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Newport to Ensenada Race 2013, Catamaran "Afterburner" first on handicap, trimaran "Loereal" line honours

Thanks to Sailing Scuttlebutt Europe for the following article (I've reposted the full article as I cant link the article directly):

Bill Gibbs couldn't stop smiling when he said, "We've done this race 14 times and we've never seen the wind this good."
Max Phelps said, "It took us four hours to sail the last two miles."

Was this the same race? In the Lexus Newport to Ensenada Yacht Race it depended on what boat you were on. The fastest finished soon enough to seize the glory; the slowest suffered some agony of windless drifting, but only near the end.

At mid-day Saturday, about 180 of the 203 starters had finished. That remarkable tally was largely attributed to the wind holding strong well past the border until entering Todos Santos Bay. The 66th running of the 126-nautical mile race from Newport Beach to Mexico's Baja California peninsula teased several boats with visions of records.

Howard Enloe's Loe Real, a Jenn 60 trimaran, became the only boat besides the late Steve Fossett's 60-foot Stars & Stripes catamaran in 1998 to finish before sundown Friday, just after 7 p.m.---but missed Fossett's record of 6 hours 46 minutes 30 seconds by 17 minutes 21 seconds with a clocking of 7:03:51.

Not only that, but with his minus-205 handicap, Loe Real owed Gibbs' Afterburner about an hour and 40 minutes, and the 52-foot catamaran blew in about 43 minutes later with plenty of time to spare to claim the race's biggest prize: the President of USA Trophy for best corrected time overall, including multi- and monohulls.

First five finishers

1. Loe Real (ORCA; Jenn 60 trimaran), Howard Enloe, Silver Gate YC, 7 hours, 3 minutes, 51 seconds (corrected handicap time 14:10:56).
2. Afterburner (ORCA; 52' catamaran), Bill Gibbs, Pierpont Bay YC, 7:47:11 (CT 13:08:01).
3. Go Cart (ORCA), Chris Slagerman, California YC, 10:00:50 (CT 13:54:10).
4. Bad Pak (Maxi), Tom Holthus, San Diego YC, 10:58:30 (CT 13:54:10).
5. Medicine Man (Andrews 63), Long Beach YC, 11:35:59 (CT 15:02:14).

Full results:

Preview of movie covering the America's Cup 33rd edition titled the "The Wind Gods"

 It was a very interesting race in a technical sense and the lead up to the 33rd America's Cup deed of gift match in which we saw the massive wing sailed BOR 90 trimaran USA17 duke it out with the Alinghi V supercat.  I have to agree with Richard that I don't recall the commentary being so overblown in the match itself.

From the following Sail-World article submitted by Richard Gladwell:

The trailer (movie-speak for preview) for a new film entitled The Wind Gods has been released. The film covers the events leading up to the 33rd America's Cup Match, and the Match itself.

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Antigua Sailing Week 2013

The Antigua Sailing Week for 2013 is about to get underway (27th April to 3rd May).  This year there are four multihulls entered. 

More details at:

America's Cup video, Artemis Team update on thier progress with the AC72 catamaran

Paul Larsen of the Vestas Sailrocket Team attending Hamilton Island Race Week as guest

From the following Sail-World article submitted by Rob Mundle'Worlds-Fastest-Sailor/108897

The world’s fastest sailor will be part of the 30th anniversary Audi Hamilton Island Race Week in August. Australia’s Paul Larsen smashed the existing world sailing speed record over 500 metres by near 10 knots in November last year when he piloted his futuristic multihull, Vestas Sail Rocket, across Walvis Bay, in Namibia, at a speed which peaked at 68.33 knots. A few days later he raised the world record speed for one nautical mile to 55.32 knots.

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Vestas Sailrocket 2 breaking records in Walvis Bay

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Voiles et Voiliers interview with Lionel Lemanchois and Vincent Laurent Prevost on the new Prince de Bretagne Maxi and it's competition in the 2014 Route du Rhum

Voiles et Voiliers have published an excellent interview with Lionel Lemanchois and Laurent Prevost of VPLP. It discusses the new Prince de Bretagne Maxi 80 and the other Ultime multihull competitors for the 2014 Route du Rhum.

The original article (in French) is here for our French readers:

 and the rough bing translation below

While Prince de Bretagne is baptized this weekend in Roscoff, Lionel Lemonchois gives his first impressions on this 80-foot trimaran made from the platform of the ORMA Sodebo60. Architect Vincent Lauriot-Prévost completes its analyses, as Bank Populaire VII (ex-Groupama 3) comes to his first outing and Thomas Coville transformed ex-Geronimo. All of these ultimate multihulls have only one major objective: the Route du Rhum 2014!

Lionel, back first on the concept of Prince de Bretagne...Two years ago, you decided to change a 60 foot ORMA, but not with the same approach as Gitana 11 in 2010.
L.L. : The choice was related primarily to the financial means available to my partner. The idea was from an ORMA trimaran redeemed not too expensive, to make a large boat capable of winning the Route du Rhum 2014. It would have probably been better from a blank sheet to design a multihull specially adapted for this race, but the budget was not at all the same!

Lionel Lemonchois et Vincent Lauriot-PrévostBefore the 80-foot Prince de Bretagne, Lionel Lemonchois and Vincent Lauriot-Prévost plan new optimizations before the Route du Rhum 2014.Photo @ Dominic Bourgeois The last Route du Rhum, there already was Groupama 3 (now Bank Populaire VII), Sodebo, Idec and Gitana 11Well, it imagined that they would be back at the start in Saint-Malo in 2014...
L.L. : IIL had to play in harmony with the financial means available to me. Groupama 3 was too expensive, a new boat also. We have found a solution that satisfies everyone, from a technical, budgetary, athletic perspective with the objective of a boat that will quickly, easily. I turned logically to the vplp which is a reference in the multihull. Then it took to choose the most appropriate for these transformations ORMA trimaran.

Vincent Lauriot-Prévost, why the ex -Sodebo ?
V.L.P. :C' was the broadest of the fleet (18.20 meters), which was an important parameter for the length-to-width ratio is coherent and efficient. Groupama 2, for example, was too fickle, less wide (17 metres) and especially too light (6 tonnes) to support additional power without going through the box reinforcements. The ex-Sodebo was heavy enough and structured to avoid having to review all the structure since the principle was to significantly increase the power. We had an appropriation of weight that allowed us to design a pretty close final weight of the original Prince de Bretagne .

Compared to Gitana 11 which was also boosted in 2010, what does it change?
V.L.P. : To change the three shells made out the arm, to change the roots of mast and wells of drift. So to find a balance by positioning the arm where it was needed, a contrario of Gitana 11, whose only floats have been changed and extended central hull. If we had imagined a new boat, we would have been on the same width. And with a distribution of volumes of fairly similar float. The ex-Sodebo was a trimaran, which lent itself perfectly to these transformations.
L.L. :With 7 knots of wind, Prince de Bretagne throws the paw! The behavior is pretty close to an ORMA trimaran with 20 feet long and more... The boat is harmonious, and if we had a boat nine, only the mast would have earned two meters in height. Originally, the ship weighed 6.9 tons, and in its current version, it made 7.3 tons!

And in terms of wing, one remains in the same values?
L.L. : It's the same rig, but we were able to increase the surface area of the Genoese and the gennakers because the length of central hull went 80 feet (24 meters): tack points were therefore able to be advanced. The surface of GV is identical, the Genoa is slightly larger and maxi gennaker won quite a lot of square meters. To be the lightest possible, we removed the mainsail hydraulics: the weight of cylinders and others turned into length of shell.

Caractéristiques de trimarans VPLP Rhum 2014The new Prince de Bretagne is very similar to Gitana 11 but with a higher although righting moment two times less important than that of Groupama 3. But the last winner of the Route du Rhum is proportionately much less canvas. The confrontation with the MOD70 promises to be thrilling in the medium... Note that the features of the new Sodebo (ex-Geronimo) are not yet announced.Document @ VPLP Is the behaviour of Prince de Bretagne satisfactory compared to Gitana 11?
L.L. : I've never sailed on Gitana 11 boosted! (Lionel Lemonchois had curtly thanked after won the Route du Rhum 2006 and cumulative records with the giant cata Gitana 13, ED) . But the feedback I had confirmed that his behaviour was very close to an ORMA, very fickle. We have gained in security, especially in longitudinal with six meters more. It does not fear when felled! Prince de Bretagne accelerates and pitch not up as much as Gitana 11.
V.L.P. : On Gitana 11, we left on forms of very powerful floats which sank very little - this also contributed to make fickle, especially because he tends to be soft. On Prince de Bretagne, forms are similar to those of a MOD70 and the boat is slightly burning, allowing positively transform a laughing stock under acceleration without having to push the bar.
L.L. :The balance is excellent because with the new drift to trimmer, the boat is either neutral or slightly burning. In the almost singlehanded under driver, a boat that has a tendency to climb into the wind is healthier and downwind, a boat that restarts itself, it is more efficient!

Since the water in October 2012, how many outputs at sea?
L.L. : We started to navigate in January and is cumulated more than 20 days at sea. Lack us still exits in heavy weather, but on rise in power. For the moment, the boat corresponds perfectly to what I imagined: very healthy, very pleasant, quick and easy to carry. There are still a few small improvements possible, like the change of the central rudder, currently on the transom and we could develop further, suspended under the hull. There are some files that I preferred set up after sailing: the Route du Rhum is in over a year!

Banque Populaire VII : première sortieApril 18, 2013: first exit for Bank Populaire VII (ex-Groupama 3) and Armel le Cléac 'h. The boat has already aligned off the coast of Belle-île, more than 35 knots in around twenty knots of wind...Photo @ Yvan Zedda Sea & Co

The fact of having achieved Prince de Bretagne has apparently created vocations for the next Route du Rhum, precisely. Theoretically, who will win?
V.L.P. : Banque Populaire VII (ex -Groupama 3) has so far not changed. Armel Le Cléac ' h is in the getting started phase and the boat had already well adapted to the solitaire for Franck Cammas. It measures 100 feet (30,50 m) with a four-metre mast above: it has a power of 160 m.t. while Prince de Bretagne is approximately 70 m.t.. But these boats there single-handed sail not 100% of their potential. Bank Pop VII has more reserve, but one can imagine that it will be often led to 70%, while Prince de Bretagne will instead to 85%. Armel is not going to be able to afford to change sail too often and gybes are difficult and long. But his boat has more inertia in the seas and more security reserve in grain... Theoretically, Lionel will be more comfortable to fit a diverse weather. In fact, the two boats are likely not to follow the same path on the Route du Rhum! Bank Populaire VII should favour a route with the least possible manoeuvres, much like in 2010. with Franck Cammas - but, for the next edition, which can predict that there will not be three depressions to negotiate out of the channel? It is therefore impossible to know how much it must degrade the speed of one and the other vessel polar and which will be the first in Pointe-à-Pitre...
L.L. : On Bank Populaire VII, it will be hard to be in the good 'range' of sailing at all times. If the weather is fickle, I would have easier to adapt. We know that the first coming out of the train of depressions to touch the trade winds escapes... Remains to be seen if this will unfold as in 2010 or as in 2006! I believe that the key is to feel good about his boat, with confidence, not to be exceeded. The Route du Rhum is a lonely race! I do not at all feel frustrated not navigate on the ex -Groupama 3.

And from the two planes Nigel Irens/Benoît Cabaret, Sodebo and Idec ?
L.L. : I'm less worried... It will also depend on the weather, but the Route du Rhum, is not that of about in the breeze.
V.L.P. : I think that Prince de Bretagne is faster, not all the time, especially to the close, but on the whole route, Yes.

Comparatif Prince de Bretagne, Gitana 11, Groupama 3The new Prince de Bretagne (left) is positioned as an intermediate trimaran Gitana 11 (in the centre) and the ex-Groupama 3 (right). Without claiming to be the same potential in the breeze as the previous winner of the Route du Rhum 2010, Lionel Lemonchois mult will be more reactive than the ex-Groupama and easier to handle than Gitana...Document @ VPLP

And ex-Geronimo as Thomas Coville is transforming, it will be nearest Bank Populaire VII or Prince de Bretagne ?
V.L.P. : Clearly, the target from a big heavy boat (105 feet and 20 tons), was closer to the Groupama 3 (17 tonnes) concept. The new Sodebo should get closer the weight of Bank Populaire VII... And there is little difference in width between these two ships: 20 meters for the ex -Geronimo 21.20 metres for the ex -Groupama 3.

By changing the central hull and mast, but also the floats? Or by cutting the lower hull to have shapes similar to the ex -Groupama 3 ?
V.L.P. : A new central hull allows, as on Prince de Bretagne, change mat and wells of derivative roots, and choose suitable sail plan. In the end, the characteristics of the new Sodebo and Bank Populaire VII will be very close, with a power, a wing and a similar weight - they will have the same strengths and weak points that Prince de Bretagne... As to changes outside the central hull and rigging, it will depend on the budget of Thomas and his program over several years. The first deadline, is to be ready in Saint-Malo, which short still to transform all of a sudden.
L.L. : This comes very quickly, I know something! For our part, after the baptism in Roscoff Saturday, we go down to Trinidad for the Tour de Belle-Ile (4 May) and we put with great price Lesley in Douarnenez (5-6 May). This will be an opportunity to compete with Bank Populaire VII ! Then we go down to Valencia for the Route of the Princes (9-30 June). We are five for the tour of Europe with Mathieu Souben, Fred Le Peutrec, Jean-Luc Nélias and Alex Pela. We will be the only ultimate multihull but we will have the reference of the MOD70: in the little time at the close with their large gennaker, they are very fast!

And what about the 50-foot Prince de Bretagne?
L.L. : Gilles Lamiré is currently redeem him: it should take possession next week with its own partners (the Saint-Malo agglomération) to align with the Princes road.

MOD70 update, Interview with Cam Lewis of the Orion team

from the following interview on sail racing magazine's website:

We were intrigued by a press release last week from the European based MOD 70 Class announcing that the California based Orion Racing had purchased the Veolia trimaran from the circuit organisers.
Sail Racing Magazine editor Justin Chisholm tracked down Orion Racing skipper Cam Lewis to find out from the horse’s mouth just what the thinking was behind bringing the first MOD 70 to the USA.
Just back from a multihull class win aboard Peter Aschenbrenner’s 63ft ‘cruising’ trimaran Paradox in the Caribbean RORC 600, Lewis was enthusiastic about the prospect of getting his hands on a thoroughbred racing tri and upbeat about the potential of re-launching fast multihull racing on the west coat of America.

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Francis Joyon to go on standby for the solo New York to Lizard Transat record from May 15

The press release from the IDEC team (in French) is available at the following link

Here is the rough Google translate:

Friday, April 26, 2013
Francis Joyon is leaving. In a few days, he will address the prestigious record of the North Atlantic. Success would make him the first marine world winning an incredible "Grand Slam" of records. Start the stand-by in New York from May 15 Yesterday evening the skipper Locmariaquer was in Paris for a great evening presentation at Pershing Hall in the presence of three of the four holders of record solo Atlantic Florence Arthaud, Thomas Coville and Bruno Peyron, current record holder which will be addressed shortly skipper IDEC.
FRANCIS Joyon THE ASSAULT OF THE NORTH ATLANTIC © Aurimages / IDEC GroupFlorence Arthaud, Francis Joyon, Patrice Lafargue, Thomas Coville and Bruno Peyron
Hold 21 knots average for less than 5 days, 19 hours and 29 minutes. Alone. On the demanding North Atlantic. That's the challenge with the high bar set by Thomas Coville in July 2008. This mathematical data of the complex problem that will arise Francis Joyon, between the Statue of Liberty and the English Cornwall. To be precise between Ambrose Light in New York and that the Lizard in the south of England.The sailors who may have this ambition can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Francis Joyon is one of them. The IDEC driver already holds the same record, in July 2006 (6 days and 4 hours), when he sprayed one day a time established eleven years ago by Laurent Bourgnon.
5 nautical only!There are only sailing stars in the very small number of those who have dared to challenge alone, on multihulls, the North Atlantic listing all hazards. They can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Although more people have walked on the moon! The names of the woman and four men flapping in the wind as five exceptional sailors who forged the imagination of all: Bruno Peyron, Florence Arthaud, Laurent Bourgnon, Thomas Coville, Francis Joyon.In twenty-six years, from 1987 to the present day, only six attempts were successful. Bruno Peyron has won twice, in 1987 and 1992. Francis Joyon If successful, it would become the second two-time winner of the North Atlantic. It is also the only sailor to claim the Grand Slam absolute record since the driver of the maxi-trimaran IDEC is already the fastest solo sailor around the world (57 days 13h), the fastest of 24 h (668 miles or 27.83 knots average) and the fastest on the Atlantic from east to west, namely the Discovery Route, between Cadiz and San Salvador, he sprayed record this winter and 8 days 16 h.
108 years after Charlie BarrThe North Atlantic ... its mysterious mists, its whales and the famous single or almost that needs surf at full speed between the New World and the Old Continent depression ... so here's the ultimate challenge to access this unique status.Francis Joyon, who has already won this clock in 2005 aboard the first trimaran IDEC is well aware of tackling a real maritime myth. He commented: "If we put notes to records according to their importance, I would say the most important is the World Tour. The North Atlantic is the number two because of its long history related to the schooner Atlantic Charlie Barr and his crew of 50 men who inaugurated the year 1905, and then to Eric Tabarly was the first to resume still crew, 75 years later. The solitaire version belonged to me a few years ago, it was taken over by Thomas (Coville) ... and so it falls to me to take it again! "Simple like Joyon on that do not count to give in easily. "The average holding is approaching 21 knots. So have a good weather is essential, but should not be either drop regime. Should be thoroughly all the time for 5 and a half days ..." A board a multihull 30 meters at full speed, the exercise is not within the reach of anybody. It is not also perhaps a coincidence that the few sailors to have held the famous record were present in Paris on Thursday, April 25 with Francis Joyon for presenting this event. Only they know ...
They said
Patrice LafargueChairman of the IDEC Group"Francis Joyon IDEC supports for over a decade now. We are proud to support one of the greatest sailors of the planet in its hunting records, Francis gave us so much emotion around the world and in all oceans With ... this attempt on the record of the North Atlantic, it is a new challenge that we propose. course we are wholeheartedly with him and fingers crossed for it to succeed this Grand Slam that person has passed before him. Beyond the sporting aspect, exciting, this is a man with whom the IDEC Group shared values ​​of innovation, competition, respect for the environment ... Good luck Francis! "
Bruno PeyronSolitary inventor of record in 1987 (11 days and 11)Winner again in 1992 (in 9 days and 21h)catamaran Explorer"This record is a true success story: it combines a mythical journey, recalling illustrious ancestors as Charlie Barr ... and requires total commitment Initially, in 1987 I wanted to start this record with a simple idea. Beat the clock in solitary history of Charlie Barr and his crew of fifty men. since the bar is mounted and the record of the North Atlantic has become the second largest in the world after the Tour chrono. On the first, in 1987, all the ingredients gathered for a great story, simple and effective We left New York in fratricidal duel:. Loick with Lada Poch against me on Explorer I keep a memory of pleasure mingled, commitment and a rare arrival on asphyxiated. the English coast, to redo around Land's end to cut the line. From second solo record, I have a less playful memory because lack of resources the boat was almost abandoned in an old shipyard in Newport. J ' had bought in Florence (Arthaud) a big old sail that was too small. Initially, I got a storm off anthology of New York that I saw in the lightning. Secondly, the weather was suitable and I made the crossing being a conservative suspicion ... But the story was launched and I knew others would with sharper weapons and unfailing determination. The main difficulty is to find the perfect weather window, c ' is to say one that can cross with a single pressure system, with the potential of current machines. To be honest ... I would go back! I love this course where the commitment is total. This is probably even the only one with sails adapted, could lead alone my catamaran 120 feet to 90% of its potential. "
Florence ArthaudWinner of the record in 1990 (9 days, 21h 42m)Pierre first trimaran"I keep a wonderful memory of this record, including my arrival in Brest, where I was greeted by thousands of cut flowers thrown on my boat which was found covered with roses ... It was beautiful. Especially as I had a difficult end of the course because I had a concern about the headsail and there was more wind: sailing under mainsail alone and wind is not ideal when you want to go as soon as possible! Leaving New York is fabulous, I made that record the return of Two Star to train for the Route du Rhum and it has served me well! The problem is that I don ' did not have much time to choose the best time to time, then wait the ideal window is a key to success with having boats that go fast enough to stay ahead of the depression. I remember to Newfoundland I thought it would not happen ... and then it happened. I also remember that this is one of the few courses where I have not had any problems with my autopilot. Records are made to be broken ... and that Francis deserves to beat this one too ... "
Thomas CovilleRecord holder in 5 days 19 hours 29 minutes and 20 seconds on the trimaran Sodebo"I made a first attempt without success from New York is something loudly. It is a very special feeling to be at the heart of this megalopolis at the foot of Manhattan ... and a few minutes later to . to be alone on your big boat with the entire ocean front bows The transition is very sudden I remember I put a lot of pressure:. ago traffic, fog, whales, sometimes even ice ! The beginning is difficult, complicated and sometimes dangerous when you do not even see the bow of the boat and you feel fishermen around. then it's a real tussle trying to stay ahead of the depression ... and standoff that lasts four days the boat fuse crosswind, it is not constrained by the sea is unique as it ... In the end, finally, it must almost fall on the line, looking down after one or gybes in the small time as a little soft or downwind often ends up in the wind. should have kept a little energy for that and it is not the easiest. Moi j ' had gone to Northern Ireland before jibe! "

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72' modified ORMA 60 trimaran being prepared for Transpac by Tritium Racing

Tritium Racing are refitting the ex Artemis AC test trimaran for an attempt at the LA to Honolulu Transpacific record.  You can follow their rebuild of the 72' trimaran at the address below.  This trimaran has quite an interesting history originally being the ORMA trimaran Bonduelle constructed for Jean Le Cam later being renamed Gitana XII.  It's great to see this boat live on and take on new challenges.

Photo courtesy of the Tritium Racing team

America's Cup update, Oracle Team USA get new AC72 catamaran up and foiling

Multi 50 update, Multi50 Vers un Monde sans Sida heads out for her first sail of the season

The Multi50 of Erik Nigon, Vers un Monde sans Sida has headed out for the first shakedown sail of the season.  Plans for 2013 the season include the Transat Jacques Vabre.  A gallery of photos below.

Also a rough bing translation of their program for the 2013 season which will include the Armen Race and Grand Prix Guyader.

Erik Nigon | 1 January 2013 | Season 2013

Dear friends

  The difficulty it is always those who are already the weakest who are most affected when it is time to be more present, to show that it is the beautiful around us, the future before us, the adventure with us, the happiness we just brought a tense and open hand.

  Then all come, embark with us and share intact and genuine moments, makes emotions that make us dream and hope since 2005 and the launch of the first boat to red tape

2013 we will embark to a new country that has made ​​the fight against AIDS a priority and bringing hope to many young and ambitious people: Brazil

  This will be the Transat Jacques Vabre from Le Havre to November 3rd, we will be on board with Samy for a great descent of the Atlantic via Ouessant, Madeira, the Canaries, the Cape Verde Islands and then change hemisphere continuing off the coast of Brazil to Itajaí. A journey where we should meet all weather conditions and finish with depressions that run in the direction of clockwise!

  Meanwhile in November "Towards a world without AIDS" will in May at the Grand Prix de Douarnenez and the Trinity run the Armen Race in June between Saint Nazaire and Sainte Marine for SNSM (and maybe see Armada Rouen ) in August in Saint Quay Portrieux and September in Fecamp for Multi 50 Trophies

  This is a nice program that allows us to wish you a happy new year 2013. It will not be easy for all also count on us to send you the rays of happiness salty spray of the adventure racing

  We embrace you

  Take care of yourself and your loved ones

  Erik and the crew of the Red Ribbon Sailboat

photo courtesy, Vers un Monde sans Sida team

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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Multi50 update, Lalou Roucayrol taking "Arkema" out on her first sail

A short video at the following link of the new Region Aquitaine/Arkema Multi50 trimaran out for her first test sail with Lalou giving his early approval of the new craft.

From an article on

Here is the rough bing translate:

A month after her lauching, the trimaran of Lalou Roucayrol comes to his first outing at sea off the coast of the Verdon. The MEDOC browser will attend his first race in the departure of Douarnenez, may 3, accompanied by including Marc Thiercelin may 3.

America's Cup update, Oracle Team USA officially launch their new AC72 catamaran

ORACLE TEAM USA officially launched the team’s second AC72 today, April 23, from the team base at Pier 80 in San Francisco. Helmsman Jimmy Spithill led the team and audience in a toast after Oracle Chief Marketing Officer Judy Sim broke a bottle of champagne across the bowsprit. The boat was then lowered into the San Francisco Bay before docking out for the first time.

“It’s an awesome day. We’re all very, very excited to get it out on the water,” said Spithill. “We hope to develop the fastest AC72 that will hit the Bay. There’s been a lot of energy, a lot of hours, put into this boat from the entire team. Now, it’s up to the sailors, along with the support of the rest of the team, to get out there and really try to get the most out of this boat.”

read more here

Photo's courtesy Team Oracle USA

Photo's courtesy Team Oracle USA
There are also a couple of vids that covers the launch

GC32 Great Cup racing catamaran, upcoming events

I've reproduced this recently issued press release for anyone who is interested in becoming a prospective owner/competitor on the Great Cup circuit.  I'm very impressed by their willingness to set up the competition and provide events at which the boats can be raced. More information on this exciting new one design racing catamaran can be found at or on the web at

The GREAT CUP – the brand new circuit for state of the art foiling catamarans
With the Nacra 17 in the Olympic Games for Rio 2016 and the 34rd America’s Cup being sailed this year in foiling AC72s, soaring interest in competing on two hulls has prompted a new circuit to be set up for the absolute state of the art in racing catamarans.
Created by cat sailors Laurent Lenne and Andrew Macpherson, the Great Cup makes its debut next month on Lake Traunsee, Austria, and will be sailed in brand new, purpose-built GC32 foiling catamarans.
Built in entirely in carbon fibre by Premier Composites in Dubai, the GC32 has been designed by Martin Fischer, best known for his groundbreaking Capricorn, Hobie Wild Cat and Phantom F18 catamarans and his work on Franck Cammas’ Groupama trimarans.
The GC32 features the latest S-foil daggerboards and L-profile rudders. These generate enough vertical lift to elevate the GC32 out of the water when she is sailing at speed, in a similar fashion to the foiling AC72s. But unlike the solid wing used on America’s Cup catamarans, the GC32 features a simpler and more conventional rotating wingmast rig, making its launch and retrieval an easier process.  
Significantly, the Great Cup is aimed at accomplished amateur sailors looking to go racing aboard the fastest, most advanced boats for their size. “We want the Great Cup to be the catamaran equivalent of racing a Melges,” says Laurent Lenne, himself a businessman and an amateur F18 sailor, who conceived the GC32 as the boat he most wanted to sail.
As a result The Great Cup is being set up to give owners and teams easy access to their boats without their having too far to travel for their racing. The intention is to have a number of local circuits, the first being in Western Europe, with others to follow in the USA and Australasia. When these are established the cream of these fleets will meet up to compete in the equivalent of a World Championship.
Because The Great Cup is aimed more at private owners than sponsored boats with pro crews, the circuit will be less-orientated towards ‘stadium sailing’. While races are sure to be kept short, emphasis will be placed on ensuring the best racing for the competitors. The lightweight GC32 is also designed so it can be raced in the widest range of conditions, from 5 to 25 knots, to maximise the opportunities to compete.
While the prospect of racing a boat capable of 15 knots upwind and more than 30 while ‘flying’ downwind might seem alarming, the GC32 has been conceived to be very well behaved on all parts of the race course. If an AC72 is the equivalent of a fully fledged Formula 1 race car, the GC32 is more a super-high performance road car. For example the hi-tech foils may give the impression of making the boat harder to sail. In reality their effect on the helm is not overly noticeable, they reduce pitching and while the usually terrifying bear-away at the top mark still incurs considerable G-force on the crew, it does so with the risk of pitchpoling much reduced. In effect the GC32 design maintains the catamaran’s outstanding speed around the race track, while minimising the possibility of capsize.
As Laurent Lenne says: “To me, as an owner, the first time you step on the boat you are overwhelmed by how impressive the speed is, but at the same time you feel safe very quickly.”
Logo_Allianz_Traunsee_Woche.jpg 2013 will be the year where The Great Cup establishes itself. Already three GC32 have been constructed and these will have their competitive first outing in Europe at Allianz Traunsee Week on Lake Traunsee, Austria over 8-12 May.
The boats are then scheduled to move on to Lake Geneva in June where they will compete in the Geneve-Rolle-Geneve and the Bol d’Or Mirabaud.

L'Hydroptere detail photos of onboard equipment

This gallery of photos comes courtesy of Chris Ostlind who was invited aboard to have a look over L'Hydroptere and shot some of the more obscure parts of the boat which we rarely get to see.  It's interesting to observe the aircraft like construction of the structure.  This fully foiling craft has been constantly modified, updated and improved.  Currently on the hard and receiving attention in preparation for the LA to Honolulu Transpac attempt

L'Hydroptere, photo courtesy Chris Ostlind

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Weta Trimaran, video from 2013 Fort Walton wetafest and report from competitor Toni Sacco

From the following article on link courtesy of Sailing Anarchy. 

Weta sailor Toni Sacco sums up wetafest

Never in my wildest dreams would a trip to Florida to sail Wetas entail sailing with an Olympian and winning a national championship.

At 6:30 a.m. on Wednesday March 20, the morning after my birthday, the Ithaca, NY Weta fleet, represented by Richard Stephens, Keith Rice, and me, started our grueling 25-hour drive to Fort Walton Yacht Club in the panhandle of Florida. We were on our way to the largest gathering of Weta’s this nation had ever seen - WetaFest 2013. As the entries grew from four boats to twenty, our 25-hour drive seemed like a small price for three days of one-design multihull racing.

read more here

Oracle's new AC72 catamaran launched for the first time

Simeon Tienpoint of Team Oracle has posted up this photo of the launching of AC72 #2

America's Cup update, Oracle Team USA unveil their second AC72 catamaran

From the following Sail-World article by Richard Gladwell

Oracle Team USA, the Defending team in the 34th America's Cup have unveiled their second AC72 catamaran, and the boat that will most likely be the Defender in the America's Cup Regatta, to be sailed in September 2013.

read more here

America's Cup World Series update, highlights video of the Naples event and final results

Monday, 22 April 2013

America's Cup update, Interview with Max Sirena of Luna Rossa on thier AC72 program

Sailing Anarchy have provided this interview with Max Sirena of the Luna Rossa team:

Luna Rossa’s AC72 hits US waters for the first time, and San Fran SA’er “Monster Mash” was good enough to get the shot.  With ETNZ a few weeks away from the dock, we’ve almost got an AC full house in San Francisco. Well,  maybe more of a busted flush…

read more here

America's Cup World Series update: News from Naples ACWS event

Once again lots of coverage from Naples of the America's Cup World Series so I'll just post the links below.  All links courtesy of Sail-World:

America's Cup World Series, Naples - Smashing action on day 2 + Video    ,-Naples---Smashing-action-on-day-2-+-Video/108604

America's Cup World Series, Naples - Oracle Team USA on to match semis    ,-Naples---Oracle-Team-USA-on-to-match-semis/108606

America's Cup World Series - Images from Naples by Carlo Borlenghi    

Fisher's View: Poets in Naples - America's Cup WS - Race Day 2    

America's Cup WS: Images from Naples - Close to the action - Day 2    

America's Cup: Teams in Naples come together to show support    

AC World Series - New Zealand score back to back wins in fleet racing    

Fisher's View: Birthday - in Naples - America's Cup WS - Race Day 3    

America's Cup World Series - Oracle Team USA through to match final    

America's Cup WS: Images from Naples - At the rounding mark - Day 3

America's Cup: Two wins in fleet racing for Emirates Team NZ

Friday, 19 April 2013

America's Cup and America's Cup World Series updates

I'll just include the basic links as a lot of articles have been posted particularly on the America's Cup World Series.  All links courtesy of Sail-World:

Recent updates on AC72 catamaran programs by the teams:

Emirates Team New Zealand update relocating to San Francisco:

Emirates Team NZ have folded their tents and started the physical move to San Francisco, where they will be re-erected.

read more here

Artemis team out training on their AC72 catamaran in San Francisco Bay

Top photographer, Sander van der Borsch, captured this gallery of images of Artemis Racing's AC72 performing spectacularly on San Francisco Bay, after being retro-fitted with foils, and relaunched in April.

read more here

America's Cup: Kiwi Cup vet receives emergency liver transplant in SFO          

Recent updates on the racing in AC45 catamarans in the America's Cup World Series in Naples:

America's Cup World Series - Practice session on the Bay of Naples

AC World Series - Training day images by Carlo Borlenghi    

Fisher's View: Wished for a Lay Day - America's Cup WS, Naples - Day 2   ,-Naples---Day-2/108517

America's Cup WS: Images from Naples, Practice Day 2    ,-Practice-Day-2/108523

America's Cup WS: Coming at ya! Images from inside the Mark at Naples    !-Images-from-inside-the-Mark-at-Naples/108522

America's Cup World Series Naples - Day 1 images by Carlo Borlenghi

America's Cup World Series - Team BAR claims early lead in Naples    

AC World Series, Naples - Split results for Oracle Team USA on day 1,-Naples---Split-results-for-Oracle-Team-USA-on-day-1/108567

Fisher's View: Watching the breeze die.' - America's Cup WS - Day 3

America's Cup WS: Images from Naples - around they go!    !/108581

Kurt Hughes 75' cruising trimaran design

Kurt Hughes still has an interest in designing large trimarans for cruising and the results are certainly impressive.  He has quite a few world cruising trimarans under his belt and the reports from the field on their motion and comfort are very positive.  This is an update from his facebook page on one of his current projects a 75' cruising trimaran.

Multi 50 news, win a day onboard the Multi50 FenetreA Cardinal 3 at the Grand Prix Guyader, May 4

If you are in France this might be worth a look.  For our French readers are running a competition where the prize is sailing for a day at the Grand Prix Guyader onboard the Multi 50 FentreA Cardinal 3.  Enter at the link below.

Multi 50 Actual, short video of the crane launching of the trimaran

Short video of the relaunch of the Multi50 trimaran Actual.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Hydroptere Team on track to challenge Transpac record Los Angeles to Honolulu

From the following Sail-World article submitted by the Hydroptere team

On Wednesday 17th April, in the Parisian workshop of the architect Jean Nouvel, Alain Thébault and his teammates Jean Le Cam and Yves Parlier announced the continuation of the ocean program for Hydroptere. In a few weeks, they will try to beat the record of the Transpacific crossing between Los Angeles and Honolulu. In the presence of their partners Lanson, Capital Fund Management, Clip Industry, Atheos and Coyote, the three sailors explained the race strategy of the 'flying boat', talked about her technological heritage and about the future challenges of the team.

read more here

'Team Hydroptere will try to conquer the Pacific by breaking the record for Transpacific crossing between Los Angeles and Honolulu'    Francis Demange   

RBYAC update on Clarksail, Zhik to sponsor American Red Bull Youth America's Cup team "the force"

A repost of an article by Ross Tibbits on the excellent Clarksail.

MOD70 update, Jean-Pierre Dick and the Virbac Paprec team show off their talented crew

From the following press release by the Virbac Paprec MOD70 team:

After 10 years of single and double-handed sailing, Jean-Pierre Dick is taking on a new challenge with his VIRBAC-PAPREC 70 multihull. He is now the leader of a “top-flight” team. They come from the Vendée Globe, America's Cup, the Jules Verne Trophy, and from sailing on one hull as well as three. They are called Roland, Vincent, Thierry (x2), Fred (x2) and Guillaume. “We have a very skilled and friendly crew! We take pleasure in sailing together and sharing our various seafaring experiences”, stressed the enthusiastic skipper during the first training sessions off Lorient. VIRBAC-PAPREC sailing team's objective is to learn quickly so as to be competitive in next Tour of Europe in June.

read more here

Photo courtesy, Virbac Paprec team

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Multi 50 update, Maitre Jacques and Arkema Region Aquitaine go out for their first sail of the season

The crews on the Multi50's Maitre Jacques and Arkema Region Aquitaine are getting in some sailing time and shaking down their trimarans in preparation for the new season.  The photos courtesy of Maitre Jacques team and Team Lalou.  First event of the new season for the teams is the Grand Prix Guyader.


AC Uncut, Nathan Outteridge gives his tips for AC45 catamaran sailing

Farrier F-22 trimaran production update, final fitout of main hull proceeding

A new update on recent progress towards completion of the F-22 production trimaran has been uploaded.  Final fitout of production hull # 1 is under way.

read the whole production blog here:

America's Cup World Series, live streams scheduled on Youtube for Naples Event

Day one of America's Cup World Series racing in Naples

Day two of racing in Naples

Day three of racing in Naples

Day four of racing in Naples

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Spindrift Racing, release their 2013 program

From the following article on the Spindrift Racing website
After re-fitting the maxi-trimaran Spindrift 2 (formerly the record-breaking Banque Populaire V), the Spindrift racing team is gaining momentum. The 2013 program, designed and based around Dona Bertarelli and Yann Guichard, will marry regattas, ocean races and ocean records for the next four seasons.
The Fastnet Race in August for Spindrift 2
Spindrift 2 is currently at the CDK boatyard in Lorient for a complete check-up and will be launched in its new livery in early July. The first training session is scheduled so that Spindrift 2 does not break stride before the start of the Fastnet Race from Cowes on August 11. He holds the record for the 600-mile race in the English Channel and the Irish Sea, winning in 1 day 8 hours and 48 minutes at an average speed of 18.1 knots (approved WSSRC record) in August 2011. “This year will be dedicated to discovering the boat and familiarising ourselves with the size of the machine so we can determine what technical developments it is possible to make for next season.” Yann Guichard said.
After the first outing in the Fastnet, Spindrift racing will dedicate 2014 to the formation of a team of a dozen people to set records: An Atlantic crossing, the Route Discovery, a Mediterranean crossing, Jules Verne …
“This joint project with Yann is about drawing together human and sporting adventures that fit our criteria: creating a new challenge and team, performing and not resting on our laurels,” Dona Bertarelli said. “Although it is a logical next step for Yann in his career, for me it is a 90 ° turn and a big challenge to get involved in this ocean racing format that I do not know. It is my desire to progress further and discover the deep.”
read more here

America's Cup Word Series update, Oracle Team USA ready to rumble in Naples

From the following Sail-World article submitted by Lisa Ramsperger,-Naples:-Oracle-Team-USA-ready-for-battle/108460

Following on from alternating between sailing the AC72 and training for the next America’s Cup World Series, Oracle Team USA is in Naples, Italy, and ready to focus on racing the AC45. Skipper Tom Slingsby and crew Sam Newton (wing trimmer), Kinley Fowler (jib trimmer), Rome Kirby (runner) and Piet van Nieuwenhuijzen (bowman), arrived over the weekend and hit the ground running in preparation for this week’s regatta, held April 16-21.

'All of our focus has been on the AC72, but on the days that we are not sailing on the AC72, we have been able get out on the AC45s. We’ve had a few training sessions over the last couple of weeks which have been really important,' said Slingsby. 'We’ll have a few days of training and hopefully improve as much as we can before racing starts. And, I know to expect huge crowds – last year was the biggest crowd I’ve seen in sailing, so I’ll be ready for that, which will hopefully take away some of the nerves.'

Slingsby, gold medalist from the London 2012 Olympic Games, will helm the team’s entry in the regatta, marking his first ACWS as skipper. He has been in the tactician role in previous ACWS regattas, including the 2012 ACWS in Naples.

'I’m really excited,' Slingsby said. 'I’ve been given an opportunity that I’m sort of taking with both hands and trying to run with it. It won’t be easy – any skipper in their first event in the AC45s hasn’t traditionally done too well, and it’s always quite tough. But, we’ll do our best. We’re a young, motivated team and we’ll see how it goes.'

The crew was on the water shortly after landing in Naples. On Sunday, they raced in the Coast Parade Trophy 2013 along the Naples coastline, finishing third.
read more here

Multi50 update, Team Actual relaunch their trimaran after refit

Team Actual have relaunched their Multi50 for the 2013 sailing season after the recent refit and repaint. 

America's Cup update, Team Artemis video Loick Peyron on upgraded AC72 #1

The Artemis Team have released this video update on their progress.  Their upgraded AC72 #1 catamaran is now out and sailing on San Francisco Bay. 

America's Cup World Series update, Energy Team ready to do battle in Naples

From the Energy Team website:

The AC World Series de Naples begins on Thursday 16th April and will see the elite AC45 crews doing battle. Led by Yann Guichard, the French crew on Energy Team have a tough fight ahead of them against competitors that have been training for a long time.
The final AC45 event before the Louis Vuitton Cup, the AC World Series in Naples looks like being extremely spectacular, as it is expected to be raced in the sunshine and near perfect conditions, with a moderate thermal breeze. Yann Guichard, who will be at the helm of the Energy Team AC45, is expecting 8 to 14 knots of wind on relatively calm seas. “In any case, we are not going to be facing the sort of extreme conditions we experienced last year, when the wind was too strong… or indeed much too weak.”
Between Vesuvius and Capri, the Bay of Naples will offer “one final opportunity to shine in a magnificent setting, with the boats sailing right up close to the breakwater,” explained the pilot of Energy Team. Most of the French crew remains unchanged with Christophe André, Arnaud Jarlegan, and Devan Le Bihan. The only change from the last event is the arrival of Christophe Espagnon as wing trimmer. “We know Christophe very well – we went through an Olympic training together – and he has settled in very well,” Yann told us.
read more here