Thursday, 21 March 2013

Multi50 update, Multi50 Maitre Jacques nearly ready for relaunch

From the following article on the Maitre Jacques Multi50 blog:
and the rough google translate:
First coats of paint yesterday on the hulls of  Multi50 Master Jacques. After weeks of sanding, red and white trimaran takes its colors ..

This precision work was done masterfully by Laurent Gourmelon (Strat & Gite St Malo), while the long and careful preparation (sanding, sanding and sanding again) were by Julien Deniel, trainer of Team Master Jacques. Loïc coordinated everything, Julien and helped to implement the masking.

There are still the slip to go on deck. The antifouling will be completed on Thursday. Sunday, the whole Team Master Jacques (Loïc Féquet, Loïc Escoffier, Benedict Champanhac Pierre Hingant, Arnaud Le Gall and of course Deniel Julien) was given an appointment in Saint Malo, in the shed to retrieve the threads trampoling . And next Monday: installation of new interior colors Master Jacques!

The launch is scheduled Thursday 27 or Friday, March 28, weather permitting.
read the original article (in French) here

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