Thursday, 10 April 2014

Francis Joyon on trimaran IDEC making good time towards the Azores

From the following press release posted on the Trimaran IDEC website:

Full speed ahead to the Azores, 10 april 2014
Francis Joyon has spectacularly stepped up the pace with the IDEC maxi trimaran reaching thirty knots this morning between Portugal and the Azores.

Joyon is speeding along.  Forty hours after setting sail from Bordeaux, there are already 600 miles in his wake. This morning (Thursday), the IDEC maxi trimaran is sailing at high speed 300 miles out in the Atlantic off Northern Portugal.

After setting off at 1633hrs local time the day before yesterday (Tuesday 8th April) from the Gironde Estuary on his attempt to set a reference time for the Friendship Route between Bordeaux and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), the skipper of IDEC is continuing carefully to zig-zag his way down the Atlantic carrying out a series of gybes (change of tack with the wind from astern). This strategy has two goals. He is looking for stronger winds (there was more wind in the Southern Bay of Biscay at the start) and above all staying close to the wind with the aim of finding the best angle to achieve good speeds.

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