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Maitre Jacques with Loic Fequet at the helm departs on solo qualifier for the Route du Rhum

From the following Facebook entry on the Maitre Jacques Facebook page:

and the rough bing translate below:

Top departure for the qualif' Route du Rhum!
.. .the record SNSM to follow Sunday a week after the water of his trimaran Maître Jacques, Loïc Féquet enjoys a beautiful weather to set off, window this Monday, on its 1000 miles (1852 km) qualifying for the Route du Rhum - Destination Guadeloupe! To completion of the qualifying course, the skipper will directly sail on St Nazaire to take the start of the Record SNSM, this Sunday, June 22.

7 months that Loïc has navigated aboard his trimaran (since last November, following its damage to float on the Transat Jacques Vabre). This afternoon, he will finally return to the sea.
About 4 p.m. Monday, Loïc will cap to the West, towards a shadow off the Brittany coast, to browse its 1000 qualifying miles for the Route du Rhum - Destination Guadeloupe. 4 days of re-immersion in his costume of runner off the coast, 4 days of altimeter, 4 days of sensations and pleasures it will share contributors to Maître Jacques.

Loïc Féquet, skipper master Jacques: "there is a beautiful weather window: 15-20 knots for 4 days." This will be perfect for a grip. I will resume my brands, quietly reclaim me the boat. The weather will be lenient, I send news every day. » Already a point at 20 knots two outputs at sea will have been enough to stall everything aboard the Multi 50 master Jacques. Returned to the water Saturday, June 6 after a long site devoted to the replacement of its floats, the red and white trimaran is already ready for a big loop of 1000 miles off the coast. Rigging is set, the construction was thorough and the boat is ready to sail. As soon as the second drive, Loïc and his team already had spikes to 20 knots!

Loïc Féquet, skipper master Jacques: "rigging been rewrapped as it should be, there has been no cracking and the boat behaves really well. '' Thanks to the new floats and the complete overhaul of the system of bar, he won in agility, it responds much faster in transfers. And at the first exit, it was at 19.8 knots, the 2nd day at 20! "The Record SNSM to follow after his qualifying course Loïc will route towards Saint Nazaire, to take the start of the Record SNSM next Sunday. This crew test that pays tribute to the work and commitment of the rescuers at sea will also be an opportunity for the Team master Jacques to "shoot" a little more on the boat.

Chrono to beat this will be the 3rd Team master Jacques in this atypical event participation.
The 360-mile course (666 km) consisting of two back and forth between the resident of Saint-Nazaire port and a course located off the coast of Sainte-Marine in Finistère (North of the Glénan) is a very technical and intense exercise. Crews are at 100% all the time and boats show their full potential, if conditions permit.

During his first participation in 2011, the Team master Jacques had won the second fastest in its category with an average speed of over 20 knots. In 2013, the weather was less favourable, the average had dropped to 13 knots, but each time, Loïc and his team had pushed their boat up with spikes to 27-28 knots!

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