Monday, 6 July 2015

Former Maitre Jacques Multi50 trimaran to have a renaissance thanks to Thierry Bouchard will be renamed Ciela Village

The Multi50 Maitre Jacques suffered a float failure in the last Transat Jacques Vabre.  The trimaran has been purchased by Thierry Bouchard and is having new floats constructed at CDK technologies.  It will relaunch as Ciela Village and is being readied for the Transat Jacques Vabre.

The original press release (in French) can be found here:

And a rough bing translate below:

The Official Press Release. Now, you know everything!

The Mediterranean Thierry Bouchard launches in multi50. follower of the regatta, monohull competitor accomplished by class40, avid sports of adventure, it is lance on three hulls with an appetite for ogre. This winter he bought the multi50 Maitre Jacques which he renamed ciela village and to which it offers two new floats currently under construction at cdk technologies to port-LA-Forest. First round of heats, the transat Jacques Vabre in November.

Thierry Bouchard love the competition: ten tour de France à La Voile (once winner, three times second), six times winner of the snim in mumm 30. When he takes a departure it is rarely to participate. Moderator Regatta in contact in mumm 30 in particular, during the last ten years, its blunt and motivation is to broaden his horizons, he chose the class40. break-neck to earth, Thierry practice to high level the bike, the atvs, the High Mountain Sports and overall everything that relates to the adventure of nature. The race off the seduced.

Why spend in multi50?

" I love the boats that go fast and which are fun. The Typology of class multi50 corresponds to an evolution of the class40. there are pros and amateurs and it is the sign of the most dynamic classes. For me, this aspect is very important. The Amateurs ensure the stability of the class; the pros the drive with the sporty side and give to the fans the urge to invest in their boats, optimize them ".

Why this vplp of 2005? (the former Master Jacques, EX-crêpes whaou! 2)

"I have always found that the multi50" crêpes whaou! " 2 and 3 were very beautiful boats. And they work very well. It has not had a chance on the last two seasons (breach of float on the Jacques Vabre 2013 and rum 2014, Ed). I told myself that it really would be a pity that this boat ceases to navigate. It is true I could have done more simple, choose a multi already ready to run. But to be familiar with my boat, it is also important to put my grain of salt in the construction, to make my own modifications. So I chose to make two new floats, in mussels of fenêtréa-Prysmian. They are currently under construction at cdk. We have modified the sampling, placed the weight smart ".

For What program?

" Ciela Village will be put to the water in the month of August. We'll have a month to practice before the transat Jacques Vabre on which I will go to familiarize themselves with the boat. Before that, I'll request the expertise of loïc féquet (the former skipper) and some friends who know the multi. I wish that this ship is sailing as much as possible in the race and if I can't do the entirety of the programme of the following seasons, I shall be handing over to members of my team ".

The teams facebook page can be found here:

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