Monday, 20 January 2014

Farrier F-22 production trimaran update, Hulls #2 and #3 assembled and approaching completion.

More progress noted by Ian Farrier of Farrier Marine on the production version of the Farrier F-22 trimaran.

Factory view as of today. Boats #2 and #3 are now full assembled with floats, while the trailer for #2
is nearing completion. Prototype (#1 on trailer at left) is undergoing some improvements in the wing
net area and is about to have its wheels changed as part of the development process. The new wheels
and tires will lower the trailering height by another 25mm (1") plus have a much higher load carrying
capacity to more than cover any heavily overloaded boats. 

You can read the full production blog here:

F-22 trimarans hull #2 and #3 assembled and approaching completion, photo courtesy Farrier Marine

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