Sunday, 3 March 2013

Team Lalou, new Multi50 trimaran under construction

Lalou Roucayrol and Team Lalou are approaching completion of their new Multi 50.  I noticed this video on their facebook page.  They are using infusion for the construction.  Multi 50's only allow carbon fibre reinforcement in certain areas so the bulk of the boat is glass/foam sandwich construction.


  1. Re the carbon fiber, is it a cost factor? Or just difficult to contruct with CF?

  2. It's a cost containment measure for the Multi50 rule a full carbon build would certainly be lighter but considerably more expensive. Multi50 is attempting to be an entry level professional racing class which explains the mostly glass foam/sandwich construction technique in the cats and tris. The trimarans have a minimum weight of 3 tonne so there is no reason to go too light as corrector weights are added to bring weight up to the minimum. The class rules are available to download from the Multi 50 English website if your interested.