Friday, 31 October 2014

Rapido trimarans, new website with details of Rapido 60 trimaran which is designed by Morelli and Melvin

From the following Concept and Design section of the Rapido Trimarans website:


  A yacht designed and built by real sailors for real sailors…..

  …and meets CE  A and ISAF Category 0 offshore for multihulls ( for trans-oceanic races and capable of withstanding heavy storms…).

  Take the highly experienced sailors that have built more production trimarans than anyone else in the world and team them up with the best multihull design group in the world---the result is an innovative ocean cruising yacht, the first of its kind.

  Safe. Seaworthy. Spacious. Stable. Fast. and Strong!

  The Rapido 60, conceived by Paul Koch and Richard Eyre, and designed by Morrelli & Melvin will set the benchmark for genuine performance ocean cruising yachts.

  We are not talking about a stripped out racing yacht pretending to be a cruiser or a super expensive cruiser that makes performance claims that cannot possibly be lived up to due to weight.

  Round the world and distance records are held by trimarans for good reasons. They are easier and safer to handle even in the storms of the Southern Ocean. They are more comfortable and faster on all points of sail. They are easier on the crew because the motion of a trimaran in the sea is superior to both monohulls and catamarans.

  Monohulls typically sail at least 20 degrees of heel and roll at anchor, which makes living aboard uncomfortable and even exhausting. Catamarans are extremely comfortable when moored and at the boat show and many inexperienced sailors are seduced by this false sense of comfort.

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Rapido 60 performance cruising trimaran, render courtesy Rapido Trimarans

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