Thursday, 20 February 2014

Cherry Pie Regatta 2014, an overview of the event by Larry Gellar

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Larry Gellar gives us an overview of the 2014 Cherry Pie Regatta Sarasota Sailing Squadron:

Fun times and tough competition at the Cherry Pie Multihull Regatta. The second annual Cherry Pie multihull regatta was held this past weekend (February 7 – 9) at the Sarasota Sailing Squadron in Sarasota Florida. This years’ event featured sixteen trimarans participating in 11 races over 3 days, with dinners and entertainment in the evenings.

With shifty winds varying from 5 – 15 knots over the three days, our IRO Irene McNeil and her crew of volunteers worked tirelessly to move gates, pins and marks to ensure top competition. As a result, the fleet, which was broken down into three classes (Open, Corinthian and 24/27) saw fierce competition with tight starts, close crossings and crowded mark roundings on each leg.

After 11 races, the top three boats were separated by only 5 points, with Tom Reese taking first on FLIGHT SIMULATOR, Ryan & Todd Howe taking second on PANIC BUTTON, and Kathryn Garlick coming in third on EVOLUTION. The Corinthian Fleet was won by Brian Broad on THIRD TRI, and the 24/27 Fleet was won by Jim Bourgoin on FIRST TRI. Click here to view full results!

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