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Grand Prix Guyader, article on letelgramme.com summing up the event

From the following article on letelgramme.com


and the rough bing translate:

The curtain fell, yesterday in Douarnenez, on the first act of the Grand Prix Guyader, little windy but sunny. A cocktail which met crews who ensured the show in a magical Bay.  
At the end of morning Loïc Ponceau took advantage of a small South stream to launch fleet, the Class 40, IMOCA, Multi 50 and maxi-multis on a 19-mile coastal course. Once more, the spectacle, visible from the Rosmeur Pier, was superb under a sky that had begun to be filling. Lionel Lemonchois, indented Sunday, was the first to launch the slender hulls of «Prince de Bretagne» at the Committee boat before the powerful 'People's Bank'.
Second curtain, Mod 70 "Musandam" and "Virbac" pasted-tight began a match that was going to last, and even to continue before the jury. 

It was nothing next to the epic jam that brought together all the series in the first brand under the cliffs of Crozon. This ultimate day was placed under the sign of light and unstable winds with episodes instead. "" The day the tactician nightmare because the wind was erratic, said laughing Roland Jourdain. ".Oman"(Musandam) has played, they made a u-turn almost and the Tower of the parish to find wind".

Sidney Gavignet and his crew won this final round before "Virbac» of Jean-Pierre Dick who has managed its entry into runway in am. 70. In general, the "Bank-popular" maxi, which was the first release in competition, managed to keep the supremacy narrowly.

In Multi 50, Loïc Féquet and the crew of "Maître Jacques" sign a perfects with four victories on the four disputed coastal. Yesterday, Malouin, assisted by Franck-Yves Escoffier to the tactics, has signed a beautiful fourth place overall, at 20 seconds of "Prince de Bretagne» Lionel Lemonchois and the"Banque Populaire"maxi, it is true little favoured in these light airs.

"We are pleased with this result and the manner in which it happened. We have a good speed in the small time, but above all, the crew is, every season, a little more ground. Everything is flowing between us, it is a huge asset, entrusts the Malouin which perfectly began his season. 

IMOCA, "Groupe Bel" concluded on a victory for sleeve and stood out to the general. His victory at Douarnenez is balm to the heart of Kito de Pavant after not yet closed injury of the Vendée Globe. "The boat has been superbly repaired CDK and lost nothing in performance. In conditions complicated with little wind, we demonstrated its qualities and took a lot of fun to race with buddies such as Jacques Caraës and Bertrand de Broc. It's a beautiful weekend, sporting and humanly. «Win made a very foolish ", says Kito de Pavant, moved slightly.

On the side of the Class 40, a series that displays a beautiful vitality, there was game to the end. On the momentum of his double on Sunday, Victorien Erussard ("solidarity in platoon") won a new victory yesterday. But "EDF GDF Suez" by Sébastien Rogues, second in this final round, is necessary to the general. "What a day! It was the Bay of Douarnenez in all its States but we managed to escape,"unleash in chorus the skipper and his tactician, Fabien Delahaye, come relax in a month of the Solitaire.

Four days Grand prix Guyader really brought together sailors from all walks of life.

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