Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Sodebo Ultime trimaran, Out of the shed at Multiplast

From the following press release (in French) by the Sodebo Team:


And the rough bing translate below:

In the great outdoors!
Metamorphosis lasted more than a year. A chrysalis away from the eyes during which the trimaran Geronimo of Olivier de Kersauson became Sodebo Ultim', the new weapon of the solitary sailor Thomas Coville.
The end of construction approach. Today, the 'beast' has passed through the doors of the hangar Multiplast in Vannes and met the rays of the Sun. The size is impressive and three slender hulls elongate a modern and aggressive silhouette. The work is not completed. Sodebo team do not release pressure, well instead. There is still a thousand details to finish and a few days to work outdoors on the banks of the Gulf of Morbihan before putting the boat in the water.

How will more than 30 metres long and more than 20 of wide but do it alone on such a machine? The question has not finished to be posed by those who discover this new Member of the ultimate class that will start on the Route du Rhum in November. For the skipper who has 20 years of multihull behind him and two circumnavigations of the globe single-handed at the helm of his previous trimaran Sodebo, this birth marks the beginning of a new adventure to his measure, in agreement with his experience and ambitions.

"When I think back to this day of March 2013 we went seek Geronimo on his platform to Brest...Need to project and believe it," remembers the skipper. "Very soon, we had numbers in mind, shapes, volumes, we imagined a new central hull, drawn from new fronts of floats. With the entire team involved in this project, we have created a boat that became ours over the weeks and months of construction."

Lord passionate enthusiasm of steel, Thomas viewing Sodebo Ultim' as if it were the first: "I could tell me: still a boat, one, the desire could erode home and although not, when hulls was unmasked after painting and I've seen the platform as a whole, it was a great moment." And treading the net for the first time, I felt the same emotion when we had turned Jet Services in Commodore Explorer (1990s). Today I have this same collective pride in having dared."
Picture Fred Morin/Sodebo

Sodebo voile - Thomas Coville : teaser... by sodebo-voile

And the modifications in an animated form:

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