Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Shutdown of updates to the news section of the Trimaran Projects and Multihull News blog

This blog has been a labor of love over the years but lately I'm not so keen on posting news with a busy life taking more of my time.  I'll still periodically update so it might be worth using the follow function or a website content scanning tool like Feedly.  My trimaran projects are all still very much underway with more updates to be posted over the next few months.

I'd like to thank all my readers for following along and all the positive emails and feedback I've received over the years.  The blog content as it stands will remain for its archival reference value but I'm not going to update links if they become broken as some inevitably will.  I still post shares and news regularly to the Facebook Group "The Multihull Appreciation Society" so if you're a Facebook user you might like to check it out.

I also recommend the excellent trimaran enthusiast blog "The Trimaran Journal".


and also the World of Trimaran enthusiasts blog:


Cheers and all the best!

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  1. Your blog TPMN is a valuably source I dont know from anywhere on the web (beside googling or buying expensive multihull magazines). Good this blog system can keep all datas/infos as a kind of archive.

    Tks... too much honour, dear Corley ! - WTE is just a tiny blog (which started in July 2015) and it documents little bit about own search of an indiviaul "here & there" to get an own Trimaran for living + working. - If it is enjoyable for others, thats fine. If its teachable, great (but never expected to do so as blog first has the function of an outsourced archive). If WTE can give little bit the impulse and motivation to others to become curious about Trimarans and to start their own (re)search, that would be enough.

    Yes, life is changing steadily, thats normal. Pitty anyhow, that you have a busy life lacking further time for the news section of your Trimaran blog. But blogging is tremendously time intensive (speaking by experience) so priorities must be made..

    Good luck for your running and new projects and blog free time ! - Happy & Safe Sailing.