Saturday, 2 November 2013

Spindrift Racing, update from Day 3 of the Discovery route record attempt from onboard maxi trimaran Spindrift 2

From the following update from the Spindrift Racing website:

Following three days of exhilarating racing, Spindrift 2 is due to be on the theoretical mid-point of the Discovery Route. The lead over the record time set in 2007 by the maxi trimaran Groupama 3 increased last night to over 280 miles. Today the lead has gone down to under 230 miles due to the extra tacks and manoevuers carried out by Dona Bertarelli, Yann Guichard and the crew of 12. “The aim is to sail as close to the wind as possible, in order to avoid getting too close to the centre of the high-pressure area where the winds are lighter”, Yann Guichard said. Spindrift 2 opts for sailing at a 90 ° angle to the course to plunge into the strong north-easterly flow blowing in the direction of the West Indies. “It’s always a little frustrating not to sail the direct course but that’s part of the game. We have a small lead that allows us this luxury. These readjustments are needed in order to skilfully negotiate the trade winds. After a few hours of sailing a straight course south, we will once again head west. We have made good progress since the Canaries, close to the optimal course, and we will certainly follow this course at least once more after sailing on a starboard tack, which we will be doing shortly. “

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