Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Tim Clissold TC1221 (40') trimaran concept

I contacted New Zealand multihull designer Tim Clissold http://www.tcdesign.co.nz to do a concept for an ocean racing/cruising trimaran that still had useful volume for cruising.  He delivered a concept that I thought would have made a beautiful balanced performance boat.  Sadly my wife indicated she did not want to spend any time cruising so I changed tack to a more basic racing machine as my ocean racing approach.  I present the concept here in the hope that someone might like to pickup the ball and run with it and get plans and a boat built to them.  It's a beautiful boat and would provide a very comfortable high performance cruiser/racer trimaran.

Trimarans dont provide the living space or load carrying ability of a catamaran but if you can live without extra "stuff" they make up for it in other ways in providing a more dynamic and engaging sailing experience to the sailor and generally superior performance.  I'd say this boat would be comfortable and have adequate load carrying characteristics for a couple with kids for cruising and considerably more for daysailing or racing.

The statement of requirements was for a comfortable bluewater capable trimaran with a performance focus that was able to be a competitive ocean racing craft but enough displacement to provide for extended unsupported cruising and reasonable tankage for fuel with generator power coming from a diesel fitted with a sail or retractable shaft drive and a watermaker to keep weight down.

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