Monday, 11 March 2013

Route du Rhum 2014 update, G class multihull field begins to take shape

From the following le Figaro article

At the: multihulls: the war of the Giants is restarted

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Franck Cammas was the first to embark on a giant trimaran in the Route du Rhum 2010. His Groupama 3, Jules Verne Trophy winner, was reconfigured for single-handed sailing with a mast lower. Successful bet since he won the race hands down. For the next Route du Rhum, no less than four giant trimarans should cut the starting line. Geronimo, 34 meters, is the former trimaran Olivier de Kersauson. He left the port of Brest on March 1st to enter Multiplast yard in Vannes. Program: Installation of foils, a new rudder under the central hull and a new mast. "This boat was ahead of its time and can still make beautiful performance," says Hervé Devaux, which calculates the structures of these giants of the sea. Against Geronimo, the former Groupama 3, which should be renamed Banque Populaire VI, has earned for the victory of his high 31.50 meters. "The difference, took Hervé Devaux is Armel Le Cléac'h has little experience in multihull while Thomas Coville has proven itself."

Crédits photo : Yvan Zedda, Groupama3

In old veteran of solo sailing on giant trimaran, we will also have to reckon with Francis Joyon who just improved the record the Discovery Route, between Spain and the Bahamas, 8 days, 16 hours and 7 minutes. He beat his own record as more than a day! With his boat 29.70 meters Idec, he finished behind Cammas in the previous Route du Rhum. "Even though his boat, built in 2006, began to be old, this is the one that has the most chance of winning," said Hervé Devaux. In turn, Lemonchois just put its new water boat Prince de Bretagne. He is a former ORMA trimaran of 18 meters which was extended to 24 meters. Already twice winner of the Route du Rhum, the skipper Norman believes in his chances for the 2014 edition.

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