Thursday, 27 November 2014

Corsair Pulse 600 trimaran update, tooling coming together at Corsair Factory

From the latest update by Corsair:
With the hull, beam and float moulds all complete, the attention is now on the deck mould as the last major moulding to be completed before the first product can be produced. Here are some recent photos and insight into the current developments:

To make the deck mould, we first have to make the male plug. We do this using a series of CNC cut parts, which we slot into the hull shape before finishing with a filling material which is then sanded back by hand. We do this on a hull part so that we can be absolutely sure the hull and deck join aligns 100% every time as the parts themselves are made completely separately.

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Corsair 600 trimaran tooling under construction, photo courtesy Corsair Marine

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