking in Olympic sailing, match-race in America's Cup Class, in Orma trimaran and Fred Guillemin has a resume similar: both were also with Bhat on Veolia. Guillaume Le Brec (trimmer) is replacing with in the stable Absolute Dreamer, a role full time to analyze the data collected on board. I would assume the position of browser on the off-shore and the bar on the in-shore.

After the road to the Princes in June?
 Many public relations with Paprec Virbac: it is very important to me, the entire month of July. And rest in the month of August: should I get anyway! Preparation of the transat Jacques Vabre in September and October: I'd go with one of my teammates from the Princes Highway...

And next season?
 The MOD should move: there are already to program the Krys Ocean Race as last year between New York and Brest. Normally, the American Cam Lewis, who bought Veolia has indicated that he would. And then everything can go very quickly because the ex -Foncia and Race for Water are operational. Other skippers could join the circuit. Discussed with the organizers to move the project from around the world, because it would be a great challenge for 2015.

You have totally switched circuit MOD or you still have one foot in the IMOCA?
 I'm more invested in the IMOCA Class: I am running my MOD project. My boat is for sale: it will be equipped with a new keel under the new standards decided by the tonnage milled steel. The expertise of the previous keel is not complete: it was welded and she broke out of the well.
Virbac-Paprec 3The monohull Virbac-Paprec 3 is for sale: the boat will be equipped with a new keel steel milled according to the new gauge adopted by the IMOCA class.

And what do you think of the latest decisions of the IMOCA Class on "standardized monohulls"?

With what I experienced, I saw well that it was more possible to follow financially. The big stables were ways than the other skippers as Vincent (Riou), Jean (Le Cam), Mike (Golding), myself and many others could not have. Need to reduce costs! An IMOCA 60' nine today reach 4.5 to 5 million euros... The new gauge must now curb the inflation.

But a MOD70 project, this is roughly equivalent to a four year IMOCA project!
 The MOD70 is a little more expensive today because there's a crew. The value of the boat is equivalent (3.4 million €) but it takes about 3 million € per year of operation.
For the Transat Jacques Vabre, duplicate, will have to adapt the trimaran.
 The idea is that everyone should be such and that it does not bring the Monotype for crew races. Meets for this: we need to install a more powerful automatic driver, add a rear ballast, a few additional stops.

Since your return of the Vendée Globe, you have participated to Grand Prix Lesley and Armen Race: what is your feeling on the MOD70?
 These are very demanding vessels, imposing an excellent crew coordination. We have a humble goal: there is a gap between the teams last year and we, especially when the wind returned. But you learn quickly: we should be able to adjust gradually to perform next season. There work!
The format of the Princes Highway is quite similar to the Tour of Europe in IMOCA.
 It is quite varied with coastal regattas, offshore courses and a big step. With port races at every stop. This is new for me in a multihull. And then there is a festive side who can make the success of this event, a bit like the Tour de France à la Voile: there should be a popular momentum...

Weta Trimarans, Ventura Training Camp California USA

From the following article on

Join us for some great summer sailing in Ventura, California on the weekend of June 22-23.  Spend Saturday with an on-the-water coach for some skill-building and camaraderie, and enjoy Sunday with three to five short, fun races.  This event coincides with Summer Sailstice, so you can do both at the same time!

Can’t dedicate the whole weekend? Choose a day!  The Saturday activities will be geared toward folks who want more time on the water and would like some coaching to increase their skill handling a Weta.  Sunday will be fun racing and a good opportunity for racing noobs to practice starts and mark rounding with a fleet of us.  Ventura consistently serves up great sailing conditions in the summer, with winds in the low to high teens, so there will be fun for everyone. Check out the schedule for more details. You don’t want to miss this!

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FenetreA Cardinal Multi50, repaired and ready for the Route du Princes

The FentreA Cardinal teams Multi50 suffered damage when they were delivering the boat the Grand Prix Guyader.  Luckily it seems most of the damage was confined to the daggerboard and rudder.  The boat is now repaired and is ready to compete in the upcoming Route du Princes.

from the following article (in French)

and the rough bing translate:

˜windowâ Cardinal went to water may 18
-Departure in conveying this Tuesday, May 21 to Marseille-Public relations and intensive training programme
 Required bet. After two intense weeks, ˜windowâ Cardinal is again operational and his crew can consider starting in conveying to the Mediterranean for a stopover of a few days in Marseille before joining Valencia, port of departure for the Route des Princes.
"We are at the time. It had set Saturday, may 18 to return the boat to the water and it has respected the planning. It must be said that men of art have done a superb job. » Erwan Le Roux can be satisfied. Just left of Douarnenez, the trimaran was initiated at Davy Beaudart in Hennebont, when repair of the drift was entrusted to the expert hands of Thierry Fagnent, construction AMCO in Saint-Philibert. "He reassured us quickly. When he saw the State of drift, he told us that he had already seen much worse on other multihulls. And the fact is that the derivative is ready just in time. There is more to complete the boxes of equipment and supplies for the ferry and the month of the Route des Princes race. "The objective now is to be at the end of week in Marseille for a few days of public relations for ˜windowâ operations before a departure for Valencia June 1.
Put double bites
For conveying Erwan Le Roux will be surrounded by Simon Vasseur, the preparer of the boat and Antoine Carpentier. With a dual objective: achieve Marseille without case and validate the latest technical changes due to this unexpected construction. "This will be a good way for me to redo my machine body." Departing from Marseille, Gildas Dubois will join the team, when the last two crew of the Princes Highway, Didier Le Vourc'h ' h and Martin Kéruzoré will join the edge in Valencia. Already, the lives of the crew of ˜windowâ Cardinal won't any rest before the start of the first stage, on 9 June. "We're going to multiply the training sorties. The competition sailed on Grand Prix Lesley, on Armen Race while we were in construction. And navigate in the race remains the best way to measure your progress. »
Insofar as Erwan le Roux and his crew continue to believe they have a beautiful card to play in this Route des Princes. "The life of a competitor is made of cycles. Douarnenez incident could take us in a negative spiral. We managed to stop it immediately, it was the first of the priorities... »
Reminder: ˜windowâ Cardinal, the crew and the program
The crew of base for the Route of the Princes will be composed of Erwan Le Roux, Didier Le Vourc'h ' h, Laurent Mermod, Gildas Dubois and Martin Kéruzoré who will officiate as a priority as media man on board.
-From 5 to 30 June: the Princes road
-From August 30 to September 1: Prince de Bretagne, Saint-Quay Portrieux trophy
-From 7 to 9 September: trophy of the Port de Fécamp
-From 3 to 20 November: Transat Jacques Vabre

Monday, 20 May 2013

Corsair 2013 US Nationals, June 13-16

From the US Corsair Nationals website:

Building on strong foundations, the new 2013 Corsair gathering is expected to be a new step in the right direction: Putting the show on the road!

It is with great pride that Corsair is now working with its western american dealers in order to reach out to the owners on that side of the continent. The American Corsair family is wide and we now have an event that will, sooner or later, reach all of them!

The Corsair US Nationals is more than just racing, it is a family get together where no one is left behind. We have activities for the racers, but also the cruisers; A range to fit the whole family!

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America's Cup update, Luna Rossa team press conference

Sunday, 19 May 2013

America's Cup Discovered Edition 90

America's Cup update, Luna Rossa team sail for the first time on their AC72 catamaran in San Francisco

The Luna Rossa team have taken their AC72 catamaran out for it's first training run in San Francisco

From the following Sail-World article:

On Saturday morning the Luna Rossa AC72 sailed for the first time in San Francisco in the bay where the Louis Vuitton Cup and America’s Cup regattas will take place starting July 7th.

After an early morning roll out, Luna Rossa sailed in light winds (3 knots) that increased up to 12 and allowed the crew to carry out an extensive number of manoeuvres.

The training session lasted about three hours.

Yesterday the America's Cup Review Committee, set up after the fatal incident involving another AC72, Artemis Racing (SWE), recommended that teams should not sail their AC72's or AC45's for another week. No reasons were published for the recommendation. Clearly the reasons, if any, given to the teams were not sufficiently compelling to prevent the Italians from proceeding with their intended sailing program.

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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Formula 1 and sailing what do they have in common? Record breaking sailor Brian Thomspon and Mike Gascoyne of Caterham team up in new project

From the following article by Andrew Benson on
A chance meeting at the Monaco Grand Prix between one of sailing's biggest stars and one of the leading names in Formula 1 has resulted in a plan aimed at revolutionising off-shore racing.

Record-breaking round-the-world yachtsman Brian Thompson  found himself moored next to Caterham technical chief Mike Gascoyne, who has designed race-winning cars for Jordan and Renault.

They got chatting. Thompson revealed his love of F1 and Gascoyne, then running the technical side of Caterham's F1 team before his recent move upstairs, his life-long passion for sailing.

Gascoyne took Thompson on a tour of the pits. They hit it off, and so started the relationship that has led to the launch of the Caterham Challenge team, an attempt to bring F1 technology, know-how and practices to sailing.

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Farrier F-22 production trimaran update, F-22 no.1 nearly complete

Ian Farrier has posted an update on that shows the new production F-22 trimaran in a nearly complete state, looks great and only a mast and trailer required to complete.

read the whole production blog here:

Farrier F-22 trimaran nearly complete, photo courtesy Farrier Marine

Friday, 17 May 2013

Defi St Malo Agglo team new paint scheme on Multi50 trimaran (formerly Prince de Bretagne)

The Defi St Malo Agglo team have purchased the Multi50 trimaran formerly Prince de Bretagne and have released some photos of the boat in it's new paint scheme.

America's Cup updates, Review committee requests pause in sailing and Luna Rossa threaten to withdraw from AC unless conditions of racing change

Review committee request a pause in sailing of AC45 and AC72 catamarans until middle of next week

Luna Rossa team signal their intention to withdraw unless changes made to racing parameters.

GC32 catamaran update, GC32 Austria Cup race report

Thanks to the GC32 team's most recent press release on 16/05/2013

Successful debut at the Great Cup
From drawing board to its first regatta has taken just 16 months for the new Martin Fischer-designed GC32 catamaran. Last week the first three boats and six crews took part in the GC32 Austria Cup, part of Allianz Traunsee Week.
All of this has come to pass because Amsterdam-based French businessman Laurent Lenne was looking to trade up from his F18 catamaran. After finding nothing to his taste on the market, he ambitiously decided to create not only a new boat but also The Great Cup, the tailor-made circuit for the new catamarans. Having commissioned Fischer, the all-carbon fibre GC32s have been built at Premier Composites in Dubai, with Australian catamaran expert, Andrew Macpherson, COO of The Great Cup, project managing it.
Comparisons will obviously be made to the Extreme Sailing Series, but the Great Cup is aimed more at private owners and the intention is for it to be less globe-trotting, modelled more on conventional circuits with local fleets dotted around the world, meeting occasionally for international championships, as the Melges and Farr 40 classes do.
Designer Martin Fischer describes one of the many aspects of the new catamaran’s concept: “The GC32 was designed so it can go on a trailer and you can tow it to a race with a crew of four in one car - that brings the costs down a lot. I think it is a good boat for private owners who like sailing, but it could equally be interested for small companies to sponsor, because it is big enough to have some impact.”
Fischer is best known for his groundbreaking F18 designs such as the Capricorn, Wild Cat and Phantom as well being an integral to Franck Cammas’ Groupama design team, specialising in particular in foils [he holds a PhD in fluid dynamics]. As a result it comes as no surprise that the GC32 features the very latest in multihull foil design.
GC32s are fitted with L-shaped foils on their rudders and ‘double S’ foils for daggerboards. The ‘double S’ curvature allows the daggerboard, when fully deployed, to be principally vertical, countering leeway upwind. Raising the board slightly and not only does its area decrease, but thanks to the board’s S-shape, it angles inboard, increasing its vertical lift for sailing downwind.
Like the Extreme 40 (and unlike the AC45), the GC32 boards are symmetric and both are kept down while racing. However, uniquely the pitch of the boards can be altered by +/-3deg. Pull the foil back in marginal conditions and the hull will be encouraged to leap out of the water. But – and this is where the GC32s are particularly groundbreaking – it is also possible to crank forward the top of the board in the weather hull, causing the board to pull downwards (as if there were more crew on the rail). This feature is one that is something specifically prohibited on AC72s.
For the crews competing at the GC32 Austria Cup at Allianz Traunsee Week, these ground breaking features took some getting used to.
Taking part were the first three GC32s (a fourth was en route, but didn’t make it in time), sailed by six crews, with sailors present from 11 nations. Thus boats were being shared: Laurent Lenne’s own SPAX Solutions Sailing Team was being campaigned by Lenne and his crew as well as the Firefly crew, steered by Olympic Tornado sailor Pim Nieuwenhuis. Boat three has been bought by Swiss Olympic Star Flavio Marazzi who shared it with former Match Racing World Champion and Volvo Ocean Race sailor, Adam Minoprio. The second boat was being chartered to local Austria sponsor AEZ, with a team led by former Tornado World Champion Andreas Hagara (elder brother of Roman) and a second sailed by the Austrian Red Bull Youth America’s Cup Team, skippered by 22-year-old Max Trippolt.
Unfortunately just metres into the very first ever race of The Great Cup, SPAX Solution Sailing Team developed a fault that would keep them out of the competition for two days. Despite this the opening day of racing down in Ebensee, at the southern end of Lake Traunsee, showed the GC32s at their full potential, with enough wind to hull fly easily.
The one design catamarans were also closely matched, the tightest race being between AEZ GC32 Youth Sailing Team and Flavio Marazzi’s Marwin, when the two boats crossed the finish line overlapped. “It was really great, amazing,” said 22-year-old AEZ skipper, Max Trippolt. “It shows that it is only finished when it is finished and not before.”
With only two boats, Thursday saw the six teams effectively match racing and in this there was no surprise when former Match Racing World Champion Adam Minopro came out on top, despite this being the Kiwi helmsman’s first ever catamaran regatta.
Finally on Friday the vital replacement part for SPAX Solution Sailing Team arrived and the third GC32 was relaunched ready for racing. For the remainder of the event action on the water was to take place off the Allianz Traunsee Week regatta centre at the north of the lake in Gmunden.
Back up to a full complement of boats, the first race of the day saw Flavio Marazzi’s crew dominate leaving SPAX Solutions and AEZ GC32 Team Austria jockeying for second, Laurent Lenne’s Dutch team rolling the Austrians at the leeward gate only for Hagara’s crew to relieve SPAX Solution of second on the finish line. Unfortunately after two races, racing was postponed for the day.
Making up for this, Saturday turned into ‘big Saturday’ with a long day on the water off Gmunden with racing held in overcast, occasionally rainy conditions with the wind typically a margin hull flying 6-10 knots. A massive 14 races were run, six from the Round Robin started the previous day, followed by another full round robin of eight races, carrying a 2x co-efficient. Once again demonstrating how equal not only the boats were, but the teams too, over the 14 races, each of the six teams won at least once. This included Laurent Lenne and his SPAX Solution Sailing Team, impressive given that this was Lenne’s first ever regatta in a catamaran bigger than an F18.
“We didn’t have anything to think about with the organisation today,” Lenne admitted, pleased with his first ever bullet in the boat he created.
But while they dropped a race in the morning, after a big day on the water it was Adam Minoprio and his team that edged into the lead overall, unbeaten throughout the second round robin.
In marginally improved conditions for the final day, the race committee attempted to speed through another eight races in a third, this time triple points scoring, round robin, only to get half way through before the weather closed in. Continuing his winning streak was Adam Minoprio and it was the Kiwi and his team which ended up claiming the first ever event of The Great Cup. Minoprio and his team were presented with their trophy on the main stage by the water in Gmunden before being deservedly dowsed in champagne.
“I came here to try my best,” said Minoprio. “I am a little surprised I won this being my first time in catmarans. I am pretty happy with the speed at which I learned to sail these boats fast around the track. The guys I had sailing with me with put in a big effort.”
The Kiwi match racer is becoming a cat convert: “It is definitely a whole lot of fun. The GC32 is a great boat, very nice to sail. It gets up and flies a hull in 6 knots of wind and you can zoom around a track. All in all it is a great package.”
After three Olympic Star campaigns for Switzerland, Flavio Marazzi is also now hooked on the GC32. “It was a really great experience with six teams. The boats are very equal, it is hard to be always be on top,” he said.
The regatta not only proved the competitive nature of the GC32 as a one design, but demonstrated its speed despite its potentially draggy foils, even in tricky marginal conditions where it was difficult at times to fly a hull.
“I am pretty proud of what we have achieved in the last five days,” commented Lenne after the prizegiving. “Everyone worked very hard and every day we were doing things better.”
While Allianz Traunsee Week is organised by a Austrian sports marketing agency PROFS, Lenne arranged many things specifically for the GC32s including a wide area WiFi network across Lake Traunsee, enabling video to be transmitted directly to the web, incorporated into live coverage streamed on the internet.
“We’ve come a long way since the beginning of this year,” admitted Lenne. “But we demonstrated to the class what we are capable of and what our minimum quality of service can be.”
From here the GC32s move on to Lake Geneva where they will next compete in the Geneve-Rolle-Geneve and the biggest event on the lake, the Bol d’Or Mirabaud, before taking on a wide reaching tour of Europe over the course of the summer.
Full results here or download a graphic of the final results table here.
For further information visit

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

America's Cup update, Golden Gate Yacht Club appoint team to investigate Artemis accident

From the following article on Sail-Worldhere author Richard Gladwell

America's Cup organisers, Golden Gate Yacht Club, have appointed a six-strong team to investigate and report on the facts of the Artemis incident, last Thursday, and to recommend on safety issues for the AC72 class and event.

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Monday, 13 May 2013

Francis Joyon set to go on standby at North Cove Marina in New York

The following article thanks to Sailing Scuttlebutt Europe submitted by Michael Fortenbaugh

Francis Joyon and IDEC Set to Arrive At Dennis Conner's North Cove

One of the greatest single-handed sailors in the world, Francis Joyon, is expected to arrive at Dennis Conner's North Cove today with his extreme trimaran "IDEC."  Joyon will be berthed in the marina for a week or longer as he waits for a weather window to challenge the Single-Handed Trans-Atlantic Record.

IDEC is 97 ft in length and one of the fastest ocean-going trimarans in the world.In 2008, Joyon and IDEC set a new Single-Handed Round the World Record of 57 days, 13 hours and 34 minutes, beating the previous record by 14 days.

Joyon was last at North Cove in 2005 when he arrived to attempt the Single-Handed Trans-Atlantic Record. He succeeded in that attempt, smashing the previous record but also losing his boat after crossing the finish line. His feat was so inspirational for local sailors that theyestablished the "Atlantic Cup" as a symbol of the Single-Handed Trans-Atlantic Record.

If you are around North Cove this week, be sure to come down and see this incredible racing machine. She is worth the trip andwill fascinate and delight you. And if you happen to see the greatest single-handed sailor in the world on board working, be sure to wave and say "Welcome to New York City again!" --

Michael Fortenbaugh

GC32 catamaran update, Minoprio victorious at the GC32's debut event

From the following article on the The Great Cup website

Hopes for the final day of racing at The Great Cup’s first ever event, the GC32 Austria Cup within Allianz Traunsee Week presented by BMW, were to complete an eight race round robin before a weather front rolled across Lake Traunsee. Sadly half way through the rain arrived, the wind disappeared and any further prospects of racing were quashed.

While Flavio Marazzi and his Marwin crew set a brisk tone of the day port tacking the fleet with a giant hull fly off the line in race one, it was again Kiwi former Match Racing World Champion Adam Minoprio who continued his relentless string of race wins to end the regatta first overall, eight points ahead of Marwin.

“I didn’t have high hopes of winning, but I didn’t have any other goal,” said Minoprio of his success in his first ever multihull regatta. “I am a little surprised I won. I am pretty happy with how quickly we managed to start sailing these boats fast around the track, but the guys I had sailing with me with put in a big effort.” Sailing with Minoprio were Andy Dinsdale (GER/USA), Thomas Tschepen (AUT) and Diego Stefani (ITA).

From here Minoprio sets out this year to reclaim the Alpari World Match Racing Tour title, but hopes to return to The Great Cup. “It is definitely a whole lot of fun. The GC32 is a great boat: It is very nice to sail, it gets up and flies a hull in six knots of wind and you can zoom around a track. It is a great package.”

Flavio Marazzi has taken to his new GC32 catamaran with the same intensity with which he undertook his Star keelboat campaigns for the last three Olympic Games.“It was a really great experience with six teams,” he said. “The boats are very equal. It is hard to be always be on top.”

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Sunday, 12 May 2013

GC32 Catamaran, highlights from Lake Traunsee/Austria Cup day 4

America's Cup Update, Artemis Racing Chairman releases statement on their future in the America's Cup

Torbjörn Törnqvist, Chairman of Artemis Racing, released the following statement today:
“Our thoughts are with Andrew’s family, who suffered a tragic loss yesterday—of a son, a father, and a husband. As our friend and teammate, Andrew “Bart” Simpson was central to Artemis Racing, both in the course of racing and our lives. His presence and personality was a binding force and he will be missed. Right now, the primary focus of Artemis Racing is on the well-being of our team members and their families, and the America’s Cup competition will remain second to that.”
Artemis Racing will conduct a thorough analysis and review of this accident and will be looking at how the risks inherent to such competitive sailing can be limited in the future for the safety of the team and all competitors in the sailing community.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

GC32 catamaran, highlights of day 3 of racing at Lake Traunsee

2013 Corsair Nationals and 13th Lake Tahoe Harmonic Convergence

Thanks to Kevin Gammell we have notification of two upcoming events the Corsair Nationals in SF Bay, June 13th-16th and The 13th Lake Tahoe Harmonic Convergence on July 11th

Corsair Nationals in SF Bay June 13th - 16th, one of the best sailing venues in
the world. For the Type L people, that's laid back, there's cruising fleet
activities every day. Adrenaline junkies, there's racing, spinnaker run from
the gate past the city front, a sail you'll never forget! Awesome wind,
beautiful scenery, great food, you can't beat the city by the bay for memories
you'll cherish as the years go by. Check out or contact Gary
Helms at Helm's Yacht Sales to get in.

13th annual Harmonic Convergence at Lake Tahoe Thursday July 11th, Crystal blue
persuasion, join the fleet for overnight at Emerald Bay. Get your groove on,
bond with your baby on a clear cool Tahoe night. Share the vibe with your fellow
tri owners. Dream with the milky way. It only happens one night a year. See you
at the Convergence.

50th Annual Trans-Tahoe race Saturday July 13th. Take a shot at winning the
Corsair perpetual trophy at the Tahoe Yacht Club. Register at

Check out Ed's awesome video at

See the numbers? Get the connection... it's 2013, Nationals start the 13th, 13th
HC on the 11th, 50th TT on the 13th.... this is more than coincidence, get in it
to win this lotto!

Kevin Gammell
Reno, NV

Armen Race, results from the Multihull divisions

The multihull contingent are all finished in the Armen Race.  Maxi trimaran Banque Populaire VII set a new course record.

Results for the Ultime/G class


11.00 60BANQUE POPULAIRETRIMARANA. Le Cleac'h1.000012:40:0012:40:00
22.00 17PRINCE DE BRETAGNEMULTICOQUEL. Lemonchois1.000015:12:1215:12:12

Results for the MOD70's

33.00 6VIRBAC-PAPREC 70Jp. DickC N NICE 

Results for the Multi50 Class

22.00 100ACTUALY. Le BlevecS N TRINITE S/MER 
44.00 107RAYON VERTA. DelhumeauYCSF 

Results for the Multi30 class


11.00 8CORSAIR MARINECorsair 31 IDA. De Chezelles1.198019:18:0423:07:22
22.00 7ACAPELLA - MTDTRIMARAN 38'C. Capelle1.180020:37:0424:19:44
33.00 9SARIMANOKFORMULE 32R. Chivot1.157023:41:1827:24:27
44.00 1PIR ²TRIMARANE. Hochede2.000019:52:5439:45:48
88.00DNC  11f5 116GOLFO TIGULIOCATAMARANE. Guillais2.000000:00:0000:00:00
88.00DNF 112M'PULSEPROTOP. Tollemer1.225000:00:0000:00:00
88.00DNF 102ETHAPULVAR 33A. Mairovitz2.000000:00:0000:00:00

GC32 catamaran update, day 2 and 3 of racing on Lake Traunsee

Day 2 of racing at Lake Traunsee

From the following article on

Despite his lack of catamaran experience, former Match Racing World Champion Adam Minoprio proved his dominance on day two of the GC32 Austria Cup today, winning all his races to take the overall lead in this inaugural event of The Great Cup.

The competition also had a different complexion today being held off the Allianz Traunsee Race Week centre of Gmunden at the northern end of Lake Traunsee. Away from Ebensee and ‘Little Garda’ where racing was held yesterday, there was a longer wait for the sea breeze to fill in. When it arrived, it did so slowly and with the light northeasterly breeze blowing straight off the land there were bullets of wind across the course, requiring tacticians to stay on their toes as once again they raced two lap windward-leewards.

Today the fleet has one light with a vital replacement part for SPAX Solutions Sailing Team due to arrive in Gmunden tonight. With only two of the Martin Fischer-designed GC32 catamarans available, so a fresh series was set up especially. This involved all six teams competing, first sailing a round robin where each team got to sail twice. According to their result in this, the teams were then divided into gold, silver and bronze matches for their finals, winner of the gold match claiming first place, etc.

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Day 3 of the racing at Lake Traunsee

From the following article on

GC32 Austria Cup was up to full strength today with three boats back on the start line of this, the brand new catamaran class’ first ever regatta, after a vital part arrived overnight for SPAX Solution Sailing Team.

Unfortunately due to a front passing this part of Austria, the warm summery conditions gave way initially to chilly winds, then rain and ultimately very light winds. As a result only two races were held on the course directly off the Allianz Traunsee Week race village in Gmunden.

The first race between Laurent Lenne’s SPAX Solution Sailing Team, the Andreas Hagara-steered AEZ GC32 Team Austria and Flavio Marazzi’s Marwin was held in a light, but stable southerly wind blowing up the length of lake.

Marazzi led up the first beat and chose his sides well to take the first win of the day as SPAX and AEZ GC32 Team Austria jockeyed for second. The Dutch team rolled the Austrians coming into the leeward gate only for Hagara’s crew to relieve SPAX of second on the finish line.

There was a long wait for the second race as the light fickle wind went through a 180° turn before ending up vaguely in the southeast and still very shifty. In this the Firefly team started strongly on port tack in a puff taking them out to the right. The Dutch team helmed by former Tornado Olympic sailor Pim Nieuwenhuis led around the top mark with former Match Racing World Champion Adam Minoprio uncharacteristically last, half a leg behind. However all three boats bunched up coming into the leeward gate effectively making for a restart. Firefly led around and after she and Minoprio sailed off to the right, they parked up. Meanwhile AEZ GC32 Youth Sailing Team, in a ‘zero to hero’ move, went left hard left, hugged the shoreline, found breeze and crossed the finish line first, more than four minutes ahead of her rivals.

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Friday, 10 May 2013

America's Cup update, Team Artemis capsize their AC72 catamaran

Not much news available save to say that Artemis Team have suffered a capsize on their AC72 catamaran one crew member has died in the accident.

Update from Team Artemis CEO Paul Cayard:

From Team Artemis:
It is with immense sadness that Artemis Racing confirms the tragic death of
crewmember Andrew “Bart” Simpson today in San Francisco.  Simpson, a British double Olympic gold medalist, was one of the 11-man crew aboard Artemis Racing’s AC72 catamaran which capsized during training on San Francisco Bay ahead of this summer’s America’s Cup. All other crewmembers are accounted for.
Simpson, however, was trapped underneath the boat and despite attempts to revive him, by doctors afloat and subsequently ashore, his life was lost.
“The entire Artemis Racing team is devastated by what happened,” said CEO Paul Cayard. “Our heartfelt condolences are with Andrew’s wife and family.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Armen Race 2013, poised to begin with strong multihull division

From the following article on

here is the tracker for the race

and the rough bing translate of the article below

On the eve of the departure of the 3rd edition of the ArMen Race, the port of La Trinité-sur-Mer is booming! 130 Competitors are finalising their entries and prepare their mounts before dashing tomorrow from 2 pm on courses reduced due to muscular weather conditions. Professionals and amateurs, in multihulls or monohulls, the plateau of the 2013 Race ArMen portends a superb edition in express mode.

This holiday Wednesday was busy in la Trinité-sur-Mer! If it is rain that opened the village of ArMen Race, the public came numerous throughout the day to discover the most beautiful boats of race that are Prince de Bretagne, Actual, Maître Jacques or VOR60 Team Jolokia. The Pole ArMen Junior has not désempli the afternoon: construction of lighthouses, workshop of nodes or another angling have seduced younger. And tomorrow at 2 pm, departures of Ascension duplicate then the ArMen Race will be visible to the public and discussed since the peak of Saint-Philibert, a beautiful spectacle in perspective!

Ultimate 2, 3 MOD, 7 Multi 50, 10 Class 40 and a hundred lovers!
There will be game on this 3rd edition on the side of the multihulls where Prince de Bretagne, Banque Populaire and the MOD70, Edmond de Rothschild Group, Oman Air-Musadam and Virbac-Paprec 70 compete speed followed closely by the seven Multi 50 which should also swallow the 310 miles of the great V. speed race A great opportunity to calibrate offshore and the race before their next appointment: the Princes road which will start in June in Valencia. In the Class 40, expected including the new GDF Suez of Sébastien Rogues to Geodis, solidarity in platoon and Christophe Chido Partouche. In IRC, Nicholas Groleau cartridge, the TP52 Paprec-recycling of Stéphane Neve and the VOR60 Team Jolokia skippered by Eric Bellion should their side have the debates.

Reduction of course
Facing weather forecast, the race direction finally decided to cut routes: "more than the force of the wind, it is the strong swell at the crossing of the Western de Sein, which forced us to reduce the course. At the time of departure, we should have between 20 and 25 knots from the West, and this throughout the night"explains Jean-Luc Laurent, the race Director. Large units (ultimate, MOD 70, Multi 50, Imoca, IRC and Class 40) will set off on a loop of 310 miles between La Trinité-sur-Mer, Audierne, the ile d'yeu and Belle-Ile. As for the smaller boats, they will realize a 195 mile course via the island of Groix, Belle-Ile and the island of Yeu.
Programme for Thursday, May 9:
08 h 30-11 h 00: reception of competitors, finalization of registration and delivery of tags and documents of race.
11 h 00: Briefing of the skippers in the tent followed by a weather point
12 h: Presentation of safety equipment at the end of the mole Loic Caradec for ArMen Race competitors
14: 00: departure from the Double ascent (visible and verbose departures from the tip of Saint Philibert)
14 h 10, 14 h 55: departure of the ArMen Race by categories
14: 00: opening of the ArMen Junior - child workshops - animation Virtual Regatta
18 h 30: home of the competitors of the Ascension in Double
7 pm: closure of the village

A video by Ocean Fanatics of the 2012 Armen Race

GC32 Catamaran, first day of racing in the new series Austrian Youth Team come out on top

From the following article on the Great Cup website:

The first ever day of racing for The Great Cup, and the GC32 catamarans competing in it, went without too many hitches.

With the race committee shifting the course down to Ebensee and the ‘Little Garda’ area of Lake Traunsee, the most significant blow came when SPAX Solutions suffered gear failure within seconds of the start of the first race. Sadly this was deemed serious enough for her to stand down for the rest of the day, along with the two Dutch teams due to compete on board her – Laurent Lenne’s Spax Solution Sailing Team and the Firefly Team for whom Dutch ex-Olympic Tornado sailor Pim Nieuwenhuis helms.

This left the Swiss teams of Flavio Marazzi and Adam Minoprio and the Austrian AEZ teams of Andreas Hagara and Max Trippolt’s youth squad to spend the rest of the day match racing.

Thankfully even with two boats, the brand new GC32s put on a breathtaking show with crews screaming past the VIP spectator ship on one hull, with the breeze occasionally gusting to 13 knots, but more often around 10 knots.

While there were some races were one team gained a considerable advantage through a gust or their competitor being OCS, in others there was place changing between the one design catamarans. In a memorable one the young Austrian crew on AEZ GC32 Youth Sailing Team overhauled the Flavio Marazzi steered Team Marwin on the final run, only for the Swiss Olympic Star sailor to pick up a gust, the two boats crossing the finish line overlapped.

The surprise of the day was the team coming out on top being AEZ GC32 Youth Sailing, with the same crew that narrowly missed out in February’s selection trials for the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup. The team skippered by 22-year-old Max Trippolt even ended the day with a score line of 2-1 against former Match Racing World Champion, Adam Minoprio.

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A video of the first day Highlights

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Defi Saint-Malo Agglo purchase former Prince de Bretagne Multi50

Defi Saint-Malo Agglo have purchased the Multi50 Prince De Bretagne.  Previously they were competing on the early ORMA60 Elf Aquitaine which was not competitive with the Multi50 of Erwan Le Roux FenetreA Cardinal 3.  The next Quebec-St Malo race should be a lot more hotly contested. 

America's Cup update, Artemis Team receive AC72 catamaran #2

The Artemis Team have a big present in their workshop, here awaiting unpacking their second AC72 catamaran!

Photo Beau Outteridge, Artemis Racing

GC32 catamaran prepares to make racing debut on Lake Traunsee, Austria

From the following article on

While there appeared to be no wind on Lake Traunsee today, the experienced race committee, led by former Star Olympic sailor Stefan Puxkandl, moved the three GC32 catamarans down to the southern end of the lake at Ebensee and the area known as ‘Little Garda’, where there always seems to be the most breeze on this picture postcard Austrian lake.

All the teams got a chance to race with different winners in each of these informal races: Marwin Team of Swiss Star sailor Flavio Marazzi taking the first, Laurent Lenne’s Spax Solution Sailing Team claiming the second and their Dutch team mates, Firefly, first home in the third.

The Great Cup’s Chief Operating Officer Andrew Macpherson says that the one design aspect of the Martin Fischer-designed 32ft catamarans and the equality of their performance is working: “Over the last few days of test racing, we’ve all been lining up and no one seems faster.”

For the first time today all the crews and their skippers assembled. Austria’s great hope is AEZ GC32 Racing skipper Andreas Hagara, who over his lengthy career in the Olympic Tornado catamaran has been World Champion and has won 15 medals at World and European championship level. Hagara has also competed in the Extreme Sailing Series and was skipper of the China Team AC45.

Hagara is enthusiastic about The Great Cup and the GC32 catamaran: “I think the concept is really good, the size is good, it is state of the art, the latest you can get, apart from the wing rig [which the GC32 doesn’t have, but is fitted to the AC45 and AC72 America’s Cup catamarans], but that is not in line with the idea of the boat - a wing wouldn’t work for private owners.”
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