Friday, 9 November 2012

Vestas Sailrocket 2, update from Paul Larsen's blog

Light winds and 'happy' breakages... and video

We did manage to get out again a couple of days ago. The winds were still light but we made an effort for the practice as much as anything. You always learn something. On one hand we don't want to expose the boat to risk... on the other, not practicing as a team exposes the boat to risk.
The wind was moderate and we went on standby at the yacht club for a period before deciding just to go for it. The wind at speed-spot was once again around 17-22 knots... generally around 19-20.
A brand new GoPro 2 let us down by simply freezing up just before we started. Swearing at electronics has become part of my 'pre-flight' ritual. I don't know how many cameras this project has eaten through. The GoPro's are great bits of kit... essential really... but they earn their swear-time too.
The start up went very smoothly again. The back skeg had been chopped down by Ben after the previous run. The back of VSR2 still kicked around as it lifted out of the water but I will put this down to sailing in lighter winds. I was seeing wind gusts as low as 15 knots just before I released from the RIB.
Once I was on the course she felt fast and slippery once again. The speed was more constant than the previous run. The peak speed was 46.22 knots and the average was 43.85. Nothing flash in outright terms but very impressive for us considering the wind strength.
I had the little TACKTICK wind vane mounted just in front of the cockpit where I could see it... and I still didn't look at it! One of the cameras did catch it however and it was obvious that we are now sailing at a level of efficiency where the apparent wind is lining up perfectly with the fuselage. We are fitting all the little aero aids now as they will begin to have an effect.

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A new video has also been posted:


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