Friday, 31 January 2014

Thomas Coville abandons round the world solo record attempt with unfavourable weather conditions placing him out of contention

Here is their latest press release (in French). Too bad for Thomas hopefully he might take another swing at it with the reinvigorated Geronimo.

 The rough bing translate:

2013 14-Round the world


Aboard Sodebo, Thomas Coville turns

The upcoming weather situation, the backlog and routings that do fall below the Kerguelen in the ice some 300 miles from the Antarctic lead competitor Thomas Coville, in agreement with its partner Sodebo, to renounce his record attempt around the world single-handed in a multihull. The maxi-trimaran returned to her home port of La Trinité-sur-Mer.

Started from Ushant January 17 at 7:42 (HF), the skipper had crossed the equator in 6 days 20 hours, a time in its objectives. "Window last chance, it descended to the equator in a manner far from ridiculous. I knew the key was going to be Helena," explained this evening the skipper.

Since he sailed in the southern hemisphere, the weather was not conducive to speed. Struggling since Monday with a particularly far-reaching St. Helena high between South America and Africa, Thomas lagging since this morning over 1000 miles on the holder Francis Joyon.

This afternoon, while sailing to the close in 15 knots of wind at 2,000 miles from the Cape of good hope, a new brake kick announced within the next 36 hours with the circumvention of a zone of calm involving considerably lengthen the road. The reading of the last routing, Sodebo delayed to its entry into the Indian Ocean would be 600 miles, or about three days at sea.

The shore crew which analyzes weather for Thomas from files of weather France and CLS, observes a new zone of light winds and the presence of ice in the Indian. The proposed theoretical route would go down Thomas by 60 degrees South, or 300 miles north of Antarctica.

The risks, both in terms of sporting performance and in terms of security, run counter to what look for the skipper and his partner.

Thomas, reached by telephone this evening by his team on land:

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