Friday, 28 February 2014

M32 racing catamaran cup, Event underway in Miami

 From the following press release on the website:

M32 Gold Cup is the first ”unofficial World Championship” where 4 US boats and 4 European boats will see four days of intense racing on Biscayne Bay in Miami.

After trying the format during the M32 Winter Series in january, now it’s for real. Today all of the teams took part in two practice races in 4-5 knots of patchy and shifty winds. It became apparent that this won’t be easy for the early favorites.

Wallén Racing won both races after mastering the conditions better than the other teams. If winning the tune-up is a bad omen or not, we’ll see in the next four days.
What’s the big deal

M32 attracts some of the best sailors from different parts of the sport. Olympic champions, Volvo Ocean Race winners and America’s Cup sailors battle it out in boat that they love to sail. It’s also a great stepping stone for young sailors who want to move on to Extreme Sailing Series and America’s Cup.

Fredrik Lööf, Olympic Champion: This is the most exciting boat ever.

Ken Read, CEO North Sails and VOR skipper: After playing around on a M32 catamaran in Sweden last year I found my next boat. 

With active fleets on two continents, fifteen boats sailing and seven more in build – M32 is the only established multihull class in this size. And it’s growing rapidly.

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Marstrom M32 catamarans racing in Miami, photo courtesy M32cup website

Farrier F-22 production trimaran update of Specifications list

Ian Farrier of Farrier Marine has updated the Specifications list for the F-22 trimaran on

Farrier F-22 trimaran sailing, photo courtesy Farrier Marine

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Port Lincoln Multihull nationals, Morticia and Sknot leading respective multihull divisions

From the following article on Sail-World by Harry Fisher:

Two days of racing have been completed in the 2014 Multihull National Championships as part of the 2014 Club Marine/Lexus Lincoln Regatta Week.

Morticia skippered by Chris Williams has dominated the first two days of racing with two firsts and a second putting him well clear of his competition.

The reigning multihull national champion and new Adelaide to Lincoln race record holder is showing the entire fleet how it is done on Boston Bay.

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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Seacart 26 trimaran update, details of 2014 Multi cup published

SeaCart 26 Multi Cup 2014 information

 SeaCart 26 Multi Cup 2014 is a cost-effective racing series featuring five Grand Prix events at peerless venues in Sweden. Contests vary from exciting city races and speed tracks to tough coastal navigational courses. Teams have to master tight racing on a variety of different courses and conditions. Exciting and fun for sailors and an unique marketing opportunity for companies!

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SeaCart26 Multi Cup Promo from Calle Hennix on Vimeo.

Monday, 24 February 2014

Extreme Sailing Series, video of day 4 of the Singapore event

Extreme Sailing Series, Alinghi come out on top in racing at season opening Singapore event

From the following press release on the Extreme Sailing Series website:

- Down to the wire for second and third place – with a penalty in the final race for Emirates Team New Zealand throwing away their chances of a podium finish.
- Three returning teams from 2013 take race honours – Alinghi, The Wave, Muscat and Realstone – despite Realstone missing the penultimate days racing.
- Singapore, with the support of Local Main Partner Aberdeen Asset Management, delivers one of the most action-packed Acts in the eight-year history of the elite level Stadium Racing circuit, with an estimated 30,000 spectators getting front-row seats.
- Replay the final Act-deciding races,

The opening Act of the Extreme Sailing Series™ more than lived up to all the pre-season hype and expectation, where the new teams got stuck in on the Singapore stadium racecourse - but couldn’t quite topple the old order - with three returning teams from 2013 taking honours. An estimated 30,000 spectators watched over four days, as the Swiss team Alinghi sailed a near perfect regatta, with Morgan Larson, Stuart Pollard, Pierre Yves Jorand, Nils Frei and Yves Detrey, finishing more than 50% of the 29 races in the top three. The team had the Act wrapped up before the final double-points race – a feat rarely seen on the circuit. “We couldn’t have dreamed for a better start,” commented an ecstatic Larson after racing.“It was challenging here and with the level of competition a couple of notches higher this season - I think we just carried on from last year and we’re the only team that hasn’t changed any of our crew. We will try and build on from last year and enjoy this victory!”

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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Extreme Sailing Series update, Alinghi leading the racing in Singapore

From the following press release on the Extreme Sailing Series website:

- Biggest gust of the day sees Team Aberdeen Singapore plough into the back of Groupama sailing team – full video sequence to follow!
- Alinghi dominates the racing in a way rarely seen on this event, but The Wave, Muscat win half the days races, chasing them hard in second.
- Groupama expecting to be back on the racetrack tomorrow – update on Team Aberdeen Singapore to follow in the next two hours.

The penultimate days racing in Singapore delivered possibly one of the most dramatic moments in the eight-year history of Extreme Sailing Series™. In winds that were varying from 5 to 23 knots across the racecourse, Team Aberdeen Singapore caught one of the biggest gusts of the day as they came into the finish line struggling to hold off the pace and ploughing into the back of France’s Groupama sailing team. The Extreme 40 pitlane, built on part of Singapore’s F1 track, is busy tonight with Groupama fully expecting to be back on the racetrack with a new mast. However, the damage assessment is not yet complete on Team Aberdeen Singapore. A full update will be available within the next two hours.

Groupama sailing team skipper, Franck Cammas, explained what happened: “We had big gusts and as we were finishing a gybe we saw Aberdeen come really fast from behind and that's the moment when they came over us breaking the mast. Besides the broken mast the damage is not too serious and it is mainly on the mast, the mainsail, the jib and a hole on the trampoline so I think we will be able to race tomorrow with another mast. Tanguy Cariou is the only crew member hurt but it's only superficial injuries. He was in the middle of the trampoline where the boat fell, which was the worst spot. Three crew members jumped off the boat. It's the risk of racing. What is tricky here is that the wind is quite strong and very gusty which is difficult to anticipate. It's not easy.”

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Friday, 21 February 2014

Extreme Sailing Series, day one of racing in Singapore with Realstone Team ahead on points

From the following press release on the Extreme Sailing Series website:

- The first eight races of the 2014 season complete – with up to 250 more planned this year.
- GAC Pindar finish the day bruised – but not out – with a night of repairs in the pitlane ahead.
- Watch the Stadium Racing LIVE tomorrow from 1600 -1730 local time on the official event website,

The much-anticipated opening Act of the 2014 Extreme Sailing Series™ began today in Singapore under the gaze of the cities soaring skyscrapers, where eight races produced six different winners. The Swiss flagged Realtstone were the form team, executing a consistent strategy in the trying conditions, to finish the opening day of the global tour top of the leaderboard - their best result since joining the circuit last year. Some of the newer teams struggled to get to grips with the stadium racecourse, posting a mixed bag of results and a crash between defending champions The Wave, Muscat and GAC Pindar will leave the Aussies with a night of repairs ahead.

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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Team Vodafone Sailing's ORMA 60 dismasts one crew member injured

Team Vodafone Sailing's ORMA60 has dismasted again.  From the photos posted it looks like a different mode of failure this time with the mast breaking at the base.  Unfortunately it seems like a crew member was injured in the incident.

An article on livesaildie has an article on what was a busy day for the Auckland Coastguard:

Cherry Pie Regatta 2014, an overview of the event by Larry Gellar

From the following article on
Larry Gellar gives us an overview of the 2014 Cherry Pie Regatta Sarasota Sailing Squadron:

Fun times and tough competition at the Cherry Pie Multihull Regatta. The second annual Cherry Pie multihull regatta was held this past weekend (February 7 – 9) at the Sarasota Sailing Squadron in Sarasota Florida. This years’ event featured sixteen trimarans participating in 11 races over 3 days, with dinners and entertainment in the evenings.

With shifty winds varying from 5 – 15 knots over the three days, our IRO Irene McNeil and her crew of volunteers worked tirelessly to move gates, pins and marks to ensure top competition. As a result, the fleet, which was broken down into three classes (Open, Corinthian and 24/27) saw fierce competition with tight starts, close crossings and crowded mark roundings on each leg.

After 11 races, the top three boats were separated by only 5 points, with Tom Reese taking first on FLIGHT SIMULATOR, Ryan & Todd Howe taking second on PANIC BUTTON, and Kathryn Garlick coming in third on EVOLUTION. The Corinthian Fleet was won by Brian Broad on THIRD TRI, and the 24/27 Fleet was won by Jim Bourgoin on FIRST TRI. Click here to view full results!

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The Multi50 Maitre Jacques has been craned out for repairs to the damaged float bow

During the recent Transat Jacques Vabre the Multi50 Maitre Jacques suffered float damage.  It has now been sailed and motored back to Lorient under its own power and is being craned out for repairs ready for the 2014 season.

Multi50 craned out at Lorient Submarine Base, Brittany, photo courtesy Maitre Jacques team

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Extreme Sailing Series update, First event of the 2014 season Singapore event to kick off on the 20th of February

From the following press release from the Extreme Sailing Series website:

The Marina Bay racecourse in the heart of Singapore is notoriously tricky. Nestled under the gaze of the towering downtown city skyline, in 2013 big wind shifts made the racing unpredictable, resulting in big gains – but also big loses – on the racecourse.

Understanding what happens out on the water isn't always easy. To help solve this challenge and bring the excitement of sailing to the fans, SAP has developed a leaderboard based on SAP analytics. Through analysing GPS data together with integrated wind measurements from sensors on the racecourse, the leaderboard displays information such as in-race ranking, average speeds, distance travelled, ETA (estimated time of arrival at the next mark rounding), gaps to leader, gains and losses per leg.

Using the analytics, we take a look back at the 2013 results from Singapore, to discover what the right formula is for winning on Marina Bay.

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Spindrift Racing update, the next installment of their "40 metres solo" video series has been uploaded this video focuses on the design team

From the following press release on the Spindrift Racing website:

In this new episode of “40 metres solo”, Yann Guichard presents the work done by the Spindrift racing Design Team.

Our “in-house” engineers have the task of working around the sailor’s perceptions and feelings. The sensations gathered at sea are only the starting point for any technical optimization made on the maxi-trimaran Spindrift 2 prototype. For this reason it is important to have the skills at the heart of our team to continually plan, test and validate new solutions.

“It is essential to always stay one step ahead in terms of development in a mechanical sport,” says the skipper of Spindrift racing. “We must also monitor the technological advancements made, especially by our competitors. Finally, it is also essential to find ways to maintain confidentiality of the solutions that the team has developed.”

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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Multi50 update, Team Actual and Team FenetreA Cardinal hauled out for repairs and refit for the 2014 season

The Multi50 trimarans Actual and FenetreA Cardinal have been hauled out and are receiving repairs and refit in preparation for the 2014 season.

a gallery of photos on facebook here:

Multi50 trimarans Actual and FenetreA Cardinal hauled out, photo courtesy Team Actual

Friday, 14 February 2014

Weta trimaran cruising in the Hauraki Gulf, New Zealand

From the following Sail-World article submitted by Geoff Durham:

Geoff Durham, a keen Weta owner from Auckland, New Zealand talks about his last minute Weta cruise to Moturoa Island in the Hauraki Gulf last weekend:

Searching for a camping destination to sail to last week we settled on Motuora Island (6km east of Mahaurangi Harbour) and little did Lotte or I realize what a wonderful weekend our selected destination would provide!

We have a large hatch on our Weta which enabled us to carry a lot of gear - as you can see from the photo. We included my reconfigured canoe cart which I use for putting the boat on the beach without a trailer. It isn't easy in soft sand and steep beaches (of course!) but, if if the boat is lifted from the bow whilst the other person lifts/pushes from one of the rear float arms, good momentum can be achieved. Of course if there are a couple of Wetas with a total of more than 2 adults the boats can be easily lifted and moved.

On Saturday morning we launched from Red Beach, Whangaparoa (approx 13km south-west of Motuora) and sailed to the island on a sunny day with an 18knot following wind whilst admiring the wonderful scenery.

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Farrier F-22 trimaran production update, on the water mast raising and an updated options and price list on the way

Ian Farrier has updated another updated on the very impressive production version of the F-22 trimaran the latest update goes into detail about raising the mast on the water and the mods they have made to their prototype to make it practical.

From the production update uploaded on February 12th, 2014 by Ian Farrier.

read the whole entry at the following link:

and an extract from the latest post:

In other news, now that the boat is finalized, a completely new web based Features and Options list has been made up, while the Price List is now being updated and reorganized to allow an F-22 to be ordered online. All the new and finalized features and options will be covered, and all should be ready for release over the next week.

Folded and mast down, ready for the trailer, photo courtesy Farrier Marine

Prince de Bretagne Maxi 80 trimaran, arrives safely in Rio after successful righting and tow

From the following press release (in French) on the Prince de Bretagne website:

and the rough bing translate:

This isn't quite the epilogue of the record attempt the Mauritian of Maxi80 Prince of Britain and Lionel Lemonchois, but this is a new milestone that has been crossed this afternoon. The trimaran and its skipper have indeed arrived in Rio de Janeiro, at around 14:30 (French time), after five days of towing. Now there two or three days of work to the team on-site to fully disarm platform pending his repatriation to Britain. But, already, the double winner of the Route du Rhum was looking towards the future and currently is working on the new spar from its mounting. Because what does not kill makes stronger and its goal remains unchanged: be ready in Saint-Malo on November 2 and win in Pointe-à-Pitre a dozen days later.
 "Finally!" has dropped Lionel Lemonchois, this Thursday in the early afternoon, shortly after having set foot ashore, in Rio de Janeiro. And for good reason, the browser which, let us remember, was party on January 17 in an attempt to bring down the record time set by Francis Joyon in 2009 between Port-Louis in the harbour of Lorient and Port Louis in the Mascarene archipelago, spent ten days all alone on his boat returned after his capsize at 800 miles off the Brazilian coast, then five days (or almost) on the tug from 24 metres chartered to bring them back to port, he and his Maxi80. "Since Friday evening, it was a bit long because we were not moving to an average of more than 6 knots. It was also very monotonous. Only the last 48 hours have been a little different because with Patrice Richardot, one of the members of my technical team, we have passed on board Prince de Bretagne history to maintain a light flashing on the bridge and prevent a bad meeting in an area of heavy traffic" said the Norman skipper who entered the Bay of Guanabara in mid-morning - until the wind rises - and then in Marina del Gloria a few hours later.

Objective Route du Rhum!
'Everything went well. We had space to manoeuvre, there has therefore been no problem. Prince of Brittany is now docked. We have now two or three days of work to put everything in order before returning to France, Tuesday" he said. He and his Posse will thus proceed to the capsize of the boat, and winches and a certain number of parts in order to preserve to the maximum, the starboard float flushing slightly filled with water and then the complete disarmament of the beast. "We will dismantle what can it be like pulleys, hoists... then all go indoors to ensure that more nothing does trolling on the bridge. Then all will be kept waiting to be repatriated to Lorient» Lionel who has, already, eyes turned to the suite, in this case the Route du Rhum, the main objective of the season completed.It has been a few days I'm already focused on the subject. We are currently in full reflection on the profile of the new mast and we will decide in the coming week" confesses Lemonchois, for whom it is not question of wasting time. And for cause, it always aims to register his name for the third time on the charts of the Queen of sunbeds in solitaire. More than ever even!

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Neptune Regatta report by Marty Rijurkis of Asian Yachting

From the following article on the Neptune Regatta by Marty Rijurkis of Asian Yachting:

Everyone's a winner at Neptune Regatta

By AsianYachting Multimedia 08:02:2014     

Crews were feverishly getting ready for the final showdown as several overall results lay in the balance. The Cruising Classes had an early start from Karas Besar back to Batam, while the Racing Classes prepared for two more windward/leewards at Nongsa Point Marina. The jury decided that David Ross' Ker 40 KukuKERchu would receive average points for the missed races due to the irreparable damage incurred and Simon Piff's Ker 32 Rekering Dream would receive 25% penalty for not carrying sufficient anchoring equipment. In effect this handed the Racing Class title to Ross' KukuKERchu for the third year in a row, but didn't deter the others from going out and fighting over the remaining podium places.

The unrelenting North Easterly and sloppy seaway made it all the more challenging for crews and their machines. Jon Cray's Swan 42 Sea BASS and Simon Piff's Ker 32 Rekering Dream traded first and second places, to end up tied on 13 points but Piff's Rekering Dream 25% penalty reduced them to third place and handed Cray's Sea BASS the silver medal. Chris Furness\Guz Wilkinson Elan 410 Rikki Tikki Tavi kept them honest but sail handling issues kept them from advancing beyond fourth place.

The leading Racing Multihulls were tied on points coming into the final showdown. The expected battle between Scott McCook's Grainger 30 RAW and Richard Eyre's Corsair C37 Zhuka, fell by the wayside as Zhuka's centerboard was broken after hitting the reef last night. This left the door open for McCook's RAW to capitalise, notching up two wins and race away with the title. Eyre's Zhuka did their best and the three early victories kept them in second place. Jean Proust Corsair C28 Manao Express and Alan Hodges Dash 750 Kaze 3 traded second and third places to be tied on 20 points only to be broken in Manao Express favour for third overall.
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Maxi trimaran Banque Populaire VII returns to Vilamoura, Portugal enroute to Lorient

From the following press release by the Banque Populaire team (in French):

and the rough bing translate:
Ferry: Vilamoura before Lorient
Tuesday, February 11, 2014 - 4:40 pm

Exactly 19 days ago Armel Le Cléac ' h aboard the Maxi Trimaran Solo Bank Populaire VII, took the start of the Route de la Découverte, crossed the Atlantic solo between Cadiz and San El Salvador in the Bahamas. Since then, the skipper of the Bank of the sail has added to his tally this mythical Route, in the wake of Christophe Colomb, and a formidable record of distance covered in 24 hours (682 miles). This morning, the Finistere sailor and his crew were back in Vilamoura following a ferry for a week.

 1) You have secured your trimaran this morning at the Portugal in Vilamoura, port where you had started your stand-by for the Route de la découverte?

The objective of the Team was to beat the record of the Route de la Découverte but it is always a satisfaction to bring the boat to port. Weather conditions are too difficult to go to Lorient directly, we chose to stop in Vilamoura, port that we know well. We preferred to put the boat safely. We shall return our trimaran at Lorient next week when the storm will be passed.

2) How long was the return delivery?

We put a little more than a week to rally Vilamoura since we left Monday morning last of San El Salvador. This ferry crew went really well. We have recovered, the flow of the depressions and we quickly managed to make the East downwind in relatively strong wind. We made a short stop in Madeira because the sea was too composed and strong wind. The objective was to bring our tall without technical problems and that is what we did with the crew.

3) How do you feel after these intensive weeks at sea?

There is clearly a bit of fatigue. The record was sports and it took on the end of the conveyor, be especially careful. I'll relax before going with the return of the maxi trimaran in Lorient (two days of navigation) and then quickly focus on preparation for the record New York - Lizard point early June. In any case, successively beat two important records, is a great satisfaction. I take a lot of pleasure to read messages from fans and share this performance with the whole team and with my trusty partner, Banque Populaire, obviously.

Spindrift Racing update, preparation of the maxi trimaran Spindrift 2 for the North Atlantic record and the Route du Rhum

Spindrift Racing have put up a press release and video on the preparation of Spindrift 2 for the North Atlantic record and the Route du Rhum.

From the following press release:

This week our series, ’40 metres solo’, takes you behind the scenes of the Spindrift 2 boatyard in Lorient (France). Since December a team of twenty have been working to adapt the maxi-trimaran for a 2014 programme with the dual requirement of the crewed North Atlantic record attempt and the solo Route du Rhum. They will be working for four months until April. With our guide, Antoine Carraz, who is the technical manager and a sailor with Spindrift racing, we will see the incredible ‘job list’ the team has. 

We follow the camera. Perched 10 metres above the ground near the bow of the central hull, we listen carefully: “With Spindrift racing, we are tackling the records held by this boat, which is the largest in its class. To beat them, we must optimise the machine,” Antoine explains. “This year, we are doing crewed and solo. We made ​​choices to be able to perform in both pursuits. It also allows us to explore avenues of innovation for the Jules Verne Trophy, the flagship objective of our campaign with Spindrift 2.”

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and the video:

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Airplay RAW 30 trimaran, First regatta and first regatta winning performance from the new trimaran

News from the Aiplay crew at the Neptune regatta where the RAW 30 dominated the multihull division on their first foray into racing with the new boat.

Well the Race to Zero was RAW's first time to line up against anything. It's been an exciting year in Airplay Land getting the boat off Tony's design board and onto the water. True to the original idea of doing trialling before production, we are there. When we saw the plug of RAW sitting in the shop floor and saw the flat bottom, we sucked our breath in a figured she'd either be fantastic or a wood duck! Well after racing RAW for 300 miles in all sorts... We can say... We are extremely pleased with RAW. She's a super rigid platform that can really go. Given that she's the first one we did expect to have a few things to correct before the production lines really start flowing. We did have a couple of things that we need to address but that's the way it is and we do have time to add the feedback to production. The only niggles we had were, 1. getting the 'top-down' spinnaker furler to work! 2. as RAW can fly the main hull the rudder blade was extended but this created a bit too much load for the rudder housing and we lost the bond between the cheek and the reinforcing band. 3. the Dyneema Spinnaker halyard jumped the sheave and broke the axle on the sheave.

1. Is still a Work In Progress, but on our last race we removed the furler in favour of a conventional hoist/drop and were MUCH faster for the effort!
 2. This happened during the second race of the series just as we were happily flying upwind. It didn't sever from the boat but was just real wobbly and so we completed the rest of the series using only about 80% main sail.
 3. Stuff Happens, even in paradise! Thin Dyneema can do that! A new arrangement on the Marstrom fitting will take care of future issues for production boats.

 The photos here will show you a little about RAW what they won't show is how she can go when you do turn the wick up! Downwind we already knew she'd be good. But upwind was a question until we had something to measure against... Once she powers up, she really trucks and at high angles.
 But perhaps the nicest surprise is... The way RAW handles the power! The ama's can really be pushed and the sail carrying power is extremely high. When we watch people sail her for the first time... We see the helmsman get into position and take the main sheet with them - everyone assumes she'll be a wild beast! But she's not! RAW has very good manners and never feels threatening! More wind equals more speed and very high angles of attack!

Airplay RAW 30 trimaran in action at the Neptune Regatta, photo courtesy Marty Rijurkis
The results from the Neptune Regatta:

Extreme Sailing Series update, Leigh McMillan on the new season and new team on the Wave/Muscat

From the following press release/interview with Leigh McMillan of the Wave Muscat team

As the opening Act of the 2014 Extreme Sailing Series™ draws near in the vibrant city of Singapore, defending champions The Wave, Muscat from Oman, have taken the opportunity to embark on some pre-season training at the Host Venue - which is set to come alive on 20 February when the fleet begin battle. Skipper Leigh McMillan will inevitably be the man in the spotlight, as he prepares for what he says will be his toughest title fight yet, and the British Olympian has ‘a lot on’ if he wants to secure the Series hatrick in 2014.

We spoke to Leigh ahead of Act 1, Singapore as the 12-boat fleet prepare to enter the stadium in just over one weeks’ time.

Singapore was the only venue you didn’t finish on the podium in 2013, finishing fifth place. Does Singapore concern you more than the other venues?
"No, throughout the season there are some venues that are likely to be more difficult or challenging than others and you have to lower your expectations at these. Singapore is one of these, so we go into the event trying to be as consistent as possible and hoping to be in the fight for a podium finish."

How has the training been in Singapore? How is the dynamic with the new team line-up?
"The training was really good in Singapore. The NSC were hugely hospitable and helpful to our team. We had excellent conditions with a full range of wind strengths. We are really lucky to be able to make the changes and recruit such talented sailors. As a result we have trained hard and gelled very nicely together. I am certain we will have fun racing together again this season."

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Monday, 10 February 2014

North West Multihull Association meeting Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

From the North West Multihull Association website:

Vince DePillis will moderate a discussion on a topic near and dear to every multihullers heart: CAPSIZE.

We will have first hand accounts from Wayne Erickson and David Miller regarding their capsize experiences. The discussion will be focussed on three things:

1. How to avoid it.
2. What kind of equipment should be aboard if it happens.
3. Recovering from the capsize.

This is an important topic, and we hope to see you there.

Gather at 6:30 for potluck offerings with a brief meeting and introductions at 7 with program following.

Puget Sound Yacht Club, 2321 N. Northlake Way, Seattle

Sunday, 9 February 2014

AC45 catamarans to be deployed as high end charter boats off Lanai/Hawaii in absence of America's Cup world series in 2014

From the following article on mysailing:

Larry Ellison plans to bring AC45s to Hawaii for "rich man" charters off Lanai
According to Pacific Business News, Oracle Team USA owner and billionaire Silicon Valley entrepreneur Larry Ellison plans to use eight AC45s  for "high end" charters off the island of Lanai.
The 45ft catamarans were used for the America's Cup World Series and the Youth America's Cup in the lead-up to the 34th Match in San Francisco. There is no World Series planned for 2014, leaving the boats with no other use until 2015, when they are expected to resume hostilities with the addition of foils.

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Prince de Bretagne Maxi 80 trimaran, tech team successfully right trimaran at sea and put it in tow

From the following press release (in French) from the Prince de Bretagne team:

and the rough bing translate:

Lionel Lemonchois, who spent, let us remember, not less than ten days alone on his trimaran returned following the capsize occurred January 27 800 miles off the Brazilian coast through the Trinidad Island, can therefore be satisfied with completing an intervention yet delicate but perfectly orchestrated by his team as a whole. Now, he flew to Rio de Janeiro that it should reach five days. The opportunity to revisit these past 24 hours for the less intense with him.
Drill one of the two floats (starboard) as well as all watertight bulkheads in order to fill with water and sink then install straps and a weight of several tonnes on the opposite side to counterbalance to return the boat: so, to sum up, how Lionel Lemonchois and his crew should proceed for the reversal of the Maxi80. On paper, the operation could have simple air, yet in fact, it could prove particularly delicate. Rest the Prince de Bretagne team had perfectly anticipated and prepared. As a result, it has taken to that 10 hours to the small band to complete the intervention. 'We started at sunrise of the day. We have achieved a first attempt in the morning which was aborted after the end on which we had set five tons of chains yields, but in the afternoon, the operation went exactly as we had planned it. The empty float turned very slowly around the central hull before switching and ending at the place. All smooth and without brutality" explained the Norman skipper.
A smoothly operation
Result, at 17.30, UT, the trimaran red and grey was again in the right direction. In the aftermath, Lionel and his men set to drain out all the water contained in the starboard float, the link arm and the central hull. 'We finished the seal. It was very physical as with heat, being in action inside the boat had a whole of a real sauna! But everyone is well given' for its part detailed Fred Le Peutrec. After that, he and others conducted a complete check-up of the platform before towing and at the point where the Sun disappeared below the horizon with the Brazilian boat to put the gauze to get started its road back to Rio with behind it, hung a long end 200 metres long, the Maxi80 Prince of Brittany. "Currently, we are moving at the speed of 6 knots. The captain believes that it can not go faster. The weather is rather good: between 15 and 20 knots of wind and a sea of Alizé. We should therefore arrive ashore in five days' said Lionel before tell the funny mishap that he and his bandmates experienced early yesterday morning.
A rather unpleasant encounter
An incredible and amazing whose history he prefers not imagine the outcome if he was still alone on his mount upside down. 'Two hours before sunrise, a freighter flying Russian flag approached my boat. He was arrested at approximately ¼ mile. On the tug, we tried to contact him by VHF in order to know its intentions but he did not respond. In my opinion, there was no possible ambiguity, it is a pirate ship. He remained a long time to observe, tempting visibly position themselves between us and the Maxi80. "He ended up leaving, but I don't want to think about the progress of the situation if I was still alone on area ' said Lemonchois today doubly relieved the outcome of capsize.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

35th America's Cup, Pete Melvin on writing the rule for the next Cup multihull

From the following article on

Pete Melvin has come a long way since the first boat he built as a 6-year old, which, unfortunately, would not float.

But he didn’t let that initial setback discourage him. Now a respected and successful sailor, designer and engineer, Melvin has been hired by the Defender and Challenger of Record of the 35th America’s Cup and tasked with coming up with the class rule for a second consecutive time.

“The process is to listen to the requests and desires of the Defender and Challenger of Record, which includes reducing the costs of the boats and in fact of the entire campaign. On the boat side, that means smaller boats, with less crew, and less personnel involved in design, logistics, and reduced construction costs,” Melvin says.

“We are looking at concepts that are similar to the AC72 - a foiling cat with wingsail. The consensus from teams is that this was a good concept and we want a smaller version in the 60 to 65 foot range. We’re looking at various ratios of beam to length and wing size and power and running VPPs on those boats to see performance, speed, controllability etc.

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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Route des Princes 2013, Multi50 team FenetreA Cardinal release retrospective video of the event

America's Cup update, Jimmy Spithill re-signs with Oracle Team USA

From the following article published on

Jimmy Spithill will return to ORACLE TEAM USA as the team re-builds with a focus on winning its third consecutive America’s Cup.

The youngest skipper to ever lead a team to victory in the competition for the oldest trophy in international sport, Spithill says the lure of working with team principal Larry Ellison and CEO Russell Coutts again was too strong to ignore.

“There were some very good offers out there, but at the end of the day, Russell and Larry, I wouldn’t be here without them…” Spithill said.

Spithill has made the America’s Cup his life’s work, beginning as a 20-year old skipper of the Young Australia team in the 1999/2000 Louis Vuitton Cup. He’s raced in every event since then, making steady progress towards the victory in 2010, when he became the youngest skipper to win the trophy.
He followed that up with the successful defense last September and now he's looking to make it three wins in a row as skipper of ORACLE TEAM USA.

“Being a part of the team when we first won in 2010 and then to be able to get back to back wins and now to have an opportunity at a third, it’s been an amazing ride. I feel fortunate to have been a part of it since day one and I’m looking forward to going at it again.”

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Multihull Yacht Club of Queensland celebrate the 50th Brisbane to Gladstone Multihull Yacht Race in style with a strong multihull fleet

From the following article submitted to Sail-World by Jim and Barbara Stubbings on behalf of the MYCQ

MYCQ 50th edition of the Brisbane to Gladstone Multihull Sailing Extravaganza gets underway on Good Friday, 18th April 2014. Back in 1965 Hedley Nicol won the first race both on Line Honours and on handicap.

The elapsed time was around the 32 hour mark. Since then various multihulls have lowered the record with Team Australia the ORMA 60 trimaran achieving a time of just over 16 hours 28 minutes in a relatively light weather event in 2012. So with a bit more breeze about who knows what time Sean Langman and his team can achieve.

In addition to monitoring the performance of the possible course record breakers the race winner on both OMR and PR is likely to be a very close fought tussle. To add to the interest and competition to the local boats like the two Schionning G Force 1500’s, Attitude and Chill Pill, the previous winner the Schionning G Force 1400Bullet Proof and the hot twice OMR winner, the Pescott Whitehaven, Rhythmic, there is likely to be some stiff opposition from the 50ft cat owned and built by Andrew Stransky, ‘Fantasia,’that has been so successful in the races in the Far East and the Hot Crowther cat from NSW, ‘Two Up’. On the PR handicap scene last year’s winner ‘No Problem’ will be there plus a number of competitive contenders including our Vice Commodore, Mike Hodges’s very consistent 50 ft Schionning Waterline Cat ‘Renaissance’.

If you are interested in entering this historic event please refer to our web site for the Notice of Race plus all the other details you need to know to join in the event. Many of multis listed below have entered previously and judging from the early completed entry forms received a fair few are likely to do so again this year. So come and enter the fleet and enjoy the racing and the party in Gladstone afterwards. 

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Mini 40 trimaran, Ian Holt on his latest Mini 40 trimaran design and video

From the following article submitted to Sail-World by Ian Holt:

There was a good breeze at Austin Lakes, Mandurah, West Australia for test-sailing a Mini40 RC trimaran, using all four rigs, although too windy for the number one rig.

Designer Ian Holt describes the remote controlled foiler's performance:

The boat foiled upwind a few times but, will make changes to the foils before I sail the boat again. When on starboard tack and foiling, the boat sometimes veers hard to port. Right now, the port foil is perfect for lighter air foiling, whilst the starboard foil works well in a breeze, but only on a reach, not on a broad reach. Clearly, there is a fine line between good and bad settings for the foils!

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Extreme Sailing Series update, top female sailors to join the series in 2014

From the following press release on the Extreme Sailing Series website:

In 2014, the Extreme Sailing Series™ will, for the eighth consecutive year, bring a wealth of sailing talent from America’s Cup superstars, Olympic medallists and offshore legends to the shores of eight iconic venues around the globe – and amongst them are some of the world’s most talented female sailors. The ‘fifth sailor’ rule, introduced by Series organisers OC Sport in 2012, stipulates that one member of the crew must either be female, under 23, or classified as an amateur by ISAF. As a result, year on year the number of female sailors competing in the Series has grown, and has historically included the likes of double Olympic gold medallist Shirley Robertson, the only women to skipper a boat for a full season in 2008 with J.P. Morgan Asset Management - and the only female skipper to win an Act in Lake Lugano, Switzerland. 2014 will see the biggest influx of ‘girl power’ since the Series began – find out more about the women taking on the challenge below.

Sarah Ayton (GBR)
The Wave, Muscat
Role: Tactician
Top three sailing achievements:
- Olympic gold medal – Beijing 2008 – Yngling with Pippa Wilson and Sarah Webb
- Olympic gold medal – Athens 2004 – Yngling with Shirley Robertson and Sarah Webb
- Yngling World Champion in 2008 and 2007

Britain’s double Olympic gold medallist Sarah Ayton will be making a welcome return to top level competitive sailing after a three-year break, joining the defending champions The Wave, Muscat. And she is more than ready for the challenge of what she describes as the ‘most high-performance’ sailing she has ever done. “I'm honoured to be sailing with The Wave, Muscat and I am really looking forward to getting started. I'm sure the boys will agree with me that going into 2014 as defending champions doesn't add to the pressure, we'll be focusing on our own performance and taking one race at a time.”

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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Multi50 update, severed float bow recovered and returned to Maitre Jacques team by fishing boat

Thanks to the following article on

It seems that Jose Salvador Alvarenga isn’t the only castaway to make the news today. The El Salvador national claims to have been adrift on the Pacific Ocean for nearly 13 months, after setting off from Mexico and washing up a few days ago on a remote atoll in the Marshall Islands, roughly 6,700 miles away.

Nearly three months ago, on November 3rd, 2013, the Multi 50 Maitre Jacques trimaran sustained heavy damage on her starboard float while she was taking part in the Transat Jacques Vabre, the double-handed race from Le Havre to Itajaí, Brasil.

Early in the afternoon of November 3rd, the two French co-skippers, Loïc Fequet and Loïc Escoffier, were sailing in big seas at speeds of between 20 and 28 knots on starboard tack in 25 knot winds and 4-5 meter waves, when they suddenly heard two cracks and realised that the front section of the their trimaran’s starboard float was damaged.

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The recovered float bow next to the repatriated Maitre Jacques, photo courtesy

Spindrift Racing, Yann Guichard on the decision to race solo in the Route du Rhum

From the following press release by Spindrift Racing:
An extraordinary challenge for a legendary race. For the starting gun of the 10th Route du Rhum, on November 2, 2014, Yann Guichard will be alone at the helm of the greatest racing trimaran in the world, the maxi Spindrift 2.
At first, there is desire; that of one with a passion for multihulls and who loves to go beyond. But Yann is also equally rational; a man for challenges, he mulls over decisions and is not one to take them lightly. It is an approach he shares with Dona Bertarelli in the Spindrift racing team, with his policy to constantly make performance the central objective. He is a great enthusiast, but the future competitor of the ‘Rhum 2014′ always keeps his feet on the ground.

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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Yvan Bourgnon departs on the next leg of his beach cat circumnavigation Martinique (Guadaloupe) to Colon (Panama)

From the following entry on Yvan Bourgnon's FB page:
The rough bing translate:
It seems that this man is happy to resume the sea!
It is the smile on his lips and in Olympic form that Yvan is slender on the sea of the Caribbean, today at 11:20 (local time) of the sailor in the direction of the Panama.
We wish him beautiful sailing, lots of fun and a lenient weather!
 Fair winds Yvan

Monday, 3 February 2014

Production Farrier F-22 trailerable trimaran updated more details of the interior layout and functionality

Ian Farrier has once again updated his work blog on the progress towards production of the excellent F-22 trailerable trimaran.  The new update (posted 25/1/2014) covers the functional aspects of the interior layout.

F-22 trimaran interior looking forward, photo courtesy Farrier Marine

F-22 trimaran interior looking aft towards companionway, photo courtesy Farrier Marine

Yvan Bourgnon prepares to depart from Martinique bound towards Colon (Panama) on his beachcat circumnavigation attempt

Yvan is set to depart tomorrow from Martinique (Guadaloupe) for Colon (Panama) a gallery of photos is available on facebook of the final preparations.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Team Lalou update, Their plans for 2014 after the capsize and recovery of the Multi50 trimaran in the Transat Jacques Vabre

From the following press release (in French) by Team Lalou

the rough bing translate is below:

News from Lalou Roucayrol and his trimaran Arkema - Region Aquitaine

It's been more than 10 weeks that the trimaran injured Lalou Roucayrol arrived in the port of Caniçal in Madeira, after its capsize on the Transat Jacques Vabre November 10, 2013. Still moored in the port, still injured, the trimaran waits for the end of discussions with insurers to be rehabilitated. So far, the team of Lalou Multi, the skipper and his loyal partners mobilized to achieve the objective n ° 1 of the 2014 season: be at the start of the Route du Rhum which will start from St Malo November 2 next with a competitive boat and to play the leading roles.

How are you since your return to Madeira?

I am fine. The capsize is behind me we are now in the phase of reconstruction. Following the capsize, the team and myself have made a real round of introspection and set up a new line of conduct. It is thus a new Lalou that begins this year 2014! I'm already clearly mode preparation of the Route du Rhum - Destination Guadeloupe: I'm very careful with my diet, my sleep and I do a lot of sport. Every day, I have a complete program and I alternate between the race walk, cardio exercises, bodybuilding and navigations. I navigate with everything that floats at the tip of the Verdon! It passes the catamaran, to the mini 6.50 with Quentin Vlamynck, or even sea kayaking. I'm in a positive frame of mind and I look to the future.

What is the news on the boat?

The situation of the trimaran, still moored in Caniçal, is complex. After several months of research active in an attempt to repatriate him, we are now in discussion with the insurer in an attempt to rehabilitate it on-site. However to carry equipment up to Madeira, including the new mast, is almost impossible. We are therefore studying the possibility of organizing the construction in the Canary Islands. The decision will be taken in the coming weeks. In the meantime, we have already launched the construction of different parts broken when capsized: two bar - more design positions - two new rudders, which will be better adapted to the boat, and the mast. We also ordered a new set of sails, but above all we are working actively on the new boom. In collaboration with Arkema, a new resin developed for its construction. This allows us to continue to work on the development and improvement of the boat, in relying on the skills of our partners in Aquitaine and Arkema researchers.

Your partners so loyal to your project?

Oh yes! I would like to thank each of them, particularly the Region Aquitaine and Arkema. Their behaviour following the capsize was exemplary. I have received countless messages of support, and they mobilized in order to continue this adventure together. None of them has called into question its commitment. I also attended vows organized at headquarters of Arkema and in one of the Group's subsidiaries. I have always received a warm and enthusiastic welcome. All this allows to consider the future and us out of the present constraints. All the partners realized that we needed time to rebuild the ship, because particular complexity, so we adapted the 2014 sports program to these constraints.

What is the projected schedule for 2014?

As priority we intend therefore to do the reclamation site in the Canary Islands during the month of April to have a boat ready to sail at the beginning of the month of May. I would like to make the first navigations there, before transporting the boat towards the France. Then, I shall focus me on solo drives before you participate in the trophies of the Prince and the port de Fécamp planned through the end of August. It is important for the Multi50 class and to get back in competition against my fellow mode. Finally comes the main objective of the season and the whole project: the Route du Rhum - Destination Guadeloupe.