Sunday, 1 December 2013

ARC rally 2013, Outremer 64 Malisi first to cross the line in the 2100nm Mindelo (Cape Verde Islands) to Rodney Bay(St Lucia) leg

From the following entry on the ARC rally website:

Congratulations goes to the Outremer 64’ Malisi (AUT), the first ARC+ boat to cross the finish line in Rodney Bay St Lucia after a fast 2100NM passage from Mindelo in the Cape Verde Islands. All eight crew onboard were in great spirits, having enjoyed their ten days at sea and are now looking forward to enjoying the delights of the Caribbean.

Having lost their primary means of email not far out from Mindelo, the crew onboard Malisi did not have a clear idea of where they were in relation to the rest of the fleet, but hoped they were making good progress. This technical fault may have proved effective, as the next arrival is not due for over 24 hours. 

‘We really didn’t know where we were most of the time, but it meant we kept pressure on from start to finish’ – Reine, Skipper of Malisi.''

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