Saturday, 12 April 2014

Team Lalou arrive in Las Palmas in the Canary Islands after jury rigging their mastless Multi50 trimaran with kite power rig designed by Yves Parlier

After a short crossing from Madeira Team Lalou's Multi50 Arkema is in Las Palmas ready to receive a new mast which is being shipped in by "Star Magic" a 25 metre maxi catamaran.

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Arkema - France docked at Las Palmas in the Canary Islands
Today, April 12, 2014, 5 hours ago | Admin
Parties on March 29 from the port of Caniçal in Madeira, Lalou Roucayrol and his trimaran Arkema - Region Aquitaine arrived at Las Palmas in the Canary Islands. Equipped with wings of kite surfs, it took 4 days at sea the trimaran towed to traverse the 300 nautical miles between the two islands. This innovative solution, initiated by Yves Parlier, allows the skipper to keep his schedule: discount site - in condition and preparation of Multi50 Arkema France is launched!

Interview with Lalou Roucayrol:

Back on the ferry between Madeira and Las Palmas
"On Saturday morning, conditions were conducive to a start, with a wind of North, Northwest-facing. It took a few hours to install the global device and have implemented a small mast with a veil of cap to well to balance the boat. The boat sailed and towed by 3 wings for 3 days and a half, to an average of about 4 knots. The wind toppled then Southwest and it drifted East. So we decided to stop at (Fuerte Ventura) on Tuesday, April 2 in the evening. To arrive on the island, we found himself downwind with the waves in the right direction, and have some tips at 10 knots! On Thursday morning, is left to arrive at Las Palmas Saturday.
We are happy to be arriving, but especially in this way. Arkema-Region Aquitaine continues to have its vocation of boat Tester and the project continues in the innovation dynamic. Not to mention that this delivery was the way to bring the boat quickly and inexpensively in the Canary Islands, but it also allows Yves Parlier and Beyond the Sea to advance in their project. I would like to thank the Royal Nautic Club de Las Palmas for its quality of home and its availability. »
The beginning of the construction of Arkema - Region Aquitaine
"The day after our arrival, the grinders were already output. In addition to repairs post capsize, we are conducting a comprehensive review of all the parts and the boat, then will have all the rigging to back up. For the new version of the trimaran, we have much innovated on the boom, which will be a real prototype. Together with Arkema and the skills of the canoeing aquitaine research platform, we use a new resin for its manufacture. We ship so the boom n ° 1, which we consider to be somewhat cumbersome to do some tests of resistance for the manufacture of the boom for the Route du Rhum. »
A new ferry
"The fact is that this rig is in France, and now need to forward it to the Canary Islands. We decided to take the means of transport that I prefer: the sea. I boarded so today, the star magic (maxi 25 metre catamaran) to bring the mast, boom and sail! This is the solution the cheapest, fastest and most environmentally friendly. Romaric Neyhousser, the architect of Arkema - Region Aquitaine, will be by my side during the crossing. We expect approximately 5 days at sea, and will have time to discuss the changes. For now, is the time that it was set! »

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