Friday, 3 April 2015

Corsair Pulse 600, development update #14 new folding system and refinements in place

From the following press release by Corsair Marine:

After the successful test sail on the water testing in Nha Trang last month (update #13 ) we have been focussing on some modifications to really take the boat to the next level, and ready for the real product launch. Hull #2 is heading out to Brisbane, Australia next week where it is to be demo sailed and then exhibited at The Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show. We also have Hull #3 due to hit the water here in Vietnam as we have some local testing and demonstration sailing to be done!

So what have we achieved?

Folding System
The biggest modification is the folding system. We have moved away from the soft lower strut system which was simply too hard to use and in reality didn’t offer the rigidity we required for this product. We have now replaced this with a new anodised aluminium folding system. Similar in concept to our larger Corsair models however the new folding system uses a solid “V-shaped” lower strut on all four beams.

The complexity of the geometry involved is particularly high as the buoyancy of the float will dictate how much you can push the float through the water when you are folding. Not easy to setup however after testing the boat on the water, we struck off another milestone with this project by confirming that it is now an easy single person job to fold both on the water and on the hard. Another important feature to mention here is that the capshroud does not need adjustment when folding the boat. Likewise, the trampolines require no adjustment when folding as they self-tension when the folding system is opened out.

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Pulse 600 with dual strut folding system fitted, photo courtesy Corsair Marine

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