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Sodebo team and Thomas Coville take new Sodebo Ultime on shakedown cruise and check solo operation

From the following press release (in French)by the Sodebo team

and the rough bing translate below:

First navigation off the coast, a new dimension
« " We do not yet said but it aims much one for the other," sums up Thomas Coville when he talks about the discovery of his new trimaran. Five weeks after the water the Ultim Sodebo valves ', testing and preparation for the Route du Rhum continues with a precise and responsible agenda. This week, the skipper and his team conducted their first navigation off the coast on this gigantic fireball. The time is not yet emotion with figures and quantitative targets. However, when allowed to speak and we listen to it, the sailor doesn't hide his pride in his lightning fast new boat.

If outputs which follow for about a month, allow to finalise the basics of his new trimaran Sodebo skipper took this week its first marks offshore with a reduced crew.
The pure snow and sensations in the dark night
With 10 to 25 knots of wind on the Atlantic, to the near and downwind, the weather conditions were ideal to take the pulse of Sodebo Ultim', this new giant of 31 meters long and 21 meters wide, fruit of the transformation of the iconic Olivier Kersauson's Geronimo. " This first exit offshore is very encouraging. It was a 48-hour round trip in the Bay of Biscay to take my brands on Sodebo Ultim' and start living with him. At the helm, you very quickly accustomed you to its dimensions and its movements. It's a simple and functional trimaran which behaves very well. "We were six on board but I did all the manoeuvres in solo, remittances of sails and catches of ris for return to the physics and put me in a situation as quickly as possible, ' explains Thomas. Smoothly, without forcing, the skipper of Sodebo seeks first to see what his new horse was in the belly and the trimaran, gauge how far his pilot is ready to take him. " The second night, we had a large squall and if until we were very school in our approach, in the dark night without Moon, it took react quickly and navigate to the sensations. In 28 knots of wind, under mainsail and gennaker (663 m2 in total), the boat slipped at more than 35 knots and there, I started to project myself for the first time. I see it has a huge potential; but it would not go too far, it was not the purpose of the exit. »
Another dimension, another world, a new Thoroughbred
After more than six years at the helm of the trimaran Sodebo, difficult not to compare this new Thoroughbred to his little brother but marin said disorder: Sodebo Ultim', it is another world, another dimension. " I thought my last turn to the world by seeing how easy it reached speeds of 30 knots (55 km/h)." These are speeds ceilings on the old boat that you had to go look far, the strength of the snowman. "Never, we couldn't go as fast as soon as the sixth exit with the maxi trimaran, ' says Thomas.
The first time...
Feeling, emotion, meets... Hard to imagine for us land, the affiliation between a sailor and his boat. But, on the Route du Rhum in solitaire that Thomas will lead this contraption impressive dimensions. Their Alliance, their complicity, will follow their performance on this mythical transat alongside other giants of the ultimate class. " As a musician with his instrument, I am trying to grant it. '' This is a boat that looks like me. I love this phase where we view one and the other. We do not yet said but it aims much one for the other. The first night on board, I immediately felt confident. I know I'm going to spend hours in the in-tray or in front of the chart table, it is a prospect that delights me. This navigation to the coast for two days, it was like all first time, a very important moment in a life," says Thomas who, with already four Route du Rhum with three podiums, not dread the end of autumn but remains focused on the sporting aspect of the development of his boat.
Training will continue throughout the month of July for Thomas Coville. Two offshore navigations are scheduled before dashing around July 18 on a transatlantic to Guadeloupe, crew on the go and solo on the return, allowing the skipper of Sodebo to qualify for the Route du Rhum.
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Photo Yvan Zedda / Sodebo

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