Thursday, 4 September 2014

Hydros Team smash record on the Munich-Rapperswil-Munich route on Lake Zurich

From the following article (in German) on 20 minuten:

The rough bing translate is below:

Lorenz von Meiss - for the line Zurich-Rapperswil and back the catamaran of hydros needed only 2 hours and 25 minutes. Thus, the previous fastest was undercut by almost an hour.

The catamaran «Hydros» breaking the existing speed record on the line Zurich-Rapperswil Zürich.

One of the most modern catamarans in the world was developed in cooperation with the EPFL. With almost 50 km/h, the catamaran plowed this week by the waves of the Lake of Zurich. For sailing expert Caspar Büttner several conditions must be fulfilled in order to set a speed record: «as first you need Of course a really fast boat and knowing how to work around it.» Also the wind conditions must accept in order to make such a record», says Badenhorst.

Low water resistance

The wing installed on the hydros allow a minimum water resistance and higher top speeds the sailing ship. Further is a system of hydraulic pumps aboard to optimally explore the ship. The previous best mark for the long-haul distance Zurich-Rapperswil and back was 3 hours and 18 minutes and was in the year 1990 also by a catamaran set up. Only if fit all circumstances, such a record can be set.

Hydros Foundation receives financial support from the Geneva private bank Lombard Odier. The Bank supports the development of new technologies and more efficient research projects. The Foundation of hydros is also planning a motor boat with the same wing technology as the catamaran. The lower water resistance to help consume less fuel.

There is a video also at the article link:

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