Thursday, 6 February 2014

Mini 40 trimaran, Ian Holt on his latest Mini 40 trimaran design and video

From the following article submitted to Sail-World by Ian Holt:

There was a good breeze at Austin Lakes, Mandurah, West Australia for test-sailing a Mini40 RC trimaran, using all four rigs, although too windy for the number one rig.

Designer Ian Holt describes the remote controlled foiler's performance:

The boat foiled upwind a few times but, will make changes to the foils before I sail the boat again. When on starboard tack and foiling, the boat sometimes veers hard to port. Right now, the port foil is perfect for lighter air foiling, whilst the starboard foil works well in a breeze, but only on a reach, not on a broad reach. Clearly, there is a fine line between good and bad settings for the foils!

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