Friday, 31 October 2014

Rapido trimarans, new website with details of Rapido 60 trimaran which is designed by Morelli and Melvin

From the following Concept and Design section of the Rapido Trimarans website:


  A yacht designed and built by real sailors for real sailors…..

  …and meets CE  A and ISAF Category 0 offshore for multihulls ( for trans-oceanic races and capable of withstanding heavy storms…).

  Take the highly experienced sailors that have built more production trimarans than anyone else in the world and team them up with the best multihull design group in the world---the result is an innovative ocean cruising yacht, the first of its kind.

  Safe. Seaworthy. Spacious. Stable. Fast. and Strong!

  The Rapido 60, conceived by Paul Koch and Richard Eyre, and designed by Morrelli & Melvin will set the benchmark for genuine performance ocean cruising yachts.

  We are not talking about a stripped out racing yacht pretending to be a cruiser or a super expensive cruiser that makes performance claims that cannot possibly be lived up to due to weight.

  Round the world and distance records are held by trimarans for good reasons. They are easier and safer to handle even in the storms of the Southern Ocean. They are more comfortable and faster on all points of sail. They are easier on the crew because the motion of a trimaran in the sea is superior to both monohulls and catamarans.

  Monohulls typically sail at least 20 degrees of heel and roll at anchor, which makes living aboard uncomfortable and even exhausting. Catamarans are extremely comfortable when moored and at the boat show and many inexperienced sailors are seduced by this false sense of comfort.

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Rapido 60 performance cruising trimaran, render courtesy Rapido Trimarans

Monday, 27 October 2014

Argo team set new round Jamestown record onboard a GC32 foiling catamaran

From the Argo Teams facebook page:

Job done - 1st sub 1 hour lap of Jamestown - new record at 58 minutes 31 seconds.

The Around Jamestown record has a facebook page that covers record attempts on the route:

The Argo team ready to celebrate, the prize is the skippers weight in Mt Gay Rum

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Spindrift Racing update, Yann Guichard and Spindrift 2 maxi trimaran in St Malo awaiting start of the Route du Rhum

From the following press release on the Spindrift Racing website:
- The maxi-trimaran Spindrift 2 arrived in Saint-Malo this morning, docking at the Gare Maritime.
- Yann Guichard feels in great shape and is ready to go.
- Information about Spindrift racing’s activities in the race village.
- How to follow Yann Guichard and Spindrift 2 during the race.

Never in the race’s 36-year history have there been so many competitors and so many huge trimarans. The 10th edition of the most famous single-handed transatlantic yacht race is already rewriting the record books. A record 91 sailors were in Saint-Malo this Friday for the opening of the official village, in the shadow of the city walls. As happens every year, large crowds will line the docks of the Breton city for the race start on Sunday, November 2nd. Perhaps the record 2 million visitors in 2010 will also be broken. What we can say for certain is that, at 40 metres long, Spindrift 2 will be the largest boat ever to compete in the race. You might think the skipper, Yann Guichard, was crazy, but the 40-year-old has every confidence in the preparations made by his team to make the maxi-trimaran competitive when raced by a single yachstman. Yann is driven by his competitive spirit, and is all set to do battle.

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Team Vodafone Sailing improve their own race record in the NZ Coastal Classic (Auckland to Russell)

Team Vodafone Sailing have broken their own race record for the NZ Coastal Classic slicing 28 minutes off the old time.  The new record (yet to be ratified) stands at 5hrs 13 mins 21 secs.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Spindrift Racing update, final preparations for Yann Guichard to solo maxi trimaran Spindrift 2 in the Route du Rhum

Spindrift Racing have released the latest edition of 40 metres solo (Episode 23) this examines how the boat has been configured for Yann to solo as effectively as possible.  The finishing touches are being put into place with only 2 weeks to go until the start of the Route du Rhum.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Racing proa design 'Bucket list' by Rob Denney

From the following article by designer Rob Denney on his very interesting offshore capable and container transportable racing proa:

Bucket List has a fuse on the main sheet cleat which releases at 30 degrees of pitch or heel. If it does capsize, the buoyant mast stops it going past 90° from where the buoyant boom will right it without the crew getting wet.

The rudders kick up in a collision or grounding and are easily lifted, resulting in a 100mm draft with nothing to trip over on a breaking wave, and the ability to surf up the beach and step ashore as a last resort.

Large, easily replaced foam/glass buffers on the hull ends minimise collision damage.
The single sail rig means you never have to venture outside the beams. There is no dangerous foredeck work, and none of the dramas associated with extras. The wishbone boom is above head height if you are on the tramp.

The hulls are foam cored and compartmentalised. Even if it was severely holed, Bucket List would still float and could still sail.

The flexible mast automatically dumps power in an unexpected gust. The absence of stays means the sail can be reefed, raised, lowered or totally eased on any point of sail and any wind strength.

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Thursday, 9 October 2014

Corsair Marine, new Pulse 600 trimaran a performance daysailor or racer

Corsair Marine are making a new foray into the small trimaran marketplace with the Corsair Pulse 600 this is a daysailing/racing trimaran which is able to be folded for easy storage and transport by road. 

From the following overview on the Corsair Marine website:

  • Innovative double carbon ring frame design
  • Reverse bow and high volume floats for optimized performance
  • Easy folding on and off the water
  • Open transom with self-draining cockpit
  • Composite rudder and dagger-boards
  • Large waterproof storage forward of the mast
  • Weatherproof lock-up cabin
  • Composite boat cradle (converts to beach trolley / trailer cradle)
  • Built to international standards / CE
  • International factory warranty with a global Dealer Network.
Introducing the latest design from the world’s largest trimaran manufacturer, this exciting model is full of Corsair DNA modernized to meet the latest generation of trimaran sailor. On a product more compact and affordable than ever before, you can be part of the growing Corsair community with over 2000 boats launched and countless hours of fun, excitement and adventure.

Featuring lightweight carbon reinforced construction, this boat will get your pulse racing in even the lightest of winds. The Pulse 600 is a sports boat that is about pure fun… Designed for conveniently easy rigging and setup so you can quickly launch, unfold the floats and get out on the water. With modern reverse bows and high volume floats, even the most performance oriented sailors have plenty to get hooked on with our smallest addition to the Corsair range.

The open cockpit is designed for a crew of up to four but can equally be sailed single or double handedly. Versatility is a key feature of the boat and the forward area provides enough storage and cover for day sailing / weekend adventures or can simply be left empty for go-fast racing. Family, crew mates or friends, it doesn’t matter with whom you sail, unfold your freedom on a Pulse 600.

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renders courtesy Corsair Marine

Monday, 6 October 2014

Extreme Sailing Series, Alinghi team victorious in Nice

From the following press release on Extreme Sailing Series website:

- Realteam narrowly denied their first Act win, after an edge of the seat final race shoot out.
- J.P. Morgan BAR take their second podium position of the year finishing third – the Brits are getting stronger and stronger.
- Only four days of racing left in 2014 with mathematically five teams – Alinghi, The Wave, Muscat, Emirates Team New Zealand, Realteam and J.P. Morgan BAR - capable of a podium position as the fleet head Down Under to Sydney, Australia, for the final Act of the year.
- Land Rover ‘Above & Beyond Award’ goes to Oman Sail boat builder Suleiman Al Manji who received the ultimate sporting call-up when he swapped his Omani kit for the Emirates Team New Zealand shirt to become an integral part of the pro race team on day two.
Morgan Larson and the Swiss team Alinghi snatched victory from the hands of their fellow countrymen Realteam in the final race at the Extreme Sailing Series™ in Nice, to take victory on French waters in front of thousands of spectators – and with that they now have one hand firmly placed on the 2014 Series trophy. With only one Act to go this year, Alinghi have extended their lead at the top of the Series leaderboard to eight points over The Wave, Muscat, but with 20 points up for the taking in Sydney, and five teams capable of a podium position, it’s not over until it’s over, and as Larson commented, it is just getting harder and harder to win races. “We were confident at the start of the year that we had a little bit of an edge, but now the rest of the field are showing some real force. I think now you are seeing the future. More than half the fleet have the ability to win an event, and that’s exactly what we’re going to see going into Sydney.  That event is going to be worth double points, and if we go out with a bad performance and The Wave, Muscat or Emirates Team New Zealand come in with a strong one - we’re going to lose. So we’ve got to go out and try and get back on the podium.”

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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Extreme Sailing Series returns to Nice for Act 7 of the 2014 season

From the following press release on the Extreme Sailing Series website:

The 2014 Extreme Sailing Series™ is nearing its final stages with just one European Act left on the global tour, taking place this week in Nice, Cote d’Azur, before the final in Sydney, Australia. For the 11-strong fleet, it’s crunch time, and Freddie Carr gives his predictions on the leaderboard battles, at this pivotal point in the Series.

The whole event in Istanbul (Act 6) for me had a bit of needle about it, and to be honest, it really picked up from the double points final race in Cardiff, Wales at Act 5. We predicted Istanbul to step up a level in terms of aggression, and it really did. Going into the final race in Turkey where Morgan Larson’s Alinghi had third position pretty much locked in, the team turned it around and basically sailed The Wave, Muscat to the back of the fleet, doing all they could to make sure the Omani team didn’t win, and ensuring Emirates Team New Zealand did. Tensions were running high. I’ve known Leigh McMillan (The Wave, Muscat skipper) for 20 years and I haven’t seen him as emotional and as upset as he was after that double points final race in Turkey. There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that we’re going to pick up from where we left off in Nice for the penultimate Act of the 2014 season.

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