Friday, 29 March 2013

Multi50 Maitre Jacques relaunched in Saint Malo for upcoming season

Launching of Master Jacques trimaran Thursday in St Malo
An update from the Maitre Jacques Multi50 team with the relaunch of their updated Multi50 trimaran at Saint Malo.!/multi50

and the rough Google translate:

After four months of work, the 50-foot trimaran Master Jacques was released this morning shed CCI Saint-Malo, where he made such a nose of her bows ... The big red and white bird hit the water in the middle of the afternoon on Thursday. He is ready for his third season in the colors of Master Jacques: objective podiums!

As every year since he took over the Master Jacques Multi 50 (ex Crêpes Whaou 2 Franck-Yves Escoffier) ​​in 2010, Loïc Féquet organizes a project to optimize its trimaran. This winter, the bulk of the work was, on the one hand, laying bare hulls to complete the installation of a new design and, secondly, the creation of new bows ...
Bridges the Master Jacques are now sharper on the front. Its inverted bows will crack the best waves ... Designed by the architectural firm VPLP, these new "nose" were made by Lawrence Gourmelon (Strat & Gite in St Malo). Ultimately, it is the whole silhouette of this platform of 2005, which has a new look, more elegant!
Lighter, more reliable, means of communication ... The rest of the work was to lighten the boat (interior fittings, rigging hardware), add the electronics on board, install a satellite antenna for the transmission of video race and a wind turbine and a second autopilot. A revision of the steering system was also performed.Finally, the new set of sails is 3Di (a very stable material) and the mainsail will be lighter, despite its more than 2 m2 of former ...

Performance gains and safety are expected ... The Multi 50 Master Jacques is ready for the season, for the Transat Jacques Vabre and even for the Route du Rhum 2014!
Program particularly rich

The goal now for Loic and his team, to navigate up and, indeed, the 2013 racing calendar is particularly intense: two pre-season tests, a new European race with the Route des Princes, the Cowes- Dinard and Trophies Multi50 this summer and the Transat Jacques Vabre double, which revives a journey to Brazil, via the equator, a first for the crew Maître Jacques ...

Loïc Féquet skipper, Master Jacques, "I would firstly like to thank all the volunteers and the sailing team who came to help the weekend to complete the project so that everything is ready now for the launching.

This season, the main objective is of course the Transat Jacques Vabre. We finished second in 2011, it is necessary that we stay on the podium. It does not work optimization for nothing! This project has also been designed as for the Route du Rhum ...

For the Transat Jacques Vabre, the duo remains the same, we start with the known therefore on potential growth possible. We will navigate as possible with Loïc this year, race and race off, depending on our respective schedules. The technical and human side, we put all the chances on our side to fight with the boats and the latest professional skippers.

Trophies for events and pre-season, again, the crew remains the same, always with a big motivation and commitment of the entire team. We know that we can win, especially in certain weather.

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