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Yann Elies set to compete in Route du Rhum sailing the Paprec recycling MOD70

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At the age of 40, Yann Eliès will play its first Route du Rhum - Destination Guadeloupe on a multi of 70 feet: a childhood dream.

Yann Eliès will be at the start of the Route du Rhum - Destination Guadeloupe November 2 to Saint-Malo. For its first participation, the Costarmoricain will leave in the ultimate class, at the helm of the Mod70 «Paprec recycling».
It was a third win in a row on the Solitaire du Figaro but a Dismasting in the first step has deprived it. Far from giving up, he was offered the luxury to win the second and animate in large part the third to finish second at less than thirty seconds of the first. But then, Yann Eliès (40 years) past at the higher speed. The Costarmoricain will be at the start of the Route du Rhum - Destination Guadeloupe at the helm of the Mod70 «Paprec recycling».

"No time to ruminate about my disappointment.

Jean-Pierre Dick had already announced that he came on the Mod70 circuit to make round the world crew but not to make the solo. It prefers to devote himself to his Imoca project. "I had heard that he sought a skipper for the Route du Rhum, I tabled a folder. They reminded me during the stage to les Sables D'olonne. While returning from the Solitaire, there was more than three. I did an interview and they caught me. At the time, I did not have time to mull over my disappointment on the Solitaire. And maybe at the least, it will be used to it. To convince a businessman", he says. Indeed, Jean-Luc Petithuguenin, CEO of Paprec, Jean-Pierre Dick and the team have therefore chosen to entrust the helm of the trimaran to the double winner of the Solitaire (2012, 2013). "I had envisioned from on Thomas Coville multi or Class40 but it did not do", who last year won the Transat Jacques Vabre on Multi50 of Erwan Le Roux continues. 'When you give me such a boat bar, I won't let go', he confided on the pontoons of the Solitaire du Figaro.

"The good cursor between stress and risk taking.

There, he will go on an another multi, single, and as he says, it will perhaps not evil because the Mod70, designed for the crew, are pretty fickle boats: "I made my first navigation aboard the Mod70 ten days ago in crew. It is necessary that I find my bearings on this boat. Had warned me that it could be quite deceitful. That he tended to quickly lift the leg. It is also physical and an Imoca boat but in addition, there is no the right error. Capsized by the side is possible,"said Yann Eliès, who departed yesterday for a new night at sea in false solitaire. It will be edge on board with "Edmond de Rothschild' to Sébastien Josse. "When you are sheltered under the CAP, does realizes not well of the base of the vessel. It is necessary that we are working on antichavirages systems that I have on board. The release of before sailing with mainsail system. I have to go in having confidence to be able to relax from time to time". After a small Shipyard in order to lighten the boat and change some things for comfort in solitaire, Yann Eliès will perform his qualification in September. November 2 will arrive soon. "You shall not live win with these fickle boats. '' Already will need to reach the other side without turning back. Then, why not play the third step of the podium. "There will be a match in the match with other multis 70 foot», announces, lucid. It's a big challenge but it is also a very good opportunity for the sailor now installed in the Morbihan. "In the life of a sailor, there are the Vendée Globe, the Route du Rhum and later around the world single-handed on a maxi-multi. But then, I am proud to participate in this kind of committed adventure. Need to find the right rhythm, put the cursor in the right place between stress and risk taking. The key will certainly be anticipation. But whatever happens, Yann Eliès will perform a new childhood dream.

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