Saturday, 18 October 2014

Racing proa design 'Bucket list' by Rob Denney

From the following article by designer Rob Denney on his very interesting offshore capable and container transportable racing proa:

Bucket List has a fuse on the main sheet cleat which releases at 30 degrees of pitch or heel. If it does capsize, the buoyant mast stops it going past 90° from where the buoyant boom will right it without the crew getting wet.

The rudders kick up in a collision or grounding and are easily lifted, resulting in a 100mm draft with nothing to trip over on a breaking wave, and the ability to surf up the beach and step ashore as a last resort.

Large, easily replaced foam/glass buffers on the hull ends minimise collision damage.
The single sail rig means you never have to venture outside the beams. There is no dangerous foredeck work, and none of the dramas associated with extras. The wishbone boom is above head height if you are on the tramp.

The hulls are foam cored and compartmentalised. Even if it was severely holed, Bucket List would still float and could still sail.

The flexible mast automatically dumps power in an unexpected gust. The absence of stays means the sail can be reefed, raised, lowered or totally eased on any point of sail and any wind strength.

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