Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Maxi trimaran Banque Populaire VII returns to Vilamoura, Portugal enroute to Lorient

From the following press release by the Banque Populaire team (in French):

and the rough bing translate:
Ferry: Vilamoura before Lorient
Tuesday, February 11, 2014 - 4:40 pm

Exactly 19 days ago Armel Le Cléac ' h aboard the Maxi Trimaran Solo Bank Populaire VII, took the start of the Route de la Découverte, crossed the Atlantic solo between Cadiz and San El Salvador in the Bahamas. Since then, the skipper of the Bank of the sail has added to his tally this mythical Route, in the wake of Christophe Colomb, and a formidable record of distance covered in 24 hours (682 miles). This morning, the Finistere sailor and his crew were back in Vilamoura following a ferry for a week.

 1) You have secured your trimaran this morning at the Portugal in Vilamoura, port where you had started your stand-by for the Route de la découverte?

The objective of the Team was to beat the record of the Route de la Découverte but it is always a satisfaction to bring the boat to port. Weather conditions are too difficult to go to Lorient directly, we chose to stop in Vilamoura, port that we know well. We preferred to put the boat safely. We shall return our trimaran at Lorient next week when the storm will be passed.

2) How long was the return delivery?

We put a little more than a week to rally Vilamoura since we left Monday morning last of San El Salvador. This ferry crew went really well. We have recovered, the flow of the depressions and we quickly managed to make the East downwind in relatively strong wind. We made a short stop in Madeira because the sea was too composed and strong wind. The objective was to bring our tall without technical problems and that is what we did with the crew.

3) How do you feel after these intensive weeks at sea?

There is clearly a bit of fatigue. The record was sports and it took on the end of the conveyor, be especially careful. I'll relax before going with the return of the maxi trimaran in Lorient (two days of navigation) and then quickly focus on preparation for the record New York - Lizard point early June. In any case, successively beat two important records, is a great satisfaction. I take a lot of pleasure to read messages from fans and share this performance with the whole team and with my trusty partner, Banque Populaire, obviously.

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