Sunday, 20 April 2014

Francis Joyon on IDEC maxi trimaran final approach to Rio de Janeiro

From the following article on the Trimaran IDEC website:

Will IDEC be slowing down today or not? The answer to this question will determine whether Francis Joyon finishes in Rio de Janeiro tomorrow or on Tuesday.

Francis Joyon is making the suspense last in this final stretch of the Friendship Route. He told us that the weather would probably lead him to slow right down on Easter Sunday, but at 0830hrs UTC, the IDEC maxi trimaran was still doing more than 22 knots on the direct route. The weather charts appear to be rather more optimistic than yesterday. With 400 miles to go to the finish in Rio de Janeiro, each variation in speed and each calm zone could modify considerably the arrival time.

Up until now, Francis Joyon had been talking about finishing on “sometime during daylight hours on Tuesday 22nd.” It now seems possible that it could be much sooner, although the final 100 miles could still prove tricky. There may well be wind holes, which stop the big red multihull for several hours, but they are difficult to predict.

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The tracker for the record attempt is here:

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