Thursday, 31 October 2013

Spindrift Racing, maxi trimaran Spindrift2 well ahead of reference time on Discovery Route record attempt

From the following press release on the Spindrift Racing website:

There is no time for a warm-up lap for Dona Bertarelli and Yann Guichard’s maxi trimaran Spindrift 2 in the attempt to beat the Discovery Route record. From the start, the largest racing trimaran in the world has frequently averaged speeds over thirty knots, enjoying the good north wind that has established of the Moroccan coast.The track record for the first 17 hours of the race reflects the formidable efficiency of the boat and its 14-man (and woman) crew, as the long starboard tack taken last night by the giant multihull east of Madeira had this morning placed them almost 180 miles “virtually” ahead of Groupama 3, the distance record holder.

A first gybe, a heavy manoeuvre to change tack was performed shortly after 5:00 am, allowing Dona and Yann from this point to trace an almost direct course, always clear and at high speed toward Gran Canaria, compulsory course mark; the main island of the Canary Islands but be left to starboard, following the same historic route taken by Columbus in the late 15th century. Comparisons stop there – for what took the legendary Genoese navigator’s three caravels more than 6 days to reach Las Palmas, could take Spindrift 2 under 24 hours, if they reach the archipelago tonight. It seems a double gybe will be needed to slip in between Fuerteventura in the east and Gran Canaria to the right, with a bracing wind of over 20 knots from the north-northeast. The initial part of the transatlantic course could therefore continue at a fast pace.  We have the trade winds, and if the sea state allows for an orderly regular swell, the incredible potential of Spindrift 2 should continue showing the high numbers on the speedometer. The first identified weather obstacle comes in the form of areas of transition that will need to be carefully negotiated.

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you can follow their progress on the tracker here

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