Friday, 11 October 2013

Team Australia to attempt to break Trans Tasman passage record

From the following article submitted to Sail-World by Lisa Ratcliff

After having spent the winter in the operating theatre at the hands of a skilled team of Noakes’ surgeons, Sean Langman’s Orma 60 trimaran has been re-launched ahead of a busy summer.

The crew of Team Australia has just one week to test its new lifting prop, new rig and trimmer shape before six men, most of the same crew from the trimaran’s express run to Hobart back in February, will attempt to set an official Trans-Tasman speed record from Sydney to Auckland.

Renowned yachting forecaster Roger ‘Clouds’ Badham is suggesting there will be two suitable weather windows next week, one on Tuesday 15th October in south west winds and the second on Thursday 17th in a north westerly flow.

Based on the long range outlook Langman is expecting ‘Big Bird’ - the boat’s nickname due to its arched beams and outrigger hulls and the fact it resembles a large bird in full flight - to average 17-19 knots, which would have them arriving into Auckland in three days. 

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