Friday, 14 February 2014

Prince de Bretagne Maxi 80 trimaran, arrives safely in Rio after successful righting and tow

From the following press release (in French) on the Prince de Bretagne website:

and the rough bing translate:

This isn't quite the epilogue of the record attempt the Mauritian of Maxi80 Prince of Britain and Lionel Lemonchois, but this is a new milestone that has been crossed this afternoon. The trimaran and its skipper have indeed arrived in Rio de Janeiro, at around 14:30 (French time), after five days of towing. Now there two or three days of work to the team on-site to fully disarm platform pending his repatriation to Britain. But, already, the double winner of the Route du Rhum was looking towards the future and currently is working on the new spar from its mounting. Because what does not kill makes stronger and its goal remains unchanged: be ready in Saint-Malo on November 2 and win in Pointe-à-Pitre a dozen days later.
 "Finally!" has dropped Lionel Lemonchois, this Thursday in the early afternoon, shortly after having set foot ashore, in Rio de Janeiro. And for good reason, the browser which, let us remember, was party on January 17 in an attempt to bring down the record time set by Francis Joyon in 2009 between Port-Louis in the harbour of Lorient and Port Louis in the Mascarene archipelago, spent ten days all alone on his boat returned after his capsize at 800 miles off the Brazilian coast, then five days (or almost) on the tug from 24 metres chartered to bring them back to port, he and his Maxi80. "Since Friday evening, it was a bit long because we were not moving to an average of more than 6 knots. It was also very monotonous. Only the last 48 hours have been a little different because with Patrice Richardot, one of the members of my technical team, we have passed on board Prince de Bretagne history to maintain a light flashing on the bridge and prevent a bad meeting in an area of heavy traffic" said the Norman skipper who entered the Bay of Guanabara in mid-morning - until the wind rises - and then in Marina del Gloria a few hours later.

Objective Route du Rhum!
'Everything went well. We had space to manoeuvre, there has therefore been no problem. Prince of Brittany is now docked. We have now two or three days of work to put everything in order before returning to France, Tuesday" he said. He and his Posse will thus proceed to the capsize of the boat, and winches and a certain number of parts in order to preserve to the maximum, the starboard float flushing slightly filled with water and then the complete disarmament of the beast. "We will dismantle what can it be like pulleys, hoists... then all go indoors to ensure that more nothing does trolling on the bridge. Then all will be kept waiting to be repatriated to Lorient» Lionel who has, already, eyes turned to the suite, in this case the Route du Rhum, the main objective of the season completed.It has been a few days I'm already focused on the subject. We are currently in full reflection on the profile of the new mast and we will decide in the coming week" confesses Lemonchois, for whom it is not question of wasting time. And for cause, it always aims to register his name for the third time on the charts of the Queen of sunbeds in solitaire. More than ever even!

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