Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Gunboat G4, performance racer/cruiser

An entry on the new Gunboat G4 courtesy of the excellent

If we already liked the SIG45 , what we can say about this one? The concept defines it 100%: "To make a big small boat and not a small big boat"

Peter Johnstone from Gunboat contacted me two weeks ago to place an ad banner, later past week he announced that they were launching a new project that I would surely approve. Told him that nothing was 'wrong' with his Nigel Irens 60 ... Lets put it this way, If I would have stay at the office I would be owning all my small racing cats plus one of those.
Yesterday the news were out and I was surprised that the DNA gang was involved , although they've told me they were working on a secret a 40' project.

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more details on the new design at the Gunboat site:

The new Gunboat G4, a performance racer/cruiser

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