Sunday, 29 December 2013

Video from Stephen Walker of Ahoy Boats showing delivery of Catri24 hydrofoil trimaran from Latvia to England

And the description from the video is below:

Sailing a fast hydrofoil trimaran is easy if it is designed well, like this CATRI. Checkout to learn more about Why Trimarans are so FAST and why they are more practical than hydrofoiling catamarans. In 2005 Steve Walker, founder of Ahoy-Boats,, delivered TARDIS, so named because she was amazingly spacious inside (5 berths!) and she looked like a space ship from the future, all the way from Ventspils in Latvia to England via, Gotland, through a full gale to Öland, onto the beautiful island of Hanö, then through fog to Ystad (home of fictional character Wallander), the tiny fishing port of Skåre hamn in Sweden on mid-summer's eve, then to Gedser in Denmark, Kiel, (during Kiel week), through the canal to Brunsbüttel and down the Elbe to Cuxhaven in Germany, then along the Friesland coast to Nordeney, Vlieland, (see blog entries for June 2005 here: then the island of Texel, the seaside resort of Scheveningen in the Netherlands whereafter another gale was encountered and shelter sought at Stellendam before the final two legs to Ostend and across the English Channel to Dover (see blog entries for July 2005 here: In 2014 you will again be able to buy a CATRI hydrofoiling trimaran! However, this time is will be 100% instead of 90% foiling and will be available as a 25ft or 28ft boat. The CATRI foiling trimaran concept is much safer than the crazy America's Cup AC72 catamarans, which were not designed for real sailors who go to sea but for publicity. The new CATRI trimarans will be available with automatic sheet release systems so as to prevent capsize and the foils support the boat in such a way as to prevent pitchpole,, rather than to cause it. Afterwards TARDIS was anchored overnight at Dungeness, sailed past the Seven Sisters and Brighton to Littlehampton and thence through the Solent & past Bournemouth to Poole for the Goathorn Regatta. She is now in the USA near Chesapeake Bay.

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