Friday, 6 December 2013

Klaus Metz designed lightweight and cartop capable small trimaran the Trika 540

From the following article on the excellent smalltrimarans blog:

Trika 540 Trimaran – Light, Cartopable & Fast

The Trika 540 trimaran is designed by a fellow named Klaus Metz. Klaus serves as a European sales agent for the boatbuilding plans of American designer Dudley Dix. But he is a obviously a talented developer in his own right.

This model is going to attract lots of potential self-builders searching out plans for a light, cartopable, fast and economical boat to build. I corresponded a good bit with Klaus last week and one thing that impressed me is the ongoing thought and work he is putting into this particular boat.
As you’ll see below, it currently features a centerboard/daggerboard … but Klaus is now working on an optional leeboard, which should make it possible to builder/owners to install a Hobie Mirage Drive system underneath the center hull (if the want). There will additionally be options for a dodger and height adjustable coaming.

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  1. Klaus Metz, your interest in developing trika 540 is amazing, I would love to travel once.