Thursday, 31 October 2013

Prince de Bretagne Maxi 80 relaunched after various upgrades the installation of a new central rudder and repairs to the mast canting system

From the following article on the Prince de Bretagne website:

And the rough bing translate below:

After a little more than two months of construction during which Lionel Lemonchois team including repaired the mast tilt system and changed to the central hull, Maxi 80 Prince de Bretagne saffron found his element yesterday in Lorient, before be lying in the aftermath.

"All went perfectly well." Wednesday morning, we delivered sails in place, and by the end of the week, we reconnecterons everything that needs to be, and then we will install the three rudders. In addition, we have a big job of implementing a new simple video system of use which will allow Lionel to optimize his time when it will be at sea " said Arnaud Aubry, the right arm of the Norman skipper, recalling that, in this sense, a second antenna Fleet has recently been installed on the trimaran." Normally, we should attack the first outings at sea as early as next Tuesday. The first five or six navigations will be carried out with a reduced crew. Then, Lionel will lead solo. Rest that Prince de Bretagne is already in configuration 'solitaire' and that even when we are many on board, we décomposerons the manoeuvres as would a man only to ensure everything is working properly before going into 'record' mode 'added Arnaud.

Price de Bretagne Maxi 80 ready to be relaunched 

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