Wednesday, 23 April 2014

A second life for the one time holder of the Jules Verne Record the maxi catamaran Orange II

From the following article (in French) in the Multiplast newsletter:

And the rough bing translate below:

A second life for the catamaran Orange II
François Bich and the Multiplast (valves) are pleased to announce a second life for the catamaran Orange II
This boat, led by Bruno Peyron, a detainee the Jules Verne trophy (record around the world to sail with a crew) in 50 days, 16 hours and 20 minutes from 2005 to 2010 but also the fastest on the North Atlantic, the Mediterranean and 24 hours (766.8 miles either 31.95 knots average speed).
"Bruno Peyron:" I am proud of this history of conquest, proud of this boat that gave me my 3th Jules Verne trophy, proud of my companions with whom we have spent so many hours and magical nights around the world but I am glad that François Bich and the Multiplast yard have the audacity to begin a transformation as radical and ambitious. It will likely mark a turning point in the evolution of the maxi large cruising catamarans and...I like the audacity!"
A wonderful machine that has won....
Designed by the Gilles Ollier Design Team and built by the chantier Multiplast, Orange II, long of 36 m, is a wonderful machine that won it all! Should be passionate bud experienced to tackle a project of this scale: it will be François Bich.
François Bich begins on the family boat designed by M.andre mung. He then gained experience on dinghies (Ponant and 505). In 1965, he sailed on the 12 m JI Sovereign used during the summer as a family boat. He dedicated then 4 years of his youth in the preparation of the America's Cup and will be incorporated into the battalion of Joinville in respect of training for this event. In 1970 and 1974 he will participate in Newport, on France to the America's Cup.
Passionate multihull, the Hobie Cat in formula 40, François Bich is one of the rare enthusiasts of beautiful boats capable of giving a second life to Orange II. He knows that he will benefit from an exceptional boat to circumnavigate the world.
It is therefore not without emotion, that Jack Michal, Franck Martin and Yann Penfornis, three architects who participated in the initial design of the catamaran to the side of Gilles Oliier, revealed plans and calculation notes to develop changes to the boat. The goal is to turn it into a (very) fast cruising yacht without losing the boat racing DNA. Thus a streamlined nacelle of 70 m² will be grafted behind mast boom. Six booths will be arranged in shells with 3 pairs of guests and a crew of 5.

From a technical point of view, despite the strong will and many approaches of the new owner to navigate under the french flag, this transformation will be possible only by opting for a UK regulator more suitable and less restrictive.
François Bich is a member of the BIC company since February 1969. From 1971, it takes the global responsibility of the "Lighter" category, he was in charge of the creation and development and ensures always responsibility 43 years later.


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