Sunday, 9 February 2014

Prince de Bretagne Maxi 80 trimaran, tech team successfully right trimaran at sea and put it in tow

From the following press release (in French) from the Prince de Bretagne team:

and the rough bing translate:

Lionel Lemonchois, who spent, let us remember, not less than ten days alone on his trimaran returned following the capsize occurred January 27 800 miles off the Brazilian coast through the Trinidad Island, can therefore be satisfied with completing an intervention yet delicate but perfectly orchestrated by his team as a whole. Now, he flew to Rio de Janeiro that it should reach five days. The opportunity to revisit these past 24 hours for the less intense with him.
Drill one of the two floats (starboard) as well as all watertight bulkheads in order to fill with water and sink then install straps and a weight of several tonnes on the opposite side to counterbalance to return the boat: so, to sum up, how Lionel Lemonchois and his crew should proceed for the reversal of the Maxi80. On paper, the operation could have simple air, yet in fact, it could prove particularly delicate. Rest the Prince de Bretagne team had perfectly anticipated and prepared. As a result, it has taken to that 10 hours to the small band to complete the intervention. 'We started at sunrise of the day. We have achieved a first attempt in the morning which was aborted after the end on which we had set five tons of chains yields, but in the afternoon, the operation went exactly as we had planned it. The empty float turned very slowly around the central hull before switching and ending at the place. All smooth and without brutality" explained the Norman skipper.
A smoothly operation
Result, at 17.30, UT, the trimaran red and grey was again in the right direction. In the aftermath, Lionel and his men set to drain out all the water contained in the starboard float, the link arm and the central hull. 'We finished the seal. It was very physical as with heat, being in action inside the boat had a whole of a real sauna! But everyone is well given' for its part detailed Fred Le Peutrec. After that, he and others conducted a complete check-up of the platform before towing and at the point where the Sun disappeared below the horizon with the Brazilian boat to put the gauze to get started its road back to Rio with behind it, hung a long end 200 metres long, the Maxi80 Prince of Brittany. "Currently, we are moving at the speed of 6 knots. The captain believes that it can not go faster. The weather is rather good: between 15 and 20 knots of wind and a sea of Alizé. We should therefore arrive ashore in five days' said Lionel before tell the funny mishap that he and his bandmates experienced early yesterday morning.
A rather unpleasant encounter
An incredible and amazing whose history he prefers not imagine the outcome if he was still alone on his mount upside down. 'Two hours before sunrise, a freighter flying Russian flag approached my boat. He was arrested at approximately ¼ mile. On the tug, we tried to contact him by VHF in order to know its intentions but he did not respond. In my opinion, there was no possible ambiguity, it is a pirate ship. He remained a long time to observe, tempting visibly position themselves between us and the Maxi80. "He ended up leaving, but I don't want to think about the progress of the situation if I was still alone on area ' said Lemonchois today doubly relieved the outcome of capsize.

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