Sunday, 12 January 2014

Farrier F-22 trimaran update, shipshape once more at the Farrier Marine factory and more progress towards production

From the following entry on the Farrier Marine website:

Progress continues, and we are finally getting factory back into shipshape condition now that the earthquake repair workers have gone. All staff members will also be back from their annual summer holidays next week, which will finally get us back up to full speed. Hulls #2 and #3 are getting closer to shipping, and #2's trailer (with optional stainless disk brakes) is nearing completion in the foreground, photo being taken this weekend.

Everything still feels like a snail's pace however, even to me, but to get a high production level one has to be patient, develop every aspect properly, in minute detail, and then fully document so as to ensure it is easily buildable and repeatable. We are not just copying an old design or using old technology, but developing something truly new in every aspect - just like the original F-27 in fact.

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Farrier Marine factory, photo courtesy Farrier Marine

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