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Multi50, FenetreA Cardinal team convincing winners of the 2013 Trophee du Port de Fecamp

From the following article (in French) on

and the rough bing translate below:

-˜windowâ Cardinal won the trophy of the port de Fécamp

-The crew won all rounds run

-A good omen before the Transat Jacques Vabre

He had said: the crew of ˜windowâ Cardinal would surely still more sharpened for the trophy of the port of Fécamp. Erwan Le Roux was right: the cohesion of crew, which has increased little by little as as Yann Elies was taking its brands within the sailing team has also benefited from training in double that Erwan and Yann are taxed to come to Fécamp. With in the end, a domination without sharing under the upper-Normandy cliffs.

Grand Slam: it's not every day that in regatta, a crew dominates the others, at this point, the head and shoulders. Although Erwan Le Roux was rather confident before the start of the Trophée de Fécamp, nobody on Board could have foreseen this amazing scenario. The configuration of the water was actually more favourable to men ˜windowâ Cardinal, with longer routes to the breast which the intrinsic speed of the boat was more important. The weather more tonic to Saint-Quay Portrieux also played for the red and black trimaran. But from there to leave only crumbs to his opponents, there was a market that nobody would have dared to take on board.

But now it is days where everything succeeds. Departures well placed, excellent speed, a faultless tactic, and the finger of success necessary for performance of exception, all was there. And the crew took advantage, playing on the virtuous dynamics that often accompanies the good results. These moments of total fluidity are sufficiently rare in a life of marin does not live until the end.

They said :
Erwan le Roux: "It is clear that it was a notch above. Everything went well: a nice speed, maneuvers nickel, the good starts, always just strategic choices, everyone did what he had to do in good timing, it was amazing. The entire crew was perfect. I'm even surprised at the difference in level from the Route of the Princes. It has gained in speed thanks to the new sails, but I thought it would be tighter.
In addition, it is good for confidence before the Transat Jacques Vabre. There are still training to do rides together with Yann to refine our duplicate, but we know that we are on the right track. In the meantime, Let's enjoy because of moments like that, there are not fifty in a marine life."

FenetreA Cardinal in action Trophee du Port de Fecamp 2013, photo courtesy

and the final rankings for the event from the Multi50 facebook page:

1- FenêtréA-Cardinal – Erwan Le Roux – 9 pts
2- Maitre Jacques – Loïc Féquet – 25 pts
3- Actual – Yves Le Blévec – 27 pts
4- Arkema Région Aquitaine – Lalou Roucayrol – 27 pts
5- Rennes Metropole Saint-Malo Agglo – Gilles Lamiré – 49 pts
6- Rayon Vert – Alain Delhumeau – 59 pts
7- Biscuiterie de – Pascal Quintin – 67 pts
8- Gamin – Pierre Antoine – 67 pts
9- Delirium – Joris de Carlan – 86 pts
10- – Jean-François Lilti – 87 pts
11- Nootka – Gilles Buekenhout – 90 pts
12- PiR2 – Etienne Hochedé – 100 pts

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