Saturday, 12 July 2014

Multi50 update, Team Maitre Jacques improve own record in the Cowes - Dinard Race

From the following entry on Maitre Jacques Facebook page:

The rough bing translate is below:

Maître Jacques set a new record on the Cowes-Dinard two years after beating the record of the Cowes-Dinard (established in 2006 by Ellen Mac Arthur *), Loïc Féquet and his team have further improved the time of this cross-channel 170 miles last night, and this, despite the unfavourable announced weather. 12 h 39, the record time of Cowes-Dinard went 11 h 18 min 50s: any takers!

Yesterday left the Isle of Wight at 11 h 20, UT, master Jacques team to instantly set the tone down the Solent in 50 minutes, with peaks at 25 knots, with an irregular and steady breeze.
Then it was direct route towards Brittany, on a flat sea in a medium of 10-12 knots breeze. Not ideal, but better than those that were announced: 2 more knots of wind and 3 knots of earned to the speedo...

Little sequence "suspense" when, in Guernsey, where the Team master Jacques has struggled against the current in a breeze very low for an hour and a half...

But as soon as they were able to extricate itself from this delicate passage, they have again traced in a direct line towards the finish line they have crossed at 10:40.

Loïc Féquet, skipper master Jacques: "It is always interesting to navigate with the pressure of the chrono...". The weather conditions were not ideal, but it was almost all done in a straight line and on a flat sea, allowing beautiful accelerations. We had the chance to get out of the Solent without having to pull the edges, which is rare, it was already a good gain on the chrono. Then, apart from the stroke of brake in Guernsey, it has sailed well. And it is true to have 2 knots of wind more than forecast, it saves us immediately 3 knots in speed.

This is a beautiful satisfaction, an interesting exercise... to renew! ' * In 2012 for its first participation in this event, the master Jacques team had managed to set a new record time in a multihull of 12 h 39', beating the time of 1:47 PM ' directed by Ellen Mac Arthur on Castorama B & Q in 2006.

New record time of the Cowes-Dinard: 11 h 18 min 50 s, established by the Multi 50 master Jacques, July 11, 2014.

Crew master Jacques 2014: Arnaud Le Gall, Benoit Chacko, Julien Deniel and François Le Bourdais.

Multi50 Team Maitre Jacques, photo courtesy

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