Monday, 21 July 2014

Catri 25 trimaran prototype launched

From the following press release by the Catri Group:

16 years ago under these words in the journal “Multihull International” appeared the first information about hydrofoil system developed in Latvia and about the very first trimaran Catri26 was built.
Now, one and a half year after the commencement of work in the new shipyard, the first CATRI model who really “designed to fly” launched in Burtnieki lake. In contrast to the AC34 catamarans and their small versions (Flying Phantom, Nacra F20C, GC32), the Catri 25 foiling height will not exceed 5-8 cm. Hulls’ contact with tops of waves increases resistance slightly, but it completely offsets by achieved stability. As a result, the new foiling trimaran designed as an all purpose sport cruiser for both race and family cruising.
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Catri 25 trimaran prototype launched, photo courtesy Catri Group

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