Friday, 11 July 2014

2014 Phuket Multihull Solutions Multihull Regatta

From Captain Marty over at Asian Yachting who is covering the 2014 Phuket Multihull Solutions regatta:

July 10th: During the 2011 Multihull Championship, we wisely predicted that "Multihull's are the flavour of the decade" and haven't been proved wrong yet. With boat designers, builders and composite experts, relocating to Phuket and surrounding SE Asian countries, the growth has been phenomenal and some very functional and sleek racing machines have emerged. For the Ao Chalong Yacht Club this is the 7th running of the 'Multihull Only' event and since Multihull Solutions have opened branches in Asia, sponsoring the regatta is a natural move and immediately raised the profile of the event to its former glory days.

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Fireflys smoking along, photo courtesy Asian Yachting

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